JoJolion Chapter 82 Review 「A Successful Exchange」

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JoJolion Chapter 82 Review 「A Successful Exchange」

35 431 views | 19 Dec. 2018
35 431 views | 19 Dec. 2018

Where we droppin stand users??

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Speedwagon vs Pocoloco ( FOR REAL )

Nathan Zusman

When the fuck is jojolion gonna end?


Hey here is my new theory, there's a speech bubble saying Mitsuba's exchange isn't finished yet. So I think the exchange will spread from her nose to her whole face and that's how the Stone Mask is made

Leo Mathews

Forget the shape of the fruits ... Am I the only one who noticed Yasuho's anatomically incorrect hand at 3:28?

Big Baboon

"All you vore guys will love this"
Let's go, we finally have a clip of xForts saying vore

reset me

Ok i got a question: i have not read the manga but i know alot (and i mean aloot) of spoilers. Do mista and polpo have some sort of connection? They wear the same helmet

Retr0 1436

Lmao xforts is it possible that kars can come back?


I have a big suspicion that we'll be getting another Stand Fight in the Hospital before they leave... Remember Tomoki was with someone else in the Ambulance... and considering Yasuho's ex-bf has a very specific design and not just some rando background character look... I suspect it'll be him because he got introduced as someone who also works at the hospital.

Space Cowboy97

Still waiting for Holly to be the villain, would be neat that we still get a villain named Kira as a parallel to part 4

ourshare psn

JoJo porn is something I'll never look into

GreezyMajor 17

Ayy Forts, Do You Mind Explaining Bruno’s Zombie Phase And How It Came To Be? Me And My Gang Constantly Argue About It


Rokakaka.. more like rocockkaka

A S A P Dream


EXAMPLE: jotaro in pt4 if it won't for josuke he woulda died to a rat. And pt6 father pucci basically beat jotaro. That's 2 Losses

Wynn Helm

This part reminded me of the stand fight with Bohemian Rhapsody- in terms of where we are in Jojolion's full arc. I think moreso than Jobin, or the new Morioh, we're soon going to be stepping into the larger conflict, which will shed light on exactly what happened with the advent of Made in Heaven, the alternative timeline that has been peeled back etc. Kaato is sentenced to serve 15 years in the Green Dolphin State Prison in 1996, Made in Heaven occurs on March 22, 2012. I think for future chapters- this makes any indicator of time important (calendars etc.), since what we see in SBR and and JJL suggests that the new timeline is not as simple or stable as is presented when Emporio met Irene- and thus JoJoLion is all leading back to March 22, 2012- where the two timelines cross.

Zadanoire 0203


The Four Star Gamer

I really need to start taking these Rock Humans seriously, I didn't think for a second that Mamezuku had died back in Chapter 74 I think it was, but now that I'm finally caught up I'm gonna take in every page and panel way more than before, I might go back and reread some of the arcs that I didn't really linger on, like I didn't spend a super long time on the earlier arcs, maybe I'll reread the Born This Way and Paisley Park arc, been a few months there, probably gonna reread these past two arcs, but since nobody has died yet, the antagonists don't really feel like a huge threat yet, like even with earlier parts I never really considered minor antagonists threats until a minor antagonist killed a protagonist, like Whammu, or Kira killing Shigechi, or Pucci killing F.F. But two of those three times those were kills by the main antagonist. I didn't think Yashuo was killed by Speed King, I didn't think Mamezuku died to Ozone Baby, and I probably won't think the first actual death in part 8 is a real death until I'm done with the chapter, or even until the next chapter comes out. It's hard to fake me out when we historically always see the spirits of the fallen fade away.


Is jojolion still going on


So I have a cool theory
When Pucci remade the universe, Giorno doesn't know what is happing, so he can't stop the remade of the universe, but he can escape death so he "takes" his friends and enters the new universe, in Italy, the same time as SBR is happing, so he creates a Paccione at his taste, to help the people

Lol bad theory xD

Brandon Gray

You could just say fruit lol

Kizen Blader

johnny boi got his legs healed so now he can walk ,oh wait johnny stop dancing I'll cripple ya legs if u dont

Solrac /By123445

Quite obvious, the boar is "hog-ging" all the center space

Kemo Pypes



Wasn't Mitsuba also being affected by the rock disease?

An enemy stand

Shouldn't a jojo battle royale game be called last stand?

Jai The Guy

It's a jojo

Jack Rahmn

Yu-Cock-Oh = Yu-Kah-Go

Fierce Kitty

Who is the main villain again?

Space Penguins

Really hoping this story begins going somewhere, will we ever get a main villain?

ห้าว น้าา

Please do standoff man in the mirror vs d4c
I think they somehow similar to each other

Envy Noson

2019 is the year of the pig.

the real Dleaf

La Squadra porn

Kizen Blader

Your hair looks like funny's but if he did not have natural curls

juan medina

You’re more hair than man.


xforts with a hairclip... he is best waifu uwu


Mitsuba risking her life for a baby is dumb. If she dies the baby dies. Also the baby is unborn and stuff so he is technically not alive. She should exchange joshu for the baby


Old Duwang Gang: Josuke Higashikata, Koichi Hirose, Okuyasu Nijimura
New Duwang Gang: Gappy Higashikata, Yashuo Hirose, Momazuku.

