Digimon - Salamon Digivolution Line Explained!

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Digimon - Salamon Digivolution Line Explained!

22 728 views | 18 Jul. 2019
22 728 views | 18 Jul. 2019

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Kaiden Patterson

Angewoman is my favorite


You pronounce everything so weird.

zain n

Angewomen>ophanimon × lady devimon>lilithmon
Magnadramon × minevarmon

Valkyra Sonara

I like Gatomon and Silphymon the most

Ben A

Why does he keep calling the salamon line a he when it's very clearly a she, like nani? Seriously it makes no sense XD


I hate Ophanimon. This digimon is unoriginal. It’s pretty much a male Seraphimon. How does she even fight with that hideous mermaid dress compressing her legs together? Horrible design


They need to make an angewomon x.


This didn’t explain anything

Khi Clark

Fusion of angewoman and ladydevimon

Brandon Ziegler

5:24 "It is the final line of a feminine angel form." "He's- nani?

zeyphrBW sd

The fallen mode X why is it always the bad girls that have the best look

Lex Slr

fav: Angewomon!

Marcus Byrd

It just seems like you're doing it on purpose now. Salamon's whole digivolution line is female stop calling her a he.

Cuddy Fox

Why not talk about the Dorumon Digimon line? Dorumon is one of the more famous Digimon that have not been on the TV series yet, instead of the X-Evolution movie.

jordan webb

My favorite out of the Salamon digivolution line is Magnadramon along with its X-Antibody form. It's so freaking awesome.

chris potts

I love all of gatamons evolutions expect Magnadramon which is ok I guess


what is the music playing at the start?


My question is why do they act
Ike gatomon isn’t champion level


My favorite digimon is gatomon finally!!!!!!

Dayani Garcia

She. She. Not he.


Salamon can become BlackGatomon, Gatomon, Meicoomon, and Mikemon... but did you know Meicoomon's main line isn't from Salamon? Meicoomon has an unnamed child(rookie) form that looks similar to Salamon!

Hoshi Anime Company

My favourite digimon

Sky U

Lol xD literally reading wikipedia digimon infos xD no explainations

azure kite

Salamon digivolves to Venusmon and Junomon through Angewomon. Salamon digivolves to Lilithmon through Mikemon and Starbellemon through BlackGatomon and LadyDevimon.

Xx MidnightDiamond xX

I always keep forgetting that Gatomon isn’t the base form

Trey Brzezowski

Ok, you referred to all of them as "He", I have several things to point out: 1, the name of the ultimate form is "Ange-WOMON" Literally one letter away from "Woman" which on it's own merits the use of female pronouns. 2, Gatomon's entire digivolution line, including all of it's armor digivolve forms, are treated as females in the show and games. 3, ANGEWOMON, OPHANIMON, MASTEMON, AND EVEN ORDANIMON ALL HAVE 8008S! If you have 8008s than by default you are a female, guys don't have mammaries!

Larry Hughes


Sukar Noriega

Magdramon is female too


He? Salamon is female .

A Sponge

From dog to cat to angel to dragon wtf

RemoveBeforeFlightGaming: TheGod11

I think because gatomon can become magnadramon patamon can become goldramon. He even has the same number of wings as seraphimon. It might be there beast mega

DJ Teneyez

I love your content but you should do vs battle

Sukar Noriega

Salamon is a she not he also gatomon

blue Inkling


MukZanal 12

Lol no angewomon x


Im with shak on ophanimon! but instead of mother figure or the fall-down mode I really like ophanimon x

Shawn Boley

I still don’t understand half of these digivolutions.
How does a puppy go into a cat into a angel.

Dragonwheel 7825

This is one of my favorite lines