Soulja Boy- Let me get em

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Soulja Boy- Let me get em

436 951 views | 16 Sep. 2007
436 951 views | 16 Sep. 2007

An audio clip only


we gone do ya that(ohhh)

we gone do ya that(ohhh)

we gone do ya that(ohhh) till our feet hurt (ohhh)


pool palace(let me get em)

lean wit it(let me get em)

shootout(let me get em)

rock wit it(let me get em)

snap yo fingas(let me get em)

merry go(let me get em)

rossevelt(let me get em)

shuffle folk(let me get em)

let me get em[16x]

soulja boy tell em

soulja boy on the scene, and its time to do my dance folk;lean wit it rock wit it gone get on the dance flo' I'm crunk in this thang I can do it do it do it let me work that slow mo' hold on (watch me do it)I'm clean in this thang pool palace to tha flo' west side walk it out, do yo dance on em folk crank that shootout on them hatas they can't jig wit it(nope)stop, snap, then wiggle wit it folk


I see him try to do it he can't do it like me pool palace to tha flo' then snap to tha beat front(front) back(back) left(left) snap(snap) its all in the wrist showty keep that thing movin' do tha motacycle crank it fast on tha flo' do it do it do it then crank tha merry go (go)do it how you want to wit yo own lil twist lean wit it rock (yup, just like this)aaaa yull


Now I don't know what yall been told they call me soulja boy (whats ha na na) stacks on deck, I can do this and I can do that(whats ha na na)

we gone do ya that(ohhh) till our feet hurt(ohhh) [x2]

we gone do ya that(ohhh)

we gone do ya that(ohhh)

we gone do ya that(ohhh)till our feet hurt(ohhh)


we gone do ya that(ohhh)till our feet hurt(ohhh) [x2]

we gone do ya that(ohhh)

we gone do ya that(ohhh)

we gone do ya that(ohhh)till our feet hurt(ohhh)

Tia Myre

lol forreal tho


this ones the original version i personally like this one better the otherone is just shootout named let me get em


Nope, your right.....its terrible. I would think that music should get better over the years. Rap had a major improvement over the years since it had started. I couldn't imagine it getting better till the 90s came and I was blown away. Then the dreaded 1997 came :(

Faythe Thevarajoo

Same star sent me here

Valorous Valerie

haha i miss his old sh!t he changed for the worse

darnell kent

this song go lemme get em shoot out not lemme get em


the original versions are always better


The real let me get em! Soulja boy team don't even know the difference in his music!

Kelyyjjjfjfk Hardrick

I am going back to work tomorrow if that's ok too but texting you and your family


woah... before i was wondering why you didnt hear anything by soulja boy other than crank that(which i like), but after listening to THIS and donk, im SOOOOO glad they dont advertise any of his other songs...

P Gwalla

dis da REAL LET ME GET EM!!!


this song used to be so hard to find!

marshayla jones

The OMG Girlz sent me here lol !! I havent heard this song in a while

Savage Year

He had 3 versions to this song. And I wanted ALL of them. Lol

jordon stroud

this wen tht nigga was underground and was actually GOOD


none of soulja boys songs can be considered "old school"..lmao younging these days. the dudes like 18

Swag Future

i know this is not the original but the lyrics are so better in the remix


I think rap got worse after 1999 when Big L died, he was the only nigga I listened to and then when he died I stopped listening to rap (or just basicly not paying attention to it) until 2007 summer when I found Lupe Fiasco, Hip-hop today just sucks now, it's all about old school or underground now.


This song is fucking horrible.

Wayne lopez

Joe green. From. Waynhi. Boy

Ashley Yvette

Damn...he stole this from Flo Masters LMAO


yea OMG GIRLZ brought me here


now this i like not bad

Kamarie Burley

@alaina king right they brought me here lol


YEah nice song man nice

sabre carter

its we gonna do we dance dumbass


Big Soulja 2020


Ohcanada, my thoughts exactly. This is not music, this is classified as terrible. There's no way you can say this is rap or hip hop, not true hip hop anyway.


this song used to be so hard to find!


Big Soulja

Nina Coladaa

yea got to be southern person to dance this song god damn it crunk to damn

Darius Carter

the lyrics are we gne do dis dance, till our feet hurt. not we gne do yu that, till our feet hurt yu idiot

Alayiah Glay-Rucker

Omg girlz bought me here

ben d

one of the first that 2006


it is actually "we gon do dis dance" the song was originally called "till our feet hurt" and he sings "we gon do dis dance, till our feet hurt" so "LilRush5" is right

Joseph Verge

THis is better than his new version they both is sweet but this is supa raw!


Wow....I never thought rap could get any worse than it did when it all went down hill back in '97, the year rap died for me. But I guess this is where rap,..still dead...but now decomposing with this. Thank goodness for the underground.


there's still some good shit round. ok this ain't it, but guys like immortal technique are fuckin legend.


Yeaaaa. Dis sum old skool S Beezy for real. Betta than the new one...


damn this is some old shit this was the true soulja

Albani T

this is iight but i think he kinda made a desperado move with this song.

Drew Crook

Great song for 2011 still!!!

Jerome Castro

Here in 2019

Andriitc Kleins


Daylan Alves

Musica muito lokaaaaa

Roosevelt Abram

Who here in 2020

Braedon Thorsson

i dont really care if there was anything wronge i just listen to the music so keep it up man


@phatcheeks Exactly what I was thinking.

ashlee carr

I want this Instrumental!!


Stop trippin you know what i mean.when i say old school i dont mean the 80's

Kaylee Iser

I love this song so much my brother showed it to me

Cash Dollar

I still cant find this song to download!!!!!!!

Andrew Olivares

damm Soulja Boy was the shytt

Curtis Knight

2019 ayeeeee


lol @ mobbish yeah the youth today would prolly be jammin that if you made it into a song. But I'd say R.I.P Hip Hop 1987-Feb 15th 1999 (day Big L passed)


This is a classic i aint go lie!

Gabe Moore

Soulja your still number 1 in my book


This that old school S Beezy


lean wit it let me get him shootout let me get him roosevelt let me get him ...roosevelt?? wtf???


i just love everything about this song

Nosmer Empedz

piste ka...

Steyr Mannlicher



Ha I remember having this shit on myspace


Big L....ok, I after listening to a few tracks, which by the way is the style of rap that I I actually heard one of his songs with Shyheim.

Choco Yautja

i never heard dis.. but im not trippin.. i just need sum to put on my playlist

Jaelyn Dior

likee this version better!!

hollywood six

it some kids playin wit ther 1st drum set it aint 2 bad though


I never heard of Big L....but then again I was long gone from rap and hip hop by that year. I'll look him up and listen to his songs. I heard of Lupe Fiasco but I don't think I heard of his me a favor and listen to any track by " Nujabes ". Let me know what you think.


snap or die?? what the fuck!?

taylor jordan

Lol niq niq and bahja brought me here too!!! I haven't heard this song since like 2007


aight that's it

Pq Foster

Shit!! 2018