AA2Mini Modded download guide

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AA2Mini Modded download guide

13 436 views | 15 Nov. 2019
13 436 views | 15 Nov. 2019

Make sure you have Directx9 installed



you'll also need Visual C++. just get all of them they are very handy to have.

Before you download anything though, go to configuration in windows and check in the applications list to see wich versions you have so you don't download those again.

Make sure to get both x64 and x86 versions.

to get them, type in google visual c++ 2005 and go to the microsoft link. Start from there and go all the way to 2015

you have all that? great. Follow this link, download it, extract it's content and check the video in how to extract the textures for SKIRT and SITAGI

Here's the game: https://drive.google.com/open?id=10dzweAVzohIgWEVJm3bE-uhpBhxQM5F5

There's also a version with the 3D Rooms, if you are into that. check it out here (it's the same game but with the 3d rooms for H) https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ZeNDXu7iLDv0n31AD8P6ycPTSLbbnNIn

if you want some cards, I have some including Azur Lane characters in this link


And lastly here's a portal to our discord where we share anime lewds, discuss on random topics, share aa2 related media, awe at the shipgirls in azur lane and generally be degenerates.



esta es una version similar a la de los chicos de 4chan? es decir la misma pero con mas mods? me sirve mientras tenga AA2Unlimited

katebal luna

Gracias por este aporte, estare al pendiente de la versión en español tambien jeje

Misciel Ross Villegas

Oh it works very well. Could finally play it. EXCEPT... the face textures aren't working and everybody's looking like aliens (transparent scleras no eyebrows). Some face textures appear but they're all colored in cyan so I can't edit much. Some hair extensions only show up in the AA2Edit and don't appear at all in the game. Takes me off a bit when the character suddenly talks to me and I see their empty alien eyes.

But then again I'm playing in a Windows 7. Could it be that? I had the necessary DirectX and C++ and everything. Maybe I'll try installing the longer way around to see if graphical issue is alleviated. Wish I could join discord to explain myself better but I can't speak spanish, sadly.

Cihangir Türköz

unhandled exception

code: 0xc0000005
address: 0x013b3631

Game actually runs fine, for some time, it happens randomly when I interact with girls or girls interact with me, I tried solutions for 0xc0000005 but didn't change anything. Need help.

Menao Lee Hoshizora

Hey anybody know if there is a 3P mod? I play a girl and i want to do it with a boy and a girl


Is there an updated link for the download? The one in the description isn't working. :/


Way better then any other video I've seen online the non mini takes along time this is simple



Johney Bravo1234

Those this come with mods.




Hey Pat, tried this cuz the full install wasn't working and all my charas are still invisible. Im running Windows 8.1, is there anyway to fix this T^T thank youuu!

Null N

how do I update the AA2unlimited to a recent version?

John Smith

Alright, I know it's unlikely that I'll get a response, but imma try anyways. So I downloaded this pack, and it's generally very good, I like it a lot. But the only big issue I have is that ahegao doesn't work the same way it did in vanilla. Like, tongues only stick out at a certain point in the climax animation, instead of the girl being stuck in that state until you change what type of action you're doing. So does anyone know what mod is responsible of how (if possible) I can disable it?

KuRo ShIrO

Es increíble que me vaya mejor la versión normal del juego que esta :'v... eso si es tener mala suerte x'D

Darth Meteos

when i came to this video about a hentai game, i wasn't expecting there to be a jazzy version of "when johnny comes marching home" under it

also tutorial begins at 0:45

yuumiki -

alo ceñor tenia una pregunta queria saber si tambien hay texturas para chicos en ese mod??

Sleepy Alien

Do you know where I can find male texture packs?

Ruben Schettino

Very useful video and repack, thank you for what you did!


QtEdit contains Trojan Fuery!!


I tried for 2 days to install the game the old way, and found a portable one, and a torrent, all different install instructions, all complete bullshit, and then I discovered there's a Mini. Then I see a link to a modded Mini, and it took me a few blinks of an eye and like 3 heartbeats to get the game to work, after days of seeing errors from severely long install instructions.
K, now do that for Custom Maid 3D 2 with its 10 thousand mods pls ty. ^ , ^

Emma Coyde

Silly question but is this fully uncensored?

Cross Face

I installed the game but the characters in the conversations are without the head and texture, do you know how to solve?

