The Story of Thieving Apprentice - Patch 7.2 Artifact Quest [Lore]

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The Story of Thieving Apprentice - Patch 7.2 Artifact Quest [Lore]

59 561 views | 13 Apr. 2017
59 561 views | 13 Apr. 2017

With Patch 7.2 we got a couple of small questlines related to unlocked the next traits in our artifact weapon. It becomes available once you've got 35 traits in your weapon and the conclusion to the story opens up after unlocking the mage tower.

In this video we'll talk about the Thieving Apprentice questline which is available for Survival Hunter, Subtlety Rogue, Havoc Demon Hunter, Arms Warrior & Frost Death Knight. I hope you'll enjoy!

Check out this video by Vivy for the conclusion of the challenge:


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tomi kanerva

Hello nobbel! Any chance u could do a video about old ingame npc called Bath'rah the windwatcher? Been wondering who is that troll sitting in the ruins at hillsbrad foothill since vanilla. What is he doing there? who is he? Would love to hear if theres any lore on him in the game.


Noble when u play warcraft 3 the frozen tronen how can u oneshot evrey thing

Michael Ujwary

How many more of these are expected?

Grey World

Does anyone think the dark reindeer will be the weapon to slay sergeras?

Dominik Polewka

awesome. :)

monaca morgan

damnnnnnn....I am scared

The Champion of War

Nice video man can't wait for more of your videos!


I remember when I first started playing WoW and the quest line in Azshara was one of my favs, especially when it got to Xylem (as fucking irritating as it was) and I really didn't want to kill him in the scenario FeelsBadMan Good he doesn't die though

Scott Christie

Imo this is one of the more interesting 7.2 artifact quests.

Jack Wedebrand

Could you do a video aboute how the Arcane energy, (or "magic"), was created. I thought it sounded hard to understand when I searched It. And can you make a video of all the various forms of "magic" that we know of, their origins and explain how out characters evoke the magic from free Air.(As like "Fel Magic" is created from the sacrifice of living things. How do our characters actually do when they evoke their spells?)

Noah Guldhammer

the stream was amazing

jayro boza

Don't I'm the only one who understood the Xylem and Pholem joke?


Not saying some people should sit in the back of the buss... But fuck PvP developers.

Angry historian

Go home Illidan. You are drunk.


good god the blue dragonflight/ kirin tor can't hold the focusing iris for more than an expasion.


@2:20 to skip the prologue


I feel like there should be a timestamp to skip the recap stuff that you've mentioned in other videos, just in case someone's chaining a lot of your videos at a time.


6:26 heeey. That's Liam O'Brien! HELLO ILLIDAN-IN-DISGUISE!


Xylems' voice sounds like someone from harry potter....


Can you please do a video on the Sylvanas and Genn Greymane conflict? In their fighting cinematic Genn says that we will get his vengeance for his son, never heard about this story pls do a detailed vid :)

Ondra Vanýsek

Not related, but could you make a compilation of all order hall campaigns?


early squad where u at

Prince Stormstrider

Sanath is quite a pain for such a simple quest to get the new artifact traits. That shadow barrage pretty much one- shots you and there is no way to interrupt the spell. The only way to do it is to run to the other end of the room and try to avoid getting hit. My demon hunter had to change spec in order to survive, my death knight died 6 times and my rogue got it at the first try.

Megan V

thanks for the hint on where to skip :)


Kinda weird that the Focusing Iris is with Xylem. Wasn't locked up within the Kirin Tor vault after Theramore's destruction?

Roberto Carlo

0:35 ugly ass transmog

J.J. Shank

"some gear and skill"? These quests are some of the hardest ever implemented in the game! (For which we should all be thankful.)


Hey Nobbel! Could you please add timeskip to 2:25 in your every Artifact Quest Lore videos, for people who have already watched one of the episodes and know the intro? That'd be greatly appreciated! Also, please look back to some old lore videos of yours, subtitles are a bit clunky in some parts in some of the videos. >_>' All the best!

hassan raza

make a video over eye of eternity because have no idea about it

Warduck Dath'Remar

Hey Nobbel! I have 2 questions about Shalamayne, how did Varian get it to begin with? Who has taken it from where Varian died?
Please answer this, it's been bugging me for ages!


Xylem and phloem are important parts in a plant


I dont have anything to say but if you pin this comment I will give you a like.

FeedEx Infinity

Kalec really needs to get better at protecting this damn focusing iris

nikos patouxeas

the story of Maiev Shadowsong

x zhou

do u think anduin has became a paladin after his fathers death? there was a hint in the legion comic.


Nobble is so bad if he can't fnnish in his onw Video's


Sanath Lim-yo sounds a lot like Illidan...

Nicholas Posborg

Keep up the good work Nobbel!

Aman Takuov

Lol it was funny what modera says her voice is like a kitty

SkyTechies NexusJinx

well it helps me much ,,, tnx a lot Nobble


how poorly guarded is the nexus that everyone can just steal the iris? xD


Is Xylem's voice actor the same from the necromancer from Venture Bros.?

Samuel Craven

Hey Nobel!!! I have a question, after defeating Xavius in the Emerald nightmare, behind Cenarius there is a cave where you can see the spirit of Ysera walking in and out from. The cave is called "Ancient Rest" and inside the cave in the back corner, there is a totem described as "Remnant of the Void" and you can see Void hands clawing at a small portal on top of the totem. My question is: why is it there? What could it mean?

Badger McWaffles

as much as i hated the mage tower i did love these quests... uh most of them that is

Felix Lenz

Its so weird seeing that charackter in the thumbnail. My paladin is also called Joanna since a long time, didnt think there would be an npc with her nAme

Adnan Aboukewik

can you please do the story of tirion fordring?



Satchmo Omega

Archmage Xylem was also involved in a mage only quest in Vanilla I don't remember the details though.

Luka Grušovnik

Be afraid people. You can't trust anything anymore. i found the Legion scroll on a crocolisk! It didn't even look fel corrupted!


welp i skiped a part of this q on my dh as i just tried to guess the combination and got ot from 1st try


ahhh I remember when nobbel entered my raid sat down on his fishing stool and half the raid kneeled for him and the other half rage quit cuz we didnt do anything.

Vass Bence

Today i have done the challange but its amaizing how can 3 ilvl 3 new trait and a legendary change the way how all of this play's out as a frost dk its gear>skill and it makes me wonder, how can blizzard say this is ok you have to have a minimum gear for this of course. For now this skin is geart but after 2 months of Tos lfr and everyone will have it becasue the skill part has such a low lvl. (906 ilvl FrostDk with bracer and belt legendary)