I AM CRUSHED!! | Little Misfortune ENDING!!!

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I AM CRUSHED!! | Little Misfortune ENDING!!!

107 975 views | 23 Nov. 2019
107 975 views | 23 Nov. 2019

In todays episode of Little MIsfortune, we continue to find Benjamin the Fox and Misfortune is starting to doubt the voice, and of course the voice doesn't like this at all, so he starts to change for the worse!!!



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Koriand'r Of The Stars

See now you gotta play Fran Bow if you haven't already!!! It's LM's predecessor, they're from the 'same universe' but of different realms that are adjacent to eachother. Tripped me out when Itward made a cameo!!!!


I legit cried when misfortune realized she was dead

Possibly Maybe


Tom Davias

As you can see from the skid marks of the father's car it was the dad who ran Misfortune over

Ava Abel

I think when kids die from something else like a car hitting misfortune then it is between hell or heaven like the monster is hell and Benjamin is heaven.

Nicci Garver

Fun fact: All those things that show up at the very end before she gets to the tree are references to another horror game by the same developers, Fran Bow. It's a really good game, and it's a lot scarier than this one. If you want to know more about this game's world, you should totally play it!

pechy. moon

You were spost to read the diary!!! Stoopid!!!!


Whoever is behind this game mustve had a crappy childhood.


I knew she was dead from the second video when she reads the note from Benjis backpack. In the very beginning, shes already dead, its not when she crosses the street. I actually shed a few tears. This also reinforces my fear of the afterlife. I do believe there are some dark and Light forces that try to persuade us before we get there. Quel horror!

Hovhannes Avetisyan

Okay I can not be the only one that ugly cried when she found her dead body. I’m still crying

rachel berry

Why does she have to die



Baller Bro

I honestly cried at the end


Yoooooooooooo her dad killed her it was her dad driving


That glitter never ran out

Yikes forever


That's how peppa pigs narrator gonna turn out to be...


I need to play the hype part on repeat lol

anton_smallz99 _

Lowkey cried at the end


The creatures popping up in the end of the game were the people who died in Fran Bow, a game by the same developers previous to this one. I specifically remember the pinecones and the pigs dying because of her.

YuunK1dd 72

So does that make Benjamin the angel of death


Awe Misfortune. Love her

innuendo Ike

4:44 actually it’s not called foxyphobia, the phobia of foxes is called alepouphobia

Lil boi Genius

jasimine tries to make every beat into a frestyle

jj veal

Alepouphobia is real thing

Aftersun 20XD6

That game is an emotional ride. There is something about her accent that is so adorable. I'm curious what the voice actress had in mind when she created that voice.


Me when im alone

Rudy Mairena

I’m glad she ended up with Benji and the doggie.

Kindation 1

There's a lot of Fran Bow references like the pine cones the heads the beatle pigs and the skeleton

Lemon Lime

Wait...what if the next game they make has Fran meeting misfortune! It's obvious they are in the same universe!

Zoey Petticrew

16:22 How do you not laugh at this part?

Saviyon Ates

What is this game


I want to know what happened to Hiro!

Profeta degli Dei

By The Gods Of Light, that end...

Amira Elfaham

27:00 me spilling tea to my bff

Zyana Durant

Jazzy: Push the button

Me: think she would decide in an second

Elevator music comes on


_Lil_Raven _

jazzy:" im gonna kill satan hey"
Me: kill satan and i will forever be ur bodyguard

ahmed alsady

disturbing game

Michelle McCloy

The characters in the final scene were characters from Fran Bow.

Alexandra Johnson

Also all the creatures that appeared in the end when you were walking with Benjamin before the eternal happiness were all characters from Fran bow like itward the beetle pigs the pinecone families and the luciferns.

Shiro Nyanko

I didn't expect to leave this video in tears but here we are fam.. I'm in my feels and one of my theories ended up true knowing she probably was dead all along.. Gosh, that voice is so stupid;;


Had anyone else realized someone had put the aware sign ? Of Mr.voice on the front of the house when you first play you see the sign so it’s not like the hid who Mr.voice was , and maybe it was benjiman who put it there.

i love gay meatballs :3

"knock knock whos there"
screw you

def my fave part lol


This reminds me of The Lovely Bones. I could only watch that movie once it was so heartbreaking

Camila Ortega

She helps little misfortune by talking while she is trying to get up XD

just a weeb

When she said “what have I done?” After seeing her dead body I cried fr because she feels like it’s her fault that she died when in reality she couldn’t help it. I wanted to hug her and tell her it’s ok. Sad asf☹️

Fallen King

If I end up saying "Yikes forever" and "Fffaaaaannnnnccccyyyy" It's because of this game.

