MAJORA'S BREASTS | Zelda Breath of the Wild - Part 21 (NateWantstoBattle and Dookieshed)

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MAJORA'S BREASTS | Zelda Breath of the Wild - Part 21 (NateWantstoBattle and Dookieshed)

3 410 views | 1 May. 2017
3 410 views | 1 May. 2017

A let's play of The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild showing Nintendo Wii U gameplay with Nate and Dookie

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Nate and Dookie are:

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What do you think this is, Nate? Breath of the Taint?

Austin Kiewiet

The minute those chickens started going after them, I was laughing my ass off XD


I can't wait till they run into a yuga clan member

Bolby Ballinger

Reading dialogue.
Sometimes it helps.

LuHan Ma Bae

Are you guys still playing breath of the wild?


15 and a half minutes?! Is this Christmas?

Missy J

They get so excited for the dog (who is super cute), then proceed to go after chickens with a club; seems about right. :P

Arthur G

use a wooden shield to gather arrows shot at you by archers!

Kim Speeds

this series is,,,,,,,, physically painful to watch

but i'll keep watching 'cause i'm a masochist apparently

Little Elly

I remember when you started Majora's Mask. I also remember being disappointed when you stopped playing it.


Hide the Hammer Shrine is my favourite!

Shanae Richards

It's so weird that Boomerangs are associated with general Australian culture/people but it's actually part of Indigenous Australian culture.

Jesse O'Connor

Same Nate, I reacted the same way when I saw a doggo in this game

Melody Harmony

My favorite part of this episode, was the doggo without question! As well as Nate and Dookie adoring the doggo!


Cute doge such wow


Lol they still haven't gotten a chest from a shrine

Grand Exalt

Ayyy, Majora has BOOOBBBBBSSS

Benjamin Hill

Getting so triggered every time you guys walk straight past a chest in a shrine and just assume you can't get it haha

Lakin Mercer

I look away for one minute and then I hear "you are the good boy" then


It scared the shit out of me

John Wedig

Why didn't they talk to Beedle? Poor guy, he's probably lonely :(

Logan Anglin

That there is what ya call a Chicken Smack!


Every Shrine chest is actually easy to get if you know what you're doing and observe your surroundings

Matthew Lickers

Zelda has Dogs?


PLEEEEAAASE bring back Majora's Mask

Shaunery Leverette

Owa daim shrine


How to get a horse: I'd recommend talking to the guy who asks if you will be staying with them, but outside. There, he will talk to you about horses and all of that.
1. Find a herd of horses (there are some near the stable)
2. Crouch and approach behind the horse of your choice
3. When close enough, hit the A button to get on them.
If you go for a solid color horse, be prepared to soothe it with L. It will take a few tries, so you will have to be patient.
If you get a non solid color horse, you will just be riding the horse.
4. When on the horse (and not getting bucked off), ride the horse around, and if it does something you do not want (like slows down, or goes left instead of right), hit L to soothe it as you ask it to do what you wanted again, and then your bond will increase.
Just know that you can only board a total of five horses, but you can get them at any stable that you find.

Skull Kidd

Majoras doggos

Diego the Mexican Nerd

death comes to all who hit chickenn