Gustavo Sanchez

so for the visual c++, do I have to look up every year from 05 to 15?

Emma Coyde

Hey I’m getting random crashes in the game during H scenes, any idea how to fix this? :(


I not sure if you are keeping up with this but, the discord link is invalid. So I can't really go in and ask for tech help.


How do you fix the low FPS on windows 10? there's an option in the launcher specifically for low FPS, but it crashes every time I try launching. The game plays fine but when you interact with anyone it's very laggy


thank you so very much!

Eduardo Salazar

Muchas gracias por el aporte, llevaba rato buscando una instalacion full, aunque tengo una duda ni en mi instalacion ni en la tuya logro hacer que funcione 21_hexaoc_v46.pp2, siempre me da un crash al iniciar el juego, sabes a que se debera?

ZenoKnoxville: Therantsection

So..what the difference with aa2 mini?


reminds me of this card https://db.bepis.io/aa2/view/53101

Miranda Ferralnightingale

Whats the difference between this one and the regular version? like what does the mini version do different??

end me

Sitagi file said it was corrupted and didn't install. Rip me.

Lyana ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

Hello maybe it's a dummy question but what is the difference between the AA2 classic and the AA2 mini ? ( Except the fact that is seems to be much easier to install AA2 Mini)

ZanVZ GameZ

So I got this to work on Vanilla, but took sometime and alot of mod installing, but I had one issue that was annoying. Crashing when asking to skip class to the infirmary. I would fall asleep then crash. So im hoping this Mini will fix that. I seen on AA2U it was fixed, but no it still crashes.


not to bother you but it keeps crashing on me and that a surprise since my pc is really strong

Jesse Stifman

Hi, thank you! Is there any way to download more characters into the game?Also, where could I get these other characters?

Booty Goblin

Is it possible to add the yaoi mod to this?


does it have the uncensorship modes?


OMG dude this is like best repack ever, I wasted my time install the normal way for 2 hours of failing, and turn out, the game don't run on win 10 if you install that way, thank you a lot dude, hope to see more work from you, I will be your patreon in very near future

John Smith

So I downloaded the version with the 3D rooms, but I have no idea how to get the rooms to show up. On my old version of the game, all I had to press was 8, but that doesn't seem to work here. I don't know if you still check these comments, but I'd really appreciate some help.

Jukilo a

Buenas tiene muchos mods? para no aburrirse ;v

Dragotech 123

Debería esperar a la versión final o conseguir esta?

Actual Pepega

I keep getting these unhandled exceptions that crash the game. Do you know any fix for this?

Chips Dubbo

My Antivirus is telling me the ATEdit for the 3D version contains Trojan:Win32/Fuery.B!cl, I assume this is a false positive, but could you elaborate on why the system is thinking this?

Constanza Urrutia

No puedo iniciarlo me sale error unu

lo solucione descargando el archivo
D3DX9_42.DLL de 32 bits! y poniendole dentro de la carpeta del ar chivo

Fefferoni P

Hi! I don't know if you'll be able to help me with this, but I'm having a problem where after the first loading screen (when starting up the game) it's completely black. The music is still there, but the title screen isn't. Can you help me?


hey 20 days ago version 1.6 AA2unlimited mini out then what to do ??


Thanks for doing this nice repack, works great.


How do you add mods to Mini version I'm only used to the old way any help pls? thanks

Gerdy Bird

FUCK YEA!!!!!!

reggad ekaj

The hard linker for me isnt creating any shortcuts whatsoever, inside the console this:

F:\AA2Mini3DR\data\texture>SET slot=255

F:\AA2Mini3DR\data\texture>CALL :setSkirt "F:\AA2Mini3DR\data\texture\textures"\skirt\skirt

F:\AA2Mini3DR\data\texture>SET skirtDir="F:\AA2Mini3DR\data\texture\textures"\skirt\skirt

F:\AA2Mini3DR\data\texture>RD /Q "F:\AA2Mini3DR\data\texture"\skirt255
The system cannot find the file specified.

F:\AA2Mini3DR\data\texture>IF ["F:\AA2Mini3DR\data\texture\textures"\skirt\skirt] NEQ [] mklink /J "F:\AA2Mini3DR\data\texture"\skirt255 "F:\AA2Mini3DR\data\texture\textures"\skirt\skirt
Local NTFS volumes are required to complete the operation.