Wizard101: NEW SPOOKY Accursed Play Gauntlet! (Lvl 125)

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Wizard101: NEW SPOOKY Accursed Play Gauntlet! (Lvl 125)

96 800 views | 10 Jun. 2018
96 800 views | 10 Jun. 2018

NEW Accursed Play Gauntlet! First time running through the gauntlet at max level!

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Expecting crowns drop or really good gear for each tier or new gear with new spells or just better wands like maycast stuff




Drama club? Kizana? Kokona? Yandere sim? What? I thought this was wiz

Austin Laurin

I haven’t seen this many MacBeth references here since The Vault of Ice.


what is your mount? it looks cool and i cant find it in the crown shop : P unless it was an event

Moonbeam 87

Take his Animus

triple A batery TAB

did this come out the same day as the tonys?

patrick .tarawally

Haw do you change your hair


Looks really good. The design of it looks beautiful


Hey, where's pirate kingsisle? My god they've abandoned it. And in my opinion its a great game, the fighting style is so cool. It's sad that it might never get another world, bundle, hell, even a pack.

Olden Gordon

I couldn't stop staring at her pet

Nick Stuimlucamatef

Where'd you get it?


Lol when did this come out?!?!

Rebecca Munter

u live in California right?

John Egbert

As both a theater and Latin nerd this gauntlet had SO MANY REFERENCES!!!! UGH!!! You can tell exactly who they let lead the art direction for this gauntlet


Why death have to be in the back

Adam Jordan

How do you get 250 backpack space


Not gonna lie in sorta jealous of there mounts


Never knew people still played this


what bundle is this?

Miguel Maroghi

halloweentown vibes anyone ?? when they got taken to the movie theatre where kalabar was

Robert Lasonczyk

I can’t wait to farm this gauntlet

xX squeaker Xx

I saw the wizard 101 ad at gamestop and the fact this dude still plays after years amazes me thats how you know he really loves this game

Elian Garcia

Giving the defaults too much

Lison Tunick

As a theater kid, this just made my day

waleed nasraldeen

Kingsisle are giving the game so much magic contect we never saw before and the graphices are very cool I think its a step into the right direction...

Bossman Playz

Is it just me or was Tara’s reaction to the beginning music kinda adorable (not being a creep)

Ryan Boyer

That lady Wizard has a fabulous and awesome whip wand! I want one!


The dialogue audio was too low...

andrea segall

My First Time Doing It I Got A Pigsie Tc Card THE FARM IS ON!

PnK Advents

Minecraft + Roblox + Magic + Cards = Wizard 101 Update

James Hyde

Blaze, do a balance walk through pls


The bundle looks amazing!!!! <3 I also saw the new stardew Valley video and i loved that and those videos are ABSOLUTELY amazing!!!! I also love these as well!!!! <3-Elizabeth

Sebastian Dei Rossi

What happend to pirates dude i mean i get it doesnt have alot of event's but can you atleast do one last playthrough for old time sake or mabey play the game during one video please.


5 mins in and it's SO COOL OH MY GOD I WANT IT

Tavonte Forde

Can I meet you in the game?

Carlos Clark


Paige IceSlinger

my walmart doesn't have it so i'll have to check Paris's walmart

Charles Dickinson

New pet snack: lemon daisy

Struggle Artist

Thank you so much for sharing this!

I hope that some decent drops for this gauntlet will be announced... The Great Clocktower Gauntlet still upsets me to this day! XD

Ollie Wright


ElieAkaHogwarts Mystery Gamer

Nice vid keep it up

Tidela 471

Ahahah it is bad luck to say Macbeth in a theater instead of the Scottish Play.


God this is giving me theater flashbacks. They took Macbeth so seriously. Also:the sheer number of theatre puns and references? Amazing.

Jad khaled

Nate were is blue u didn't make a vid together for 2 months

The Fish

Wiz is still alive? I'm happy but confused.

