Winterspring's Ursius and Darkwhisper Gorge! CE128 [WoW Classic]

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Winterspring's Ursius and Darkwhisper Gorge! CE128 [WoW Classic]

835 views | 11 Nov. 2020
835 views | 11 Nov. 2020

After the crazy, crazy boost of XP we got last episode, we're back to our usual questing routine... but this time, we're making our way to Winterspring!

Rufus Mccain

fist conent

Jaiden Hicks

Get any recordings of your Druid raiding yet?

Kuya Leo

It takes you 10-15 minutes to edit an episode? That's pretty fast.

Daniel Clark



its weird seeing someone play this game like its actually early 2000s. 99% of people just solo stuff and do their own thing and hes here trying to group and talking

Espen Carlsmose

Hey, been watching your vidoes for a long time now and it's very relaxing and chill, but this video kinda frustrates me. Please sort out your chat, so you dont miss out on guildconvos etc. Like that Spidank guy said at the end, 'kk invite then', but you have loot and gchat in the same tab, so you missed it..


Would be great if you turned up the music and ambience a bit i think

Jimbo The Impaler

Almost losing zandalar buff on your first mob


It mad me sad when you suicided for the rich thorium vein instead of using your parachute cloak :'( R.I.P zandalari buff.

Erwin Pommel

That makes me a saaaad Soupa