What happened to GreekGodx ? (EXPLAINED)- Edgar Davids sues League of Legends for the Striker Lucian

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What happened to GreekGodx ? (EXPLAINED)- Edgar Davids sues League of Legends for the Striker Lucian

188 062 views | 18 Aug. 2017
188 062 views | 18 Aug. 2017

What happened to GreekGodx? (EXPLAINED) and Edgar Davids sues League of Legends for the similarities on their Striker Lucian skin

All links in order of appearance:

1- Edgar Davids sues Riot Games Reddit thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/6t20td/expro_football_player_davids_gets_all_money_the/

1- Edgar Davids sues Riot Games Het Parool article: https://www.parool.nl/sport/edgar-davids-krijgt-compensatie-om-gelijkenis-gamekarakter~a4510779/

2- Greekgodx second channel (the channel where has been streaming everyday): https://www.twitch.tv/trihardgodcx

2- Greekgodx Main channel: https://www.twitch.tv/greekgodx

2- Greekgodx Reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/Greekgodx/comments/6oyb6b/whats_been_going_on_and_the_future_of_my_stream/

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"Clash Defiant"

Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

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frik steinmann

Can you do a video on league of drama, why he hasn't uploaded videos in 3 months. I find this far more dramatic then gross gore. Regards


Aggresive play style... Boi....


thats a nice drawing tho


such a fat fuck cant have a gf ...

Nurse Akali

Tyler1 kicked Greek's ass so hard he couldn't stream.

TrapKing Productions

Smfh this butthurt player... just fuckn be honored, if riot made a skin for me id be a one trick for that character. I don't see how riot can't use a bit of inspiration, but mobile legends can just rip off the whole game and it's all good. Dafaq kinda world do we live in?

Andrey Sparrow

first 33 second give me cancer...now u going to see me cry how I am going to unsub


Do we know what krepo has been up to?


pretty sure that edgar david guy is prolly suing coz he needs more money

Zei Zei

dad is back

Benn Beckman

Yellow jacket shen reminds me of reversed flash from the flash

João Paulo

Hello mahboy, good to have you back


Diet btw

Music and Affection

So confident Greek got a girl bcz he started making money

Who's Joe

He played on the other channel because he has a too toxic chat

Alex Maughan

"Sorry for the technical difficulties guys..."

Lol greek.


I wouldn't care if greek and gross gore just went away forever

League of Drama

Ironically, the reasons on why Greek hasn't been streaming on his main channel, are the same ones on why i haven't been able to release a video on the channel for this past month
however, it has came to my mind that i cant really let the channel without videos since i have people counting on me to stay updated with news from the league community,

so, from now on: NO MORE breaks on the channel, meaning you will have at least 2-3 videos per week without failing, i will bring new videos to you even if it means that i have to go on "zombie / automatic mode" while editing the videos.
Im sorry if i was inconsistent, im not going to fail on you any more.
I hope you understand and thank you for being here! <3


Why TF did you leak greek's second channel, it was supposed to be a for true fans that actually like him, not for some retarded 12 year olds or ice/tyler fanboys

Colin Hatfield

That was a joke towards Tyler1 XD twitch sucks



Bruh Re Etard

i thought lucian's skin was a striker, not a midfielder lul


Why is Edgar Davids bitching about a skin in game he should be honored to have a skin so similar to him fuck this bitch.


Fuck that fat fuck


I hope when greek comes back he realizes the opportunity he missed out on when he sees the drop in his viewers and donations.

Mark Petrov

wbu Ghost to lane he havent posted anything for 3 mouths

Chill Phoria

Greek is dumbo


a black guy in football outfit with dreds is racist even saying that shits similar lol

Lit Imlex

I didn't even know who that soccer player was, didn't buy the skin for him lol


Greek just wanted a girlfriend and your money. He's good now


the lucian skin sounds so dumb to fight over honestly, lucian always had dreads, and always been black and have an athletic build and the outfit is just football. so the only reason he sued them was becuase of the glasses?


The thing about Greek and Tyler is their childish mindset.
They still have that high school fear of being judged. In Tyler's case though, he's good at hiding that by pretending to be overly agressive and strong; that's the whole reason why he works out so much and cares about his physique.
Greek tries to hide it by humiliating himself, that never works and it will only make it worse.
Sadly, they deposit their hopes in actual children on a random online chat and they stay stuck in that state. This is a phase for the kids in their chat who have no decent education from their absent parents but Greek and Tyler think that's how the world is because they barely have any mature friends in real life.
They're wasting their lives and that's the real source of his depression.

Fortnite Steven

that one black guy with glasses on the walking dead looks the same too

Support FromGreece

I'm glad that you are back at it again with the videos man, keep up the good work! <3


a drop in the bucket for riot.

Prolific Analytics

can you please like not use narrator like just grow up i would rather hear a squeaky voice than this shit, just shows that you hide behind programs cause you are 12 years old

R.I.P Eazy-E

Keep doing awesome videos!

Micquan Dawson

Mean wth if I was a model for skin on league I would be happy as fuck this just sounds more like someone wants money.....


How is making a skin look like someone damage?


Gross Gore is a good man


Edgar Davids is a fucking crybaby. Career must be down the drain if he's that desperate. "Hey! That game made a black character with dreadlocks, and they gave him a soccer uniform too! WTF! How dare they make him aggressive!?! They 100% copied my image!" How fucking stupid can someone be? I have 0 fucking faith if that guy wins a lawsuit. He's not even that popular... I've never heard of or seen him before today.... If any skin deserves a lawsuit its the mortal kombat shen skins... or akali skins that make her look like katana... but to try and sue over an animated charcter sharing a couple features with a real person? like really now.... I could go on facebook/instagram and find 75 people in less than an hour who "look like striker lucian" hell gimme 2 hours and all 75 will be soccer players....