Kenneth Cavage

In the first battle against kenneth mind chill I noticed their gear looks awesome. I hope we get outfits like that.


The fact that they said Macdeath alone has me laughing way harder than I should be


This gauntlet has a fun and wizardly vibe and aesthetic which is what this game needs more of instead of weird gloomy vibes that I got from empyrea


aye I'm glad someone still does wizard101 ima try to play it again

dalton rich

Anyone got this that can bring my max storm?

Jack ShadowBringer

oh wow people got here before you lol, but you got here before me, so nice vid

Carlos Clark

use extraordinary,dragon spears, schools spears, tc spears, shadow shrike, with spells


Wouldn’t having two hitters be good? One could damage and take his shield down while the next one would hit with all his might and kill? I don’t play that much anymore due to it being to much money for my budget, but it seems to be that that my idea would work.


I love this final boss. I think a good spam hit would be anything with overtime/ dot damage. Would be great for people with no pierce


Blaze btw these were the leaked pictures we got a while ago

Dumb and Dunmer

now only if they made wizard city free so i can get above level 10

Alaska's Wolf

"Give me the badge lady"

Spooky Spooks



This game is a huge money magnet.

Josie Roberts

Yo someone put a muzzle on her shes so annoying lmao

Joseph McKlemurry

Myth gets second row?! That's great!


Dark souls fog wall :D



Prraven Selvaraja

I got a pigsie drop from macbeth.




what does this drop?

tisha t rose

Where do you get that wand that tara has?

James Vaughn


Anthony Potts

Kingsile has so much improvment and sadly not to many people notice

Matt Macdonald

This dungeon is dope af

luce93 luce93


Ryan Hall

I don't get it saying Mac death is a big deal unleashing phantoms. Then after they unleash no one cares what you say

Wally Alhomaidi

Hey can someone list me all the gauntlet names or houses on the tour thing that have all the gauntlets. I already know pagoda, winterbane, spiral, and the tourney. What else is there?

Alex Beede

looks cool, where can I get it?

Gus Verschuren


Scott Howl

Complimenting the music and such 24/7 but just doesn't have decent volume levels at all-

Life 1228

Combustion and shrike

It's just Vlad

All ,y volume is on max and still can't hear the music or the dialog

Gana Gogo

Love you blaze

katlyn hope

I’m like level 20...

The Empowered Empoleon

i like how wiz has had 18 more bundles than pirate when comparing how many have been added since 2014

Mike Nierwinski

if im lvl 70 will it drop me gear

Chimpy XD


G a b i 4 7 .

jucatori din romania exista? cred ca sunt singurul

Michael Whitmer III

5:30 can't here the music with them talking

Shanell Holmes

definitely need a full team for this fight. Love the graphics and pvp like battles of this gauntlet

Tirza B.

Looks cool and interesting!

Ksin the Gig

I did that yesterday with a exalted and me and it was pretty easy I’m a lvl 46


Can you get animus from macdeath? It would be so cool to have him as a house guest!


fan toms i get it now gtfo find the door!!

Madeline :D

Big boi new ticket dealer ;)

Liam Welsh

You can always tell when Blaze gets real salty at Tara and he goes right quiet lol

Kashaf Pirate

I am loving this concept!

Eden Sanden

Would a DoT spell cause him to change his aura every round?


You guys are in the WIZARD101 Upside-down xD

Jared Schow

"My KINGDOM for a hoARSEsssahhh.

Krys Kozlowski

Glad you liked the music!


I got 3 max accounts and around $600 dollars later I finally quite playing, I remember coming home for school when I was younger and being so happy to play wiz. I remember buying a guantlet and seeing it and being amazed! Eventually I got older and started making my accounts dedicated towards certain traits. I would grind this game for months for snacks and maxxing pets. I don't play this game as much now, but it still has a certain stop in my heart where I wanna play still.

Masen Campanello

Can you play the gauntlet without the owner?