Warframe - FAST Neurode Farming 2019

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Warframe - FAST Neurode Farming 2019

72 939 views | 30 Jul. 2019
72 939 views | 30 Jul. 2019

creepy looking things

Getting Neurodes is tedious, in this video I teach you guys how and where to farm them for new players and veterans.

Thobias Taurus

I do t understand anuthing he says ???

Barke Dog

This is a great video but I think the game is just straight dicking me. I've encountered those sentients five times and not once have they dropped neurodes. I average more speeding through E Prime trying to find masses.


I love your voice, like Warframe bob ross. Also as I am new to the game, your videos do help a lot. (I still have much to learn lol)


Godly video

Mystical Senpai

Vary fking helpful I had to Simi curs

CrisFenix Gaming

Lua > Tycho is not spawning sentients anymore

Aidan Norton

This is really helpful, I need neurodes for Railjack and all the other videos have been basically a waste of time. Thanks

That Guy

Thank you for being straight forward with no rambling, big help.


Thank you

Blend20 08

Why dont i have lua?

Chuyy Ѱ

Lua is not on my map


So Plato on Lua is the best way


Got to get 35 for railjack off to grinding


Thanks for guide


Dude what the fuck I used to get neurodes like everyday and all of a sudden I stopped getting drops


high quality video dude


Can you do a fashion frame for your wukong prime it looks


I dont have archwing quest and odonata

nico ladison

Thank you

Jean Dollinger

I already knew about lua but not the darrolect keys. Thanks, good vid.

Rickie Swafford

Can’t wait to check out some of your other videos!! I really think that you deserve more views! Did you ever check SMZeus?? It’s a handy tool to help you grow your YouTube following!!


Good video

rashawn techeira

Talk so damn fast

Vampyre Underground Records

Damn I wasn’t ready for that spoiler

Michael Hooper

Thx so much this helps sooooo much