M.C. Taylor

"iss ugly cuz u in it"

Boss level 999

Darlene Pinkerton

Is it just me or did anybody realize that little misfortune was connected to Fran bow let me tell you why: Margo came back but looked a little different so misfortune would not recognize him and that why they said to go defeat the monster second when misfortune went through the doors she got older and the dog became a black cat third all of those things that kept popping up when misfortune was walking through the afterlife those same things where in the game Fran bow

Aesthetic Chocolate

Caleb Esi

That game is fucked up

Daniel Conklin Jr.

I'm not sure but I think the father was drunk driving and hit his daughter explains the skidmarks going into there driveway and not somebody elses

Jlavonne Watson

Happiness to mom

Alexandra Johnson

My heart!

Super JG Gaming

All those things at the end in her afterlife were from Fran Bow, the first (I think) game they made

Coffee Unknown

yAy UwU

Shiro Nyanko

Also, someone said in another playthrough the car she was hit by was her fathers/one he hid in? so her own father killed her but that's not confirmed; either way thats so sad;


Jesus Christ, this game has a ton of lure, Game theories gonna have fun with this.

p a s t e l i a !

For those who are confused: Mr. voice didn’t lie because as soon as she crossed the road there are signs that she died because she saw ghosts of missing and dead people. Then Mr. voice brought her back to show her that her own father ran her over right from the start. She ended up in like heaven or like in a place with the grim reaper but if you get all the sparkles As Mr. voice said her mom gets eternal happiness.

I hoped this helped! :)

A Dean

I can’t tell if that is a good place she’s going to or not.

The Boiman

the real questionis why she trusted the grim reaper

Big Mike Bozeman


Sid _Vintage

Omg this video is almost a year old

Galaxy vlog

Ok me dont speak english but me like your Channel


It's like....you can't win either way!!!! I wish I could adopt this little lady, still a good game though

shasha phisem

I realized the moment she died was the first episode when she saw the monster....makes you think....Morgo led her to her death?

Aaron Rolle

It is real but it's actually called alepouphobia it is a fear of foxes .

꧁moon Light꧂

I started to tear up ad the end

Magdalene Wittmeyer

This is sad but true, but the voice was right, it was the day she was going to die ☠️

Connor Morrison

At 17:38 This song sounds like Jennelle Eliana and Alfredo

Damian Wayne

ahh this games ending had me crying

Ugly Jay

Am I immature for laughing at the beginning—

Micheal Laboucan

You got no bad no good secret ending and you say ass


Voice: do you trust me?

Jazz: HELL NO!!

Potato Avocado

The dad ran her over....


So Misfortune died when she crossed that street at the start of the game? And her first vision in her room showed what happened at the end of the game.. maybe that second vision was Morgo trying to hide the car coming and hitting her? And I think after crossing the street is when she started seeing ghosts.

Jaxcraft 28

Yes! You have the last part out! Didn't think it was because it wasn't in the Autoplay so I hade to go to your home page to look for it.


I think she died when she crossed the road at the end bc ye thats what i think

Avery Malfoy

Jazzy: You can’t tell me what to do, you my parent or som?
Misfortune: Mommy? Daddy? OOH I LIKE THAT RED LIGHT


you should read de diary omg it really bothers me lol ik the fox told u SOME info but if u read it whould say much more like how the crows were morgos eyes and thats why the security was a crow!

Jalo Liv

who else came back here after jazzyGuns finished franbow?



꧁S̸a̸r̸a̸h̸t̸h̸e̸w̸o̸l̸f̸꧂ 9

This game made me cry a looot


Okay, now I know you would love A Hat In Time.

Kyia's World

Wait so foxes can see spirits!!

Ellinor Öjdefors

Yes yes yes! Please check out Fran Bow! I just found your channel but I really enjoyed this series, and it is such a good game c:

Cortez Jones

That is why she was able to see the ghost

Brandon Yip

It's sad that we can never save the characters we love

Swagachu gaming

The hardest part about dying isn’t where you go but if you will still see your loved ones.this game actually made me cry and I haven’t played a sing game that made me cry and I shall hope for a second game

Jaxcraft 28

Morgo: "Do you trust me?"
Jazzy: "HELL NO!" XD

Gacha Sayonara



I want to cry rn

Kwanza Olowokere

thats why the teens ignored her

wood branch

Alepouphobia is the fear of foxes I searched it up on Google

Opelt Anjulie

OMG u are my mew fervoret Youtuber!!!

Erik Gaming 1003

Jazz did you know the people who made this game made Fran Bow as well?




"It's ugly because you're in it."
I'm dead XD

Quiten Cuiper

I dont call her Misfortune i call her Mis Fortune


I can't break I need ( Fran bow inhaler )


I loved your whole gameplay! <3 I subscribed to you after watching this series.