Gamers react to Meeting Sugimura | Persona 5

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Gamers react to Meeting Sugimura | Persona 5

19 343 views | 30 Dec. 2019
19 343 views | 30 Dec. 2019

Here's a compilation of gamers reacting to [x].

Gamers in order of appearance:

1.) CohhCarnage (

2.) Full Fantasy Peasant (

3.) Kubz Scouts (

4.) Shenpai (

5.) Chronos (

6.) Bittersweet Gamers (

7.) Kagato The Final Boss (

8.) NicoB (

9.) Musical Gamer (

10.) MurderofBirds (

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Bruh Momento

It is confusing how we didn't even get a name for this guy until we explore Mementos.

Diego 666518

Ahh yes
The fluff

Sakura Haruno

Am I bad for thinking that Morgana deserved to be kicked in the wall?

Cortegard0 3

Me when Sugimara kicks Mona: sharpens knife with malicious intent

overrated waifu pfp

He still really gets on my nerves, especially for kicking Mona!

The Colonel Kaiju

"Who the hell is this well-dressed fuck weasel!?"

Aaaaaand I'm dead.

Izzy Cooper


Joseph Sproule

Sugimaru is a complete and utter perverted douchebag

Da'marius Wingfield

"Well-dressed fuck weasel".... Gotta write that down somewhere.

Connor Pittman

Public petition to rename him sugma-san please sign here


Doing cool stuff here. Postposterous says what's crackin'. thx


Next reaction should be Morgana claiming "I want to stay here forever! It's the only place I belong!"

Logan the Edgy Villager

Everybody gangsta till Morgana gets yeeted.

Mario Tyamukueni

Sugimura: 'kicks Mona'
Me: PETA wil know about this!!

Blue Angel

Sugimaru hurts Mona or Haru one more time and he's getting his testicles curb stomped and his face dragged against a brick wall!

No hurts the cat or the fluff and lives!

Stache King

I wanted to change this jerks heart so badly, yet I couldn't. WHY ATLUS???!!!??? BAKA!!!!


Kubz Scouts: "Who the hell is this well dressed fuck weasel"
Me: Dying of laughter from that single comment Man it's been too long since I watched his playthrough of P5 that I forgot that line

Lord Typh

No one:
Literally no one:
Honest-to-God no one:

HyperStar Gaming

As much as I fucking hate Morgana for telling me to go to bed, I FELT HIS PAIN when he was kicked into the wall, and fuck does it hurt.


go and see if you can find some reactions but to the bad ending


Please do "Gamers react to Fighting Shadow Okumura

A Lone Prayer

How dare he... harming the best girl


I swear man Atlas keeps on adding references to dark things like the kamoshida case of what he did to shiho (possible rape) and Haru’s fiancé telling her to give her “fun”. We can tell what that fun is Atlus.

Reaper of Things

I know I threatened to punt Mona across the room for one too many demands that I sleep, but Sugimura to an empty threat and acted on it.


From "Bittersweet Gamers" ("I don't get why people hate him so much") to Kagato ("I. HATE. RYUJI. SO MUCH...") was just such a good edit :)

Riotmaker Zeronine

When you realize Sugimura and Giorno Giovanna has the same Dub VA.


Ryuji may be my least favorite member of the team (and it's mostly just because he doesn't think things through all that often, and he doesn't listen even when he's told multiple times to keep his mouth shut about the Phantom Thieves until after Makoto busts the group entirely because of him and Ann [but to Ann's credit, at least she owns up to and apologizes for her mistake, Ryuji doesn't....or at least it takes him longer to do so]), but that doesn't mean that I don't like him. As the Bittersweet Gamers pointed out, the entire argument between Ryuji & Morgana was "petty" and nothing truly serious (it just came up at a bad time when Morgana was at his lowest point and overcome with his own doubts and insecurities, so the argument just happened to be the straw that broke the camel's back and made Morgana snap and try to overcompensate in an effort to prove Ryuji wrong) and the instant that Morgana was in actual trouble, Ryuji was the first one to rush to his defense and the first one to get beyond pissed at Sugimura for hurting Morgana (and for pretty much trying to force himself on Haru). He's the kind of guy that you can always count on to be there for you when you need him. Even if he isn't the brightest guy around, his heart is always in the right place, and he's got his friend's backs covered no matter what happens.

Even with his flaws, Ryuji is still someone that I would trust to watch my back without the slightest reservations.

Gameatron 1000

I got an idea for the next vid, u should show their reactions to the shadow (komoshida, madarame, and so forth) boss transformation

Ps. Fuck that guy to Pluto and back

Cinnamon Zor

Sugimura makes me want to break out my most disturbingly creative threats whenever he's either referenced or on screen

Durand Lewis

Can you do reaction compilations for everyone's All Out Attack Animation?

Ted Culbertson

At first I was like "I don't know if we should be going after this Okumura guy just because the internet told us to. But after meeting Haru and Sugimura, I realized this is the most important palace.

Fiery Tiger Gaming

Morgana: This...Is nothing
Me: Uh, you just got slammed into a wall - how could you pass that off as nothing? Just because you think you're useless, it doesn't mean that you have to put on this tough guy act to prove your worth.


That Morgana Kick is the funniest shit in this game

*_Don't Ask._*

Can you do one where you have to chase Morgana in Mementos?


