Why The Toontown Species Election Was a LIE!!!

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Why The Toontown Species Election Was a LIE!!!

6 886 views | 1 Aug. 2017
6 886 views | 1 Aug. 2017


Yes, I am aware that the TTR subredit explained a few things about the election.

I am pointing out reasons as to why it was not a FAIR ELECTION. TTR has also made points as to how the election was altered but my main point is to show you guys how the election was altered MORE than TTR was letting on.

A large part of my argument stems from the fact that I BELIEVE TTR IS LYING TO US!!! TTR has lied to us before about lots of things, so I wouldn't doubt that there's a hidden motive behind the winners.


Upset with the election results? You should be!

Let me know what you thought of the elections and be sure to subscribe! Thanks for watching!

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Jurassic Matthew

I haven’t logged on in a year since yesterday so I was approached by a crocodile and I though it was a dinosaur and I said woow they added dinosaurs to the game


Oh boy, it's like America's Election all over again!


Thing is, I voted for Croc and Parrot, so I'm happy that this is how it turned out


Tbh i dont care who wins, but ttr should keep making new toons slowly over time, like maybe 1 new toon every 3-6 months. because tbh they are not the hardest thing to make like other things


I just wanna mention that in the screenshot I have that’s closest to 1st voting ending, Parrot isn’t even in it and Croc is 13TH PLACE. Not only that but the top 8 include both Elephant and Owl. I can see how Elephant would cause problems according to the original guidelines, but Owl?? That seems completely fine to me, especially considering they let Croc in. 3 years later and I’m still salty lol


I really really wanted parrot

Long Answer :

no everybody just thought of great pun names for deer and croc


I think that your editing is amazing. For a smaller channel it's outstanding in my opinion.


I voted Croc and Deer tbh

Cosechador Junior

Eww train your TOONUP AND TRAP! WHY YOU HAVE NOT MAXED ALL GAGS AT 110+!??!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?

Dina the Fossil Fighter

I admit that sounds weird. I don't feel too upset about deer and crocs winning. I guess because the croc looks cool to me.


The reason they didn't include elephant was because TTR thought the elephant trunks would glitch through walls and objects.

Nightly aaa

This is why you check the TTR subreddit. The staff made multiple comments on how the elections were run/altered, and how species were dropped from the race.

Can we get 500 subs With bad content ?

The truth behind no elephants is well where do our trunk gags come from ?

Librarian Larry

I can't say for sure but it would make sense if Fox didn't win, as well as the other species. When the toon election first began everyone knew about it, but due to the long pauses in between voting phases a lot of people didn't even know the election was still going on until the final round. This would have given room for underdog candidates that only the hardcore toontown fans liked to have an upper hand. Also with all the hate Fox got I would not be surprised if there numbers dropped greatly from round 1 to round 2.


Fox = Cat with black legs

A Toon's Legacy

Definitely rigged but I was one of the first 10 people to vote for crocodile last year, it wasn't even on the board when I voted for it, so I'm very happy it made it so far!

Toontown Telegraph

It sure seems pretty rigged.

Shmiggum Higgum

I actually hoped for penguins to win

_-* LittleLilac27 *-_

No, it wasn't fair. If it was either only deer or crocodile would've won. If you ask me, I demand another election!

LA Rams Superfan

Nigga u ded?


I saw many croc and deer supporters after the initial round because many people gave fair reasons and others joined. Such reasons included how many choices were too similar to what we already had. Also, people had 3 slots to vote for, so the 2nd and 3rd choice may have been very common to change the votes (People could like fox but also croc and deer.)

The Dark Sorcerer

Foxes are just another type of dog. That's probably why it didn't win.

Anthony Ranieri

Im with you on this. The election was rigged it ashamed that we got one new species taking that deer is now gonna be in 3 toontown servers


oooooh my favorite disney character! that one...

Kat nerddd

I dunno, my thought is fox-supporters saw the fox head and thought "Oh wait! That's a cat! We don't want another cat!"


Well, if crocodiles didn't win I wouldn't be playing toontown right now solo.. Also deers are adorable!

Cool Huodani

OMG this is captain funnynugget, do u have discord. Agreed with your video :)


Maybe it was because after they released the design for the fox everyone realized how similar they were to cats


I kinda wanted parrots to win so there would be more than one of the avian species in ttr.


It was rusaiqn hacking


Yeah I was sure that Foxes would be in the finalists.


joey admitted it at omg con but still great video

Sonic 3 & knuckles

I wanted cow to win

Rebel Ranger Harv

Why, so Joey could copy and paste

MarioFan 36

who cares that ttr species election is rigged? two species winning is better than one

Alayne Sims

LOL most people don't even care!


Please read the description before making a point against my video.

(Not to say that there ARE no points against my video, because I'm sure I wasn't 100% correct on everything, & a lot of you have already made some valid points. I appreciate and applaud your debates.)

But please read what I've written in the description before making a point. Thanks.


It was Rigged I tell you.
Here's how Bernie can still win!

Detective Weaselbee

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