Mass Effect ANDROMEDA: All Ambassador Choices (Moshae, Bradley, Morda & Raeka) + Moshae's Reaction

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Mass Effect ANDROMEDA: All Ambassador Choices (Moshae, Bradley, Morda & Raeka) + Moshae's Reaction

42 275 views | 10 Apr. 2017
42 275 views | 10 Apr. 2017

Mass Effect Andromeda Ending - All Ambassador Choices (Moshae, Bradley, Morda & Raeka) + Moshae's Reaction

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Phúc Nguyễn

Where did you find that outfit ?

Force of Nature

My reaction to ME: Andromeda: 3:09


I picked the krogan on my first run and I have to say I'm really disappointed she still just growls at you.


I just randomly thought of it: when comes the day that we get to choose to be a different species than human.




i don't even see the point of a single ambassador to the nexus... colony ambassadors to the nexus might make sense once theres sufficient population


Tann pisses me off so didn't choose the Salarian. Moshae gave me shit for not destroying the facility. Bradleys boring. So Morda it was. Still doesn't reply to me though.

Nachiket Subhash

I would choose moshae Humans are fucked up, Krogan already destroyed their own planet and are unnecessarily aggressive, celerian are OK choice but I didn't picked science outpost first and I think we need to gain full trust of Angarans if wish to stay in Andromeda for long time.
Can't keep making enemies.


Only two dialogue options, except on occasion. What the fuck kind of lazy shit is this? I mean seriously. Obvious regression. I don't understand how you can justify that.

Russian Spy

Addison was so upset about her face she broke her own neck, RIP addison may your face get the rest it needs


Shame you didn't talk to Kesh, Tann & Addison + the chosen person afterwards. There's a lot more dialogue than Addison's more-to-life-than-this bullshit.


That black fuck laughed at me when i wore the N7 armor. Guess who's not the ambassador now punk.


At lease we know that whoever we choose, there's more to life than this.

Nandor The Gaylentless

this is not all choice, if raeka dies u can chose the other salarian


Tann can go straight to hell. Picked the Moshae because every single one of them can go straight to hell.


HAHAHAHA I JUST PICKED MORDA! Possibly the worst person for the job, but at least i get Krogan support xD

Scott Hadden

So, I'm fairly certain Tann is going to turn out to be the mysterious 'benefactor' or working for them.


The Angara seemed mad about me choosing Bradley, but I mean the Milky Way races kinda did most of the work.


Morda is the worst choice. She is a tyrant. I would never choose her, I really do not care if Krogan crew is mad. I'm not choosing Raeka, even though I love her because Tann's ego. It's Bradley for me. Moshae is great but she is already a leader for her ppl but won't really be that voice the Initiative needs.

Archangel Tyrael

So after this video I'm pretty sure of a few things:
-Number eight is a jerk and needs to shove it.
-Sara is feeling better.
-There is more to life than this.

Paul Roggo

These little videos are good to see responses, but does it really matter who is chosen? I mean does it have any effect on how the story plays out? One thing I have found in this game, not many choices you make really change anything in the end. At least not that I have found so far.


I picked Morda because I needed to win over Drack after I left his scouts and because fuck Tann.

John Long

out of all the choices Bradley seems like the best option. (my assumption is like with the salarian pathfinder (tann just wants a salarian in charge) it's either Bradley or... whomever the head is if you choose a science outpost.)

The job of the pathfinder is not to sit in an embassy, they are the explorers.
The Angara choice doesn't work for me because the milky way races did most of the work. not to mention I feel they are going to get a superiority complex after they learn that they were created for this cluster and so it might be their right. they were obstructionist from the get go.
The Krogan is the joke choice. Maybe giving her the title will change her personality into more professional in mea2.
Bradley helps you out constantly in the game, he is a part of multiple loyalty missions and is your human backup. go go Cerberus 2.0*


I wonder why your ME A videos are not getting enough views ?

Gaius Brutus

I want to punch Addison in the face every day


All E.A had to do is not miss it up.


Don’t you hate when your neck spontaneously snaps


soo, what's the outcome of each ambassadors?

Dreammirror Brony

What, no endorsement for the Elcor Ambassador Pmurt? I'm shocked! Oh, I forgot he was cut from the game due to budgetary reasons.


I was surprised by the fucking massive fit the Moshae throws at you if you don't pick her, I was afraid she would go all Roekaar on me and start gunning down the crowd of filthy Milkyway alien scum right then and there.

Connor Caldwell

I would rather be eaten by a fiend than vote for Morda! She's lucky I let her keep the Remnant core! My vote will always go to either Bradley, Raeka, or the Moshae.


Moshae seems like the best choice for me


Moshae was the obvious choice


There's more to life than your face.


Honestly the game is not perfect but i'm it has extreme potential, if there is a sequel.

Normaali Ihminen

Say what you have to say about the game but I think this game is amazing! Not only that, it manages to make funny memes out of it also!

Thrust vectoring

I want a choice "I coose myself. Because fuck you."


5:25 it just encapsulates MEA.

Peter Švančárek

I would choose krogan, if the choice was Kesh. Morda can only snarl, she has diplomacy skills of armed nuclear bomb. Otherwise Moshae shows wisdom and diplomacy skills needed for job. Raeka is good choice too in my opinion. Bradley is too provincial.

Lion's Sin of Pride Escanor

lol whats wrong with Tann's voice. xD


As other people have said, I didn't really understand what this position ACTUALLY entailed, so when I chose Pathfinder Raeka I thought I was just choosing a qualified person, but then everyone in the entire game, including Raeka criticised me so I chose the Moshae in my second playthrough since she is smart and fair minded. It's giving an intelligent, old and wise person a position, her ethnicity should ultimately be irrelevant if she is to represent all people. Most people are probably here to see what happens if you throw sanity to the wind and pick Morda.

Rok Hamler

that ending fucking made me laugh. Which is good since the conversation with the Moshae was so awfully composed i was angry.


Why is everyone being an ass if you choose Pathfinder Raeka? She's literally the only one qualified to be an ambassador, which requires political skills and getting disparate groups to work together. She was being groomed for being Salarian Dalatrass, making her the only one in the Initiative with political training, and her background states she has a reputation of being a charismatic leader and problem solver. Just because Tann is a dweeb doesn't mean the default should be go against all Salarians, that's racist.


I'm so disappointed that Morda still grunt at me even though I choose her, Bradley prefer simple life, I don't like Tann thus I will not consider any Salarian pathfinder, so I decided my final choice is Morshae. :)

David Healy

Picking a Salarian would be best if the position is temporary since they don't live that long anyway

Sylver Shadow

I went with the Moshae because many Angara already love her. And Angara lived in Heleus first.
Logical choice.

Preston Seitz

Where's my pyjak option?
"When you want shit done. Throw it. Pyjak for ambassador."


This is one of MANY decisions in the game the human pathfinder shouldn't be making smh Pathfinders aren't politicians, just like spectres weren't. Secondly, if they were considering Raeka, why not the other Pathfinders? Why just Raeka? Regardless, I always picked the moshae


The head twist at the end... Priceless ;J


All ambassador choices have a reaction well. no idea if Morda does she refuses to talk to you.