Jim Phoenix

Yasuho literally can't defend herself with her stand, rip Yasuho


Dude cut your hair


I think the hog is ment to be for the new year since 2019 is the year of the pig in the chines zodiac


Highway Star vs Blue Hawaii vs Tubular Bells vs Doobie Wah!

jedah dohma

If you are running out of ideas for stand off do jojo villains vs other fictional villains I have some ideas:
Dio brando(part 3) vs homura akemi
Ultimate kars vs shadow the hedgehog
Yoshikage kira vs bakugo or carnage
Diavolo vs flowey
Pucci vs Alexander Anderson or quicksilver or ochaco uraraka

Cát Hào Mã

I think there will be re-video about stand in jojolion when it done like Doggy Style


i love ur haaaaaaaaair

dylan calton

Is that a FLCL mug??? Damn this guy has good taste


give me the torture dance emote and honestly that's all I need for this game.

Fazbearian Ben

Ill be honest part 8s not for me, It just seems dragged and pointless.

Patrick Humphrey

It occurred to me how rare it is that we see minor villain teams in Jojo. Nothing from Phantom Blood, the Pillar Men were collectively the main villain of Battle Tendency, and the stand users (even the 9 Glory Gods) that DIO sent against the gang in Stardust Crusaders rarely ever met, discussed their shared goals, or fought as a unit. The only exception being Hol Horse appearing in the Hanged Man and Justice arcs, Oingo and Boingo fighting together because they’re brothers, and Hol Horse and Boingo teaming up briefly. Diamond is Unbreakable had basically nothing besides Hazamada claiming there was some sort of secret society of stand users. Yoshikage and Yoshihiro worked together, but again, main villains. Vento Aureo, however, had two legitimate teams. Squadra Esecuzioni and Unita Speciale both had members that met with each other, shared a goal, answered to but were not the main villain and fought together several times. Nothing from Stone Ocean save for DIO’s children, and President Valentine’s subordinates much resembled the way Part 3’s minor villains were individually, and occasionally in pairs, sent against the good guys. Jojolion, like Part 5, features two minor villain teams. First, there was Damo’s Rokakaka smuggling organization, which filled the same role as Squadra Esecuzioni. They both came first and did not work for the main villain of their respective parts, and there was nearly the same number of them. Therefore, whatever this doctor and scientist Illuminati thing will be called officially, (Jojo wiki calls them the Rokakaka research organization so I’ll go with that) is the alternate universe equivalent to Unita Speciale. Think about it, Unita Speciale began their attack with a team of two enemies in Squalo and Tiziano. Part 8 did the same thing with Urban Guerrilla and Doremifasolati Do, though their collective powers closely resemble Green Day and Oasis rather than Clash and Talking head. Poor Tom serves as the stand-in (no pun intended) for Carne, and Wu Tomoki is in many ways alternate universe Cioccolata. Besides the obvious doctor connection, just look at their hairstyles and uniforms side by side. Taking their histories and personalities into account, Tomoki seems very much like a lawful neutral variant of Cioccolata’s chaotic evil. I believe that all this means we will have one more minor villain encounter (probably the other man in the ambulance/Tooru) before we build up to the final battle with Kaato, Jobin, and maybe Tsurugi. This means that we are about 80% or more of the way through Jojolion. Factoring in the breaks Araki will take, Jojolion will come to an end in early to mid-2020. I’m excited to see where the story goes and how much if any I got right!


Hey i know your not gonna see this but i was wondering if you could do a video on all the Backstorys of the Jojos so i can show my friend that this anime isnt bad

Patchy Pirate

Maybe i'm missing something obvious, but what's up with the dude with the shark teeth at 15:31 ?

Aidan Zufolo

What the fuck was this chapter


Hey, xForts? This is a question cuz im tryna end a debate with my friend, could Purple Haze kill a pillarman? I mean, the virus can devour a humans flesh and rapidly multiply in I believe 30 seconds, but could it cancel out a pillarmans regenerative abilities by rapidly spreading? Or in other words, could it spread and kill a pillarman faster than a pillar man's regenerative abilities? Please, lemme know

Soft & Wet

i think that Holly use the Rokakaka, for heal Kira (her first Male Child, his a part of Higashikata family) but she never tell him about Rokakaka, and then she didn't know the risk

Alex Alex

Secco ripped your ears off

Space Dandy

Xforts where’d you get that flcl mug ?


for Mitsuba's nose, I think she's just gonna get surgery uwu


Hello do you or anyone In the comments know how to get original jojo mangas? I would like to start collecting.



Captain Caillou 2

2019 is the year of the pig/boar

Veldren Savoth

Was that Henny in your mug XForts?


