How To Fix Cant Connect to Netflix Code: ui-800-3 (Amazon Fire TV)

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How To Fix Cant Connect to Netflix Code: ui-800-3 (Amazon Fire TV)

275 860 views | 25 Jan. 2017
275 860 views | 25 Jan. 2017

This Netflix connection error seems to happen randomly on the Amazon FireTV.

Only way to fix code: ui-800-3 is to completely remove the Netflix app from the Fire TV and re-install it.

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Iam German and speek Not god English. This Video was grade

Ravon Wynns

Sucks for me cause my moms friend programmed our Netflix with his account and idk the account info


Thank you so much man

love girl

thaks for this it worked for my mom

Aris Tass

Thank uuuu!!!!

Viridiana Hernandez


Katy Gibbs

so many thanks from this elderly couple - very simply explained and easy to do!

Tia Foxx

Thanks for this OMG this was so helpful

Zenen Saneshige

Not all heroes wear capes

Val sama

thank you man literally saved my weekend

Dave James

Unplugging my smart TV for 10-15 seconds after deleting Netflix, and then reinstalling it is how I got it to work. Otherwise, I got the error no matter how many times I reinstalled it. *FYI I bought a TCL Roku TV

Caitlyn Allen


Louie Mertyn

My tv is samsung

Angie Truss

Thank you

Thuso Diale

Clear cache has been helpful


Thank you!!

Patti Mitchell

Thank you...

Michael Abowd

Hey, thanks for posting this. It works for Roku too. I had tried Resetting Netflix, signing out/in, power cycling the Roku and network per Netflix Support before searching elsewhere. Thanks buddy!

Zack Abella

thank you for this info... this helps me alot.... keep it up bro...

thomas mcqueen

A way easier newer way is to press more details then press reset

Orlando Newman

Thank you worked like a charm


Thanks for taking the time to do this.

Anthony Botting

Thank you much this worked for me, doing full uninstall and reinstall. Perhaps it's the fireTV Stick, because we have another and a roku and both run netflix w/o the error. Or perhaps the netflix app on this one was different than what is on the other units. Thank you again.

Esmeralda Niemann

Thank youuuuu ❣️ It works ❣️✌️

ignite export

Didn’t work

Tony Rowntree

Thanks once again - great work


Thank you

David Rybolt

Thank-you, this did it. Can't express how to thank you.

Dark Juice 249

Thanks it worked well

Kydasia Zachary

Didn’t work

Lora Hilton

Thank you!!! This totally worked!

Jannina Silva

It work! Thank you so much!

Stephanie Claudia

I still can’t

Sarah Smith

This video helped alot

Tayvean Lopez

Thanks so much

ashley lutkenhoff

Thank you cauchypotato!!

Ben Sheenan

Thanks for that it was doing my head in

Ahwi Percival

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2:32 i see the old kids profile

Sj Morris

Very good - thanks!

Ginna Piza

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Kheyxell yap

pls help cannot play any movie on my sony bravia tv .everytime i play movie an error pops up telling cNnot play the movie an try another tittle .

Goff Daily

I just signed out of Netflix and signed back in. This app needs a patch though

jasmine win

Thank​ you, it​ worked.


cheers !!

Kabir Kayembe

Thanks for this

Tami VanSlyke

Thank you so much!!! We've been so frustrated. You saved us.

Pete Curran

Thanks fella, much appreciated!

Tony Rowntree

Thank you


When the error comes up click details then reset. That solves it. No need to do all this.

Carmen Leathers

Thank you! Success!

Ahwi Percival

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Laura Cogan

yay!!!!!! thank you so much

Mike Taylor

Thank you.

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Thanks worked great!

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Thanks so so so much!!!!!°

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brak nazwy

It doesn't work

Melanie Gardner

Big help. Thanks


Worked like a charm. Thanks!


YOU ARE AWESOME!! This is just what I wanted, and you presented the information in a very straightforward manner. I'm so grateful! :-)


Me: trying to fix my Xbox Netflix
Me: checks YouTube for Xbox tutorial
Me: they don’t work
Random tv guy from YouTube: hey try uninstalling
Wait that actually worked

Daniii 07

Wow!! Don’t find a lot of videos on YouTube that actually help me when it comes to fixing electronics!! This was great! Thank you so much bro!

Kathleen Clement

Thank you!



Keith Blanding

Thank you! Worked like a charm


아이 영.포.자 노노노


Just force stop and clear cache and data

Sweet Comments

Ur super 10/10

sean coulston

Thank you worked

Jimmy Tj

I have tried uninstalling it and I still get the same error code.

Angie Deluca

Literally just have to go to more details and reset. Once you do that it will kick you out and you just have to sign in again

Louie Mertyn

What about in Samsung tv

Yasmin Mejia

This actually WORKS,TRY IT....

Clare C

Worked a treat. Thanks!

Scott Oliver

this doesn't work on my tv. i have a Samsung.


Yeah but what if it is a bluray player

Mark Hannaghan

Thank you - wish Netflix website was as helpful!


Totally helped!! THANK YOU

Kim Bickell

Thanks so much- this was driving me insane!


The app sitting tell you this


I can't uninstall netflix app it's system apps any help?

Keith Peatree

Thank you. Worked a treat.


Thank you so muchhh

Diego Palomino

you can basically do the same at setting and apps, just force stop, clear data and clear cache without uninstalling and reinstalling. You will have to sign in again.



Random Empire

it worked thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!

Λυκούργος Ε.

Very very useful!!!! It worked....THANK YOU!!!


Thanks..results I wanted. Until it happens again....and it does every so often.

Nina Kurumaloo1308

You mean Reset.... well it does not work

Amari Banks

Couldn’t connect to Netflix. Please try again or restart your home network and streaming device. For more information,
Code: 542997

Danny Young

Thanks, brutha!

Brian Walters

You’re a life saver! Thank you so much!

yassin El benna



I have a Panasonic and it keeps doing this I already tried resetting the dish hopper same thing I don't know what to do


Hi everyone, Ive been watching Netflix since 3 months without any problems and today for the very first time I got an error code NW-2-4 and I cant even login to Netflix anymore on my PS4 nor on PC.
I tried to restart my Internet, but Im still getting this error. I havent changed any settings with my Internet or PS4, but for some reason I got this error code now.
How do I fix this?

Diego Palomino

By the way this is the first time that this happens to me in about 2 years.

monique branson

Thank u so much!!