12 NEW BROKEN Korean Builds YOU SHOULD ABUSE in Patch 10.12 - League of Legends Season 10

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12 NEW BROKEN Korean Builds YOU SHOULD ABUSE in Patch 10.12 - League of Legends Season 10

304 383 views | 10 Jun. 2020
304 383 views | 10 Jun. 2020

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Patch 10.12 is an excellent patch with changes coming to champions like Akali, Yasuo, Senna, Xayah, Fiddlesticks, Trundle, Varus, and many others.

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0:00 Intro

0:33 QOTD

0:52 Top Lane

1:01 Volibear Iceborn Gauntlet

2:30 Fiddlesticks aftershock

4:18 Lethality Lucian Top

5:33 Top Lane Recap

5:50 Jungle

6:00 Volibear with predator

7:16 Ezreal Jungle

8:40 Jungle Recap

8:47 Mid Lane

8:56 Phase Rush Talon

9:56 Spellbook Galio

11:00 Mid Lane Recap

11:07 Bot Lane

11:17 Omnistone Ezreal

12:03 Ashe with Approach Velocity

12:49 Bot Lane Recap

12:56 Support

13:06 Grasp Senna

14:17 Aftershock Fiddle support

15:11 Phase Rush Sett Support

16:27 Support recap

16:34 Outro

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Ahmet Kağan DURMUŞ

QOTD: infinity edge nasus maybe:/

Jonathan Howell

the attack speed rune does nothing for senna

Victor Sherwin Yongco

Why not make that senna build for top?

Andres Peralta

Lol yamikazexz flamed for Talon's phase rush

5ko ugovski

Approach velocity literally got nerfed specifically for ashe as they removed the ms to cced ally but, "it's now even more worth mentioning".


"Is Sett just a guy version of Xayah?" is the 2nd most racist thing i've heard come out of the LoL community. The 1st is entering the store playing an ARAM, and Gregor (the ghost shopkeep) screams "A YORDLE?? GAH"

Michael Stockdall

I've played Phase Rush Sett before but I prefer Omnistone if you're able to play around the ones you get. So satisfying when you're doing well and it gives you predator

Oscar Karlsson

how come you recommend IE over essence reaver on Ashe? the IE passive doesn't even work ok her, and I would certainly go for +20% cdr and better mana sustain (essence reaver) over just +10 dmg (IE)on ashe...

David Mourad

These "guides" are the reason I get 0-10 ezreal jglers why afk at 10 mins in.


I love jg ez cause if they’re on the enemy team I get a free win

Austin Hughes

bring back tank kassadin

basically subhuman

They forgot the blue kayn Tiamat build smh

Jonathan Huber


"Ninja tahbi"

Doug Cannon

As soon as QOTD is asked: "Oh geez, gotta be tank Ekko."
Zirene: "I remember the days of tank Ekko."
Me: "AYYY that's my dude"

PokeMaster 69

tank fizz wtf riot a champ that can oneshot you or go full tank

Zeke Haskell

QOTD: Int Sion I thought it was so dumb that someone can play like dogshit and literally carry the game by doing it


Actually i never seen jg Ezreal in korean sever


9:56 Credit: FPX Doinb

Lan Ster

QOTD - Pre-rework AP Trist. Just slowly dieing with grievous wounds. No counterplay. lol


Zirene, I love ya buddy, but definitely think over your jokes the next time you do one of these. It was obviously harmless, but making a comment that could be taken as "all red-feathered Vastayans look alike" while we're in the middle of a revolution based on racial prejudices, it probably wasn't the best timing. Also fuck Tank Ekko, that was a nightmare.

Junior Mint

QOTD: Shyvanna with TP and red smite. Any OGs in chat?

Ivailo Lazarov

QOTD: Tank viktor top. The most annoying matchup for a melee champion


7:41 im pretty sure he just flashed in place...

Kostantinos Yiannakos

Galio runes approved

Ekoora 2K

QOTD: Full Tanky Amumu. He simply can't die.


petition to bring klepto back

Prince T

Oh I’ve been doing that Rune on Ashe for such a long time. I did it for support Ashe.