Sex Pistols vs harvest


Does Araki have a fetish for Rocks?


Scan of Holy's brain was shown once with several parts missing, so it's probably the Rokakaka's doing. (Vol 4 Ch 17)

Typemoon 511

God so this is what xfort look like in real life

Oobleck Slam

Bites Za Ro-Ka-Ka-Ka



Questionable Content

I was more reminded of Aqua Necklace when Wu was talking inside of Mitsuba’s mouth

Iris Hime

Yasuo: "Oh hell no, don't give me the flu...I'm on my period, you jerk."
summons Paisley Flex to beat the brake shoes off of Tomeki

Johanna Samaniego

My man it's time for a haircut but good video as always



Ben Dreams

Araki has been quoted as saying
" I am so happy I can finally see Rohan hitting the dab or kouichi floss, I can't wait to see all of you on the battlefield..."

just a random guy .-.

Porn porn more porn

Death Maniac

What does Meti think of your hair

Brad Evangelista

Most mothers will always care and do anything for their child no matter what.

Carlos Glover

During the beginning, I was imagining kakyoin default dancing

Chandler Wilbourn

hey everyone should i be reading part 8 without have reading steel ball run?

White Wall

You need to read the next chapter ASAP rocky

Kaden Atmore

Giorno with G.E.R vs Ultimate Kars

random guy

It's simple. Holly's a chick with a dick Xforts

Du-du-du-duwang chew

I know this is unrelated to the video but this has been bugging me for 5 hours can Giorno use gold experience to create extinct species of plants or animals?

ourshare psn

The game won't be released for awhile like alot of Japanese arcade games ff dark dacidia hd has been in Japan for like 5 years now and we still don't have it


Wu is using Hirophant Green’s original ability controlling people and appearing in their mouth

Luca Mentone


Chill Beats And Vibez

I really hope for the next jump force they give us all 8 main JoJo's


Hey xforts is there a way to read all of these part i know you can read jojo on bato but it doesn’t have an English part 5 or 6


I got a stand idea
The stand has 5 acts


The stand is basically useless. The stand just sits there and follows you. You cannot withdraw the stand so the stand will always be drawn and visible to other stand users

Stand stats
Destructive Power: E
Precision: E
Development potential: A

Act 2

The stand is now a punching ghost but is really weak. The stand cannot be withdrawn and cannot be manually used. The stand is fully automatic so it cannot do anything the user wants it to do but it still protects the user

Stand stats
Destructive Power: D
Range:C(5 metres)
Durability: C
Precision: C
Development potential: B

Act 3

The stand can now be controlled and when punching the stand starts to release a liquid substance that can irritate the skin. This liquid does not affect the user. The liquid feels like a mosquito bite but this soon goes away after a couple of minutes.

Stand stats
Destructive Power: D
Speed: C
Range: B
Durability: D
Precision : B
Development Potential: C

Act 4

The stand is now a decent punching ghost but cannot take damage very well. The liquid it releases now feels like fire ant bites but the affects go away in 10 seconds. The stand can now shoot this liquid in any direction it wants but in very low accuracy.

Stand stats
Destructive Power: B
Speed: B
Range: D (2 metres)
Durability: E
Precision: D
Development potential: D

Act 5

This stand can only be in this act for a couple of days and can’t be withdrawn. The stands liquid now feels like bullet ant sting that last for 10 days. The pain cannot be removed or numbed. Even if you go back in Time to stop this from happening, you still feel the pain. The stand can now shoot this liquid with great accuracy and rapidly use this ability over and over again.

Stand stats
Destructive Power: B
Speed: A
Range B
Durability: D
Precision: A
Development potential: E

Thank for reading this if you did read it. This took me a while and sorry for the spelling and grammar mistakes.

Davonte Rain


Clawgre Hellsing

next stand off can it be Moody Blues vs Showoff

Mr Shockblast

man i want to see the greatful dead in the jojo part 5 anime but guys i need to ask a question you know polnareff in part 5 when he dies by king crimson and went in mr president can you vist and talk with him since hes dios sons like right hand man

Koleko - Kun

18:40 have you heard of JoJolion chapter 82? Well, when I saw Mitsuba with that stone nose... How do I say this? It's a bit crude but... I got a boner.

Moodi World

For a second I thought you're a girl rn wth

Veldren Savoth

Her smile is pretty cute


make a JoJo part 6 all stands

Dio Brando

Where can I find THAT jojo trailer?

Doom Hakai

So is jojolion in color yet?

Camilo Rosas

Stand Off between Man In The Mirror and Star Platinum: The World! I'm curious to know how Jotaro would fight inside the Mirror World without using his stand to ORA Illuso out of existance.

C Fire

I have an idea, is Dio and all of the vamps immune to Man in the Mirror and the Hanged man stands because they don’t appear in mirrors???

Jonathan Leon

So 8 days of the best jobros for JoJo's Xmas anyone???


looking as lovely as ever chris chan


We need to start a go fund me to mail Araki some OMEGA-3s