Dragon Nest Modding (Music Edit)

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Dragon Nest Modding (Music Edit)

26 485 views | 27 Jul. 2011
26 485 views | 27 Jul. 2011

(Read the bottom for the notes) (Updated: August 11, 2011)

Major note: Major note: If you like the English version just download the unpacker and packer in my guide. If not the you can download the other one from the mmosite that I provided in this guide. And also changed up the files a bit, but still the same for the guide.

~Quick written guide if you don't like to watch or got lost~

-Download the packer and unpacker from here:



If you want the one that is on my video and read the guide with the download link here:


Note: If you are using this one and it doesn't work, it is highly you have more than one folder in either mapdata or resource folders.

-Extract the files anywhere, where you can find it later on

-Go into the folder and open up quickbms

-Find the script file for it and open it

-Find a pack file you want to extract and wait till it's down extracting

-Mod any files you like (They have to be in the same file format to work)

-Place all the files (not the folders), just the ones you modded files in a folder

-Rename that folder with all your modded files as mapdata or resources, where ever those files originated in

-Place that folder in the folder where the packer is. It should be called DN Mods Packer

-Open up the pakpack and check the boxes on the file you changed, then click the bottom middle button.


-If your using the one from the mmosite, just click the left button (Follow my video if you don't get it)

-If you are using the untranslated one and it doesn't work, it is highly you have more than one folder in either mapdata or resource folders.

-Rename the .pak to Resource00 - insertplaceholdernamehere not Resource01, as Resource01 is where the cosmetic files are located, not bgm files. Ex: Resource00-fashion.pak to Resource00-Modded files.pak (Keep the .pak in there)

-Place the file into your Dragon Nest folder

-Enjoy your modded music.

~Important note: Before patching the game, always put the modded files somewhere else, or else you will either mess up your pack files or the game files. After the game is done patching, put back your modded files in your Dragon Nest folder~


Use this for editing your music and export as the right music file extension:


Use this for editing some of the image files if you can open them and edit with it:


*Note: You must have the right file extension, if not, the your music or image files will not work*

~Things to note~

-Make sure that when you're done converting your mp3 files into ogg, if the file is an ogg file,then delete any information in the song info (ie: title/artist name NOT filename)


Footnote: Might remake my video when I get the chance to. For now I hope you get the gist of it. sorry for the inconvenience. Will re-edit this guide when I have to re-edit it, for now it's all good, expect for the video.


@HeartKandii Before I go on and try and test it out, question. Was there more folders in that folder you made in "resource"? If so that could be the reason since the non-english version kind of have that kind of a problem. If that is not the case, I don't know if you can try,but you can send the files to me and I will see what is the problem.

ryan cooper

HELP. from 0:00 to 2:30 im ok but after i extracted Resource01.pak i didnt get the "mapdata" file but only the "resource" file. what do i do?

Zero Stratos

guys im already download Mods tool shown link above problem where the HELL is PACKER?? im only see pakpack, readme and zlib1.dll...... where the heLL is DN packer?????????? help me...


if your playing NA version i believe its in Resource05 i had to extract all of them just to find the right one with all the boss/battle bgm Resource05 if your NA at least for me it was lol im NA player

Sya シヤ

hey i got just a little problem!! I manage to change the music... but only one music cannot change which is Abyss Battle music.... i keep changeing, it just wont change, other can change like crisis and abyss boss even town BGM i change it... So what is the problem?!1 i also change the title of this game too == >.< SO WHAT IS THE PROBLEM!!!!

Wahr Hayt

Tip: Use audacity instead of other converters, my music files only worked when I used audacity as a converter.


does anyone know which resource pak it is for the character voice?


where do you download the music for the mod?

Morie Prudente

My Question is ... If This Mods Can Work With Cherry Credits Too?

Arsenic Bom

Will we get banned?

Smol Canary

i just got a warning, not to add any extra Resource.pak files, or my ID will be permanently banned (Indonesian server), is there any chance that the server will detect this mod? my country is pretty strict...


This is the scary voice i ever hear

PeroAtikRah James

Hey Bro....can u teach me hot to edit saint haven music....and make a video.....reply please thanks......


