NBA 2K18 Draft Pick Trade Swap Best VS Swap Worst Explained

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NBA 2K18 Draft Pick Trade Swap Best VS Swap Worst Explained

77 794 views | 4 Feb. 2018
77 794 views | 4 Feb. 2018

Hope it helps!

Jubert Pasco

THANK YOU SO MUCH BRUH the funny thing is cpu almost always would not trade a swap best for you, its always you having the worst like hella no


Damn 2k couldn't have made it more confusing. Thanks for this video, man.

Kyle Calvert

Thank you


Thanks bro this drove me bonkers. What really helped me is you said don't pay attention to the mock draft because that was messing me up!

Rayvin Padon

Hey is it still like this in 2k19?

Nemo 86

Thanks dude



Nicholas Lowe

so were u the mavericks...cause if u were warriors u want to have best on that side if they had top pick in first part

Michael Corcoran

Thanks! I just avoided pick swaps because I had no clue


Shouldnt u want swap best? I rather have a top pick than the last pick

Y. Sasuke

but the fuckin warriors had swap best and got the 5th pick you not making sense

dcaylor 18

i will hit that subscribe button buddy

Thomas Hughes

thanks. i could not understand till now

Sam Jackson

You are a good man!

Krsna Vigliotti

Carefully, he’s a hero


Thanks for the info buddy

Jake Hoak

Thank you!

Mr. J

Thank you, you lovely beast. Saved me simming a whole season.

John Clark

I come back here every year like clockwork.

Jemz Veit

Can u explain protected picks?


Anybody else have to watch this every couple months? Thank you, sir.

Gaming and Vlogs 101

Thanks finally


I am convinced you are the second coming of Jesus Christ. Thank you so much. This crap has aggravated me for years and I never got a clear answer in any forum ever and your “you want the shit to say swap worst on your side of the trade” was godly. Once again, thank you. Bless you.

Kl Coop

Thank you man

Nicholas Lowe

if you are the warriors and u are taken the mavs pick wouldnt you want to pick 5th ?


Thank you!!!!!

Soslan Tsoutsiev

You the best

Christopher Moody

Did they fix this in 2k19 ?

Sjchxh Triskit

Is this the same for 2k19?

Jake Hoak

Can u explain pick protection?

Cody McCarty

Lmao that email

The Brodyreaves

Life saver


Yo thank u! This shit has confused me for months lol

Jared Taylor

Thank God for this. Lot of head scratching

Chad M

Thank you sir

Scooter Kelly



Thank u. I kept getting confused and would get like pick 23 instead of like top 5 pick

AF Baseball

Is this the same in NBA 2K17?

Korrey Courts



What does “swap” even mean any more. It’s just a sound swap swap swap swap

Daquan Griffin

Thanks almost got finessed by the magic for kemba walker and the better pick


lmao 2k doesnt know their own game


Literally come back to this video every offseason. Cheers mate.

CJ Steg

2k has been fucking me over since 2k10

David Nelson

CPU pick trading is awful

Jacob Huckaby

Thank you now I understand and know how to do it! xD

Sjchxh Triskit


jeffrey Dingal

this is a big help. Thanks bro

Str8 Grind

So what if a team trading me a swap best?? Should i do it or no

GLO dai

Thanks bruv .

Marcel Rackl

nice job man! thanks alot, that really helped !

The god Lion

Thanks so much man


thank you sir

Michael Givens

Thank you so much! I was literally about to run a similar simulation and then I saw your video. You saved me a bunch of time!

Landon terry

What does top 3 protected mean?

Jimmy King

How to do I trade picks .im on 2K18 ps4 my league (not online) and it won’t let me trade draft picks no matter what I push I don’t get a choice to trade anything but players no matter what settings I change in my league options please help

JJ Vaz



So basically, the team with the 'swap best' asset gets the higher pick of the two. So trade away the 'swap worst' if you want the higher pick.

Frank Finkelbach

It helps, thanks.

Curry Stephen

I couldn't find any explanations for this on the 2K20 interface!!
But u did it! Thx so much!

Aurelius Vincent

Thank you, very concise explanation !!

Brendan Ronan

Easiest way to think about it is that Swap (Best) = the BEST of the two picks while Swap (Worst) = the WORST of the two picks ... SO .. always try trade away the Swap (Worst) because you’ll be trading the WORST of the two picks.

Daniel DeFilippo

Tysm for this