N ice video. We've never even heard your voice yet just by your replies to comments you are clearly the chillest and best "League" youtuber, our of all these niggas playin' league your the only one i'd like to meet and chill with IRL


Get a narrator other than google translate


she sounds like that girl who had that funny voicemail video with the cars racing and she was crying


its sad ppl watch this


i was there the first day he streamed on trihardgodcx; he streams on there because there's just the real greeksters and no toxic people

marc cleary

Edgar Davids must be broke :)

A. I Chanh

Love your channel but you should rename your channel to League Of News or something like that, the "Drama" isn't good looking :/ keep it up tho

Mandog Dogman

Nice to see you back


This is so bllsht. I bet not even 1% knew that he was ment with this skin (and i mean 1% of those who took a look at the splashart which are also less then 20%)


And he won lol

dede nugraha

so if i like wearing tuxedo and smoke cigar can i sue riot for gragas esq skin?making them pay a lot of money...or at least forcing them to release star guargian urgot skin?


That was really sweet of Gross Gore to try and motivate Greek.


Greek wants to abuse his girlfriend to get some views just like what Tyler did to Macialya

I Don't Care Y

I am going to cost league money


I mean anyone watch football and older than 20 new striker lucian based on edgar davids lol


I bought that lucian skin, but I live in MERICA .. suck it Edgar David. lmao ... Also I hope Greek feels better soon.

Márk Pető

why any1 thinks hitting a girl is funny? jesus humans....


Good guy grossgore.

David Branch

Notice he says character not skin. When he found out it was being sold for a profit thats a little different

Oldmate Adz


A. I Chanh

Love your channel but you should rename your channel to League Of News or something like that, the "Drama" isn't good looking :/ keep it up tho


1:26 pooksie nudes LUL

Majestic 12

Greek is going the same way young sloths went lmao.

Kyle White

Wow Gross Gore sounded extremely convincing and well spoken in this video... That's a first.


grosie is such a nice dude <3

dilano. A

lol fizz looks nothing like stitch


Edgar davids is a disgraceful piece of shit

Raz G

he sues LoL just for cash... eww. what have the world brought us to... esp black people, i mean niggas.


Two girls one cup maybe?

sam jose

Your vids are like the old uberdanger full ad series, always a blast but always at the end youll have to wait


a bum trying to be famous again

Sten-Ekke Tíomberg

u fucking kidding me with ur channel name and intro

Johhny Lol

Also Frozen Shen - Sub Zero


If you are fat and play game 24/7, no shit you will have anxiety, depression. Its like you wanting a favor from depression to give it to ya.

Victor Pierre

greek is not streaming bccause him and tyler share the same viewers, when greek started streaming, Tyler was gone for the whole month. So that he could have a decent view count. Now tylers back and greeks gone . for obvious reasons. dont know how long they gonna keep doing this tho.

Nathan Beckles

Edgar davids is broke or something?

Caleb Adane

nice vid brotha, did ya forget about me ? lol


Biggest balkan youtuber got banned


LOL "dark skin colour, sporty posture, aggressive playstyle" what a fucking joke.

The rest (2) points are valid, but holy shit does this clawing for straws sound like a highschool kid trying to pad out his word count.

And from the instagram/twitter dialogue, the dude didn't even care / think it was him - so what exactly prompted the sue here?

Also, Netherlands sales only. Whatever, Riot probably gave them all 3 sales from the Netherlands.

Luckydeath -

hey dude, just wanna say don't turn into automatic robot maker for us , I'd be more than content with 1-2 video a week, these days drama is low anyway , I'd rather watch a video with good well documented news than a keemstar videos where he screams shitty news that are either not interesting or with not enough info . Don't worry , like gross gore said we'll be here watching if the content stay good , your channel has a name and one purpose so that kinda suck to be stuck on one type of video so don't burn out .

Mad Prince Balmonk

Didn't mention anything about the T1 unban? Or that one of riots founders said that they are talking about it?

Bald Rüdiger

Good to see you back<3


when Greek wants to act like Tyler so bad lol

Sandy Assets

i love grossie.

Bahri Med Amine

glad to see you back friend :)


so twitch bans you for a fake abussive joke on your girlfriend, but allows woman to be half naked and do sem-sexual stuff on camara for views? I call that bullhit

Ajang Awolowo

wtf is that robot voice


Always the black guy heh?


Did you pay bots to comment on this video?


" all the links in order of appearance"
>doesn't list the Greek and gross gore vod that was used three times
: )


What about xinzhao, he looks just like me, can I sue riot too?

JackedHuged Man

you dont fucking joke about that shit some people get abused and arent upfront about it because of depression and they are scared

Frost Wynter

kitty taking all greeks money xd

Alex Maughan

Gross gore was real nice in this actually :)


Hell yeah, that is my country. Bitching about complete bullshit and nonsense. Go The Netherlands. Lets continue being such a butthurt country <3

Aquafina Perez

I get where Greek is coming from is like playing games , when you are like Diamond 1 in a account in league you feel obligated to play with your all , but when you play in a low level account that is unranked and you dont really care about , you dont really stress as much.


who cares about this fat shit who only got viewers because of tyler1???


I met Edgar davids lol

Linda Barber

Sad to see a legend like Davids do that towards rito