In this particular scenario, I actually think what the Phantom Thieves should have done was, when they brought Haru back to Sojiro's shop, they also went right to Sojiro to tell him about the situation Haru was in (and maybe even tell him that Sugimura even hurt Morgana) and ask him if there was any way he could help them to keep Haru safe and away from both Sugimura & her father (and considering what Sojiro has been through with Futaba, I'm pretty sure he'd be really damn fast about doing what he could to help the group out). And if the group actually went directly to Sojiro for help, it might also have had a positive result during Sojiro confronting Joker & Futaba about Futaba's Calling Card, where he might make a remark about how he realizes that Joker's a good kid at heart and only wants to help people, even if it gets him in trouble to do so, and makes him accept them even quicker.

The Phantom Thieves may be able to handle the Metaverse, but in reality they're still all just high schoolers who don't really have a way to deal with troublesome adults outside of the Metaverse....but Sojiro is a former government official and an adult that the group can rely on (Takemi might have been another option, as is Kawakami once her blackmailers were dealt with) and might know a better way to keep Haru safe at least until the "Deadline".

But, that's just me. :)

Antonio Andujo

I think Sugimura should definitely have a palace and if he did then what would the keywords be

Blue Spring

"Well-dressed fuck-weasel" is the best describtion for this dude.

ReaperTech !

Sugimura the most “wanna be beat the shit out of” bastard that deserved a major ass whooping. I hated this character a lot I wish I could take down his shadow

Agatha Grunt-thruster

You're tellin me we watch this "voldemort with a nose and wig" mfer kick Morgana and we don't even get to drop him down a well, 0/10

Anthony Prado

This scene was just the final part of Morgana’s little tantrum and basically the beginning of Okumura’s palace. From one terrible part to another.

Jaden Omega

There's no way I'm convinced this piece of shit doesn't have a palace, or at least is in mementos so why the phantom thieves never went after him is beyond me cuz I SO wanna kick his ass, especially after THIS


24:44 "Get into Futaba's spaceship? That'd be interesting."

May I introduce you to HeartSwitch?

Logan the Edgy Villager

“You shouldn’t throw animals, dammit!”

Just a man of culture

Lmao,where is Sugimura's palace?

Georg Spielberger

Poor Haru!


Always great content here. Postposterous approves. --The Landlord

AniGamer Spirit

I am hoping we kick his butt in Royal. Haru deserves better!


You should put some Friends without Benefits in these compilations they take the game much less serious and make it enjoyable

Edit:I meant to say more enjoyable

Demarco Ramos

I'm always wondering why they can't change this idiot's heart.

Richie Bαndѕ

God bless you

Blue Joe

I'm starting to think that the person who making these reactions to persona 5 is ignoring suggestions about the next video


'My father will hear about this! Wait, um... I mean, your father will hear about this!'


Okay Morganas tantrum was stupid but I forgave him the moment he apolegised fore the sake of getting help fore Haru. He might be an Idiot fore actully beliving he is useless but he has a good heart.


Is it bad that I just wanna see their reaction to Richy McBitchy kicking Mona?


bruh I literally screamed when he kicked morgana. Like a little fucking girl lmao

I dont even like cats smh

Lucifer Heller

Seeing Morgana getting kicked by Sugimura

That BASTARD!!! I hope Morgana is alri-

Remembers that Morgana hijacks Haru's big speech to her Shadow Father, which leads to Haru not being remembered by fans (outside of memes)

.....where's that famous Sojiro Shotgun I've heard so much about.....

Brandon Gerow

That's his name?


How to get featured in these kinds of videos?


7:16 is how we all felt


Just remember, some people that it was nice that Mona got kicked.


It's weird that you can't change his heart within mementos in Haru's confidant.

Spenser Wells

Note ryuji started running first, was ready to attack when he saw mona, and took the front stance when asshat left

Adam Block

I don't think people even realize how bad this scene is until later. She's in high school, he's most likely graduated, and could be in his early don't care what country this is in... (even if it is legal in Japan at Haru's age)...just..horrible

Michael Edmunds

Bittersweet Gamers: "Yeaaaahh nooooo..!"

Brandon Gerow

The one should be groveling on the ground is Haru's father and her fiancee!!!!!!!!

Connor Pittman

This scene makes it even more enjoyable to kick his well dressed ass.

Sebastian Ramirez

Wish we could change HIS heart, stupid bastard, i usually dont talk or even think like that but this guy really made me angry and we couldnt do anything about IT

Thomas Fairburn

Instant way to be hated, kicking the cat. My headcanon is that the bastard gets disposed of by the Cabal. Considering how his father is a politician, it's likely he'd be an obstacle. Hence Sugimura being killed off to set an example.
Also worth noting how Ryuji immediately puts behind him being pissed at Morgana directing his anger at Sugimura.
Morgana in turn swallowing his pride and stubbornness, asking if he could have Haru rest in exchange for apologizing. Showing us that despite dragging Haru around as his minion, he does care about her wellbeing.
Ryuji accepts without hesitation.
It shows that for all their bickering, they do care for each other and can talk to each other without turning it into their back and forth jabs.
The Bittersweet Gamers hit the nail on the head regarding Morgana and Ryuji. Superior analysis.


U mess with the fluff, u get the axe. So satisfying kicking his ass