Nice Water Fox lol


I downloaded the packer stuff, but I got a "DNPacker" folder and no "DN Mods Packer". Same thing right? And it only works if I have the modified files ready in a folder to replace DN's original music files for the game?


@ShadowSatoshiKLyn Alright so you only modded stage clear but you copy and pasted half of those fiels into map data to repack it?!?!?

Ming Jun

My bgm has no sound -_-

Richard Hendrawan Lim

Work on Sea?

JiHwan Song

so i'm trying to make a stage clear bgm but when i open the pakpack, i check the mapdata box and their's no button to start the packing QQ you said something about one on the bottom middle but all i see are two check boxes


I guess I should of state that, if you have more than one folder in either mapdata or resource the untranslated DN Mod Packer wont work. Going to add that in my written guide.

cheeze zlayer

hope it worked, by the way what server are you? if you happen tobe in hollywood add me i'm cheeze007 and i'm a mercenary, most of the people here are from dn sea glad to see someone from cherrycredits


I found it!

Dionard Sistoso

uhm, can u remove the shadows on it using mod?


If i do this, then do i have to keep updating it every patch?

Uly Guevarra

im so shock about your deep VOICE!!! thumbs up if your shock tooo!!!


I followed all the directions except for bgm I did clothing. I made a new folder named "resource" instead of the mapdata and clicked on the DN mod packer. After the popup came up I clicked the left button, it came up with a error window and the resource pak is no where to be found :/ Am I doing something wrong?

jungle fuury

When i unpacked everything and got resource and mapdata, i didn't get all the bgm's you got, do you have any idea why this happened? I got victory, main theme, and the town music to work.


doesn't work.


@syaoranlove Question. Did you delete all the information when you converted the file? (Ex: comment, artist names, track number, etc) If you did all of that then if so that it doesn't work still, as a last resort I can help you create the file for you. If you want me to help and test for you then you can private message me of where I can get your file. Do note: Sometimes those problems does not show up at times, so I need a way to test if those solutions doesn't work.

Jean Baptiste Tejeresas

scary voice HAHA

Sya シヤ

@ShadowSatoshiKLyn Yes, i have delete all the information. Yours abyss battle music work? If you want to test it out, then i will upload then...

jungle fuury

Hmm looks like i had to unpack 00 too, thanks man this guide has been extremely helpful to me, do you have any idea where the voice files might be? I want to make custom voice files to put in.

Bad Bads

is this still working>?


@dawntay121 The answer to that is, no you really don't have to keep on updating them. What I try to meant was while your patching your game just put those files somewhere else so your regular .paks wont get screwed over.


@MrMorie24 It should work, since if the files aren't changed it should work. Heck it should work to any version of Dragon Nest. Since I did this with my China Dragon Nest Client as well, with all the same things from my English version.


@ShadowSatoshiKLyn I figured it out, and yes it was because I had another folder named resource as well. Thank you sooo much for your offer to help and this tutorial ^ ^ It helped me a lot!!


"go to your direckatory" LOL


@ShadowSatoshiKLyn thanks, I didn't realize that I had to delete just about everything from the Details, etc xD


@kmelfina Yeah, they do just the same thing. Only updated one you got now is better than the one in the video. (Can put multiple folders in a folder and can be able to pack both mapdata and resources) And yep, only works of the modded files in the folder. Sorry, if I can't help much on the second question, since I think I'm wording it wrong and reading it a bit wrongly. Hope you can work nicely and have a good time. Post if you got some more questions or whatever.


that was the scariest voice ive ever heard in youtube T_T but nice vid tho


@kmelfina Question, while your converting those did you delete all the info in the song, like the comment, artist names, track number, etc for your files? And hopefully they are the right name and file extension, but I bet you done that was not the problem.

Wendy Marvell

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Legend Darkz

Thanks you guy

cat food

You sound like Vaan from Final Fantasy 12. :D


My deepest gratitude ! .. this save me.


I have a new problem: so I created the new PAK thing with the mods I have with new music, and when I placed it in the folder and played DN the music was just... nothing. No sound, none at all. Does converting .MP4 files to Ogg using the "Free Audio Converter" affect anything at all?


HI sayaka :)


yeah ummm...i dont get a MapData folder when it down extracting