My biggest nightmare was the old tank Akali (before rework)


Theshy: I’m I Chinese?
Video: Yes u are

SP Hong

4:33 Isn't TheShy Korean?

janssen Merm

lux just keep laughing whole game
mordekiaser when full build one shot Q
teemo just kidding

Issac Oh

did you know how far talon can jump over walls scale with his movement speed. Phase rush will definitely help those sticky situations where you aren't directly close to a wall to jump over and you will also not do a backflip on talon. Also instead of upgrade tiamat, i prefer having a flex pick depending on the match up, usually death dance or sanguine blade. Ofc this is my preference not saying i is the best


qotd: dfg + malph. i spammed it. everyone hated it xd

Sky n'east

QOTD: Fizz tank top tp/ignite, a nightmare

Hoàng Long

The shy is korean :)))


no, fiddle at top is not working, i had the chance to play with and against idiots who would take it , and it was a free loss, or a free win if it was in the enemy, stop misleading ppl with these useless shits

omar alvarez


Urgot when he could get steraks, literally unkillable!

Joshua Sichel

Why Second Wind and Overgrowth instead of Bone Plating and Revitalize?


Lol was already thinking pta with gauntlet was good on voli

Andrei Stan

QOTD: DFG leblanc when she had silence on q proc


Hey Proguides,
Could you think that Omnistone Darius could become a thing? I tried it it solos and i can proc everything very easily? I hope you see this

Joey Wang

Chinese Pro The Shy LOL


tried that Fiddle, its garbage, give TRUE info, not that crap build

Jan Benedict Cruz

why not frozen heart to liandrys in fiddle? then go full tank, you dont even need zhonyas

ProGuides Challenger League of Legends Guides

That Fiddle build is really strong. Being played in pro matches already


05:38 top lane: PTA Voli, AS Fiddle, Lucian
08:45 jungle: Predator Voli, Ezreal
11:05 mid lane: Phase Talon, Spellbook Galio
12:54 bot lane: Omni Ezreal, Tempo Ashe
16:32 support: Grasp Senna, AS Fiddle, Phase Sett

Ty Z

How he said Manamune hurt my soul.


"Fiddlesticks in positions we never thought wed see him in"
ehm didnt people talk about fiddle top the moment his abilities got revealed? because of the scaling on his w

Jonathan Howell

theshy isnt an adc

Ethan Wong

Lol talks about sanguine blade Lucian top but dosent even include the item in the build


tf do you mean "well needed boost to his wave clear"
galio's wave clear is fine


when rage blade had a cleave effect on it and trist was op on 1 item


I played Ezreal Jgl not a long time ago, maybe 2 weeks and went 17 0.. thought I had luck and now I hear the first sentence YES PLS RITO


manuh moonay

Zogloid -_-

Where my fiddle mains at?

AOE on Threaded Volley

Like taliyah, they are all blue.

Dylan hovey

Stack like 6 sun fires on Evelyn when she first came out you could just stand on people and burn them to death


QotD: why would you take minion dematerializer on a support Sett I'm so confused


4:53 "The items in question are sanguine blade and edge of night"
5:25 Doesn't list sanguine blade


QOTD: Devourer junglers and spear of shojin jax. After a certain point in the game you just lost.

Eskild Vollertsen

voliber predator thats what ive been doin this intire time

jerry turgin

On release sett top lane. You cant run. You can't hide. You can't sit and farm. Towers are an illusion.

reijhin remulta

QOTD: JHIN + RAGEBLADE One of my favorites builds back then

Uadibsco wdwf

what's the name of the song at the start and 7:05?


Lucian on top: sup bro
One week later: win rate dropped
TheShy: ... Ah shit


QOTD: DFG LeBlanc.

First Name Last Name

Runeglaive Ez


qotd: atmas warmogs jax. begone foul demon and may you only rest in my memories to never be reborn again

františek tichy

Sett Mother is Vastaja what loot like Xayah soo allmoust yes, but Sett is half Human.

Noble Gaming

Nice content



Bruh Moment

"Manamooné" 8:24

Teemo Ja

a litle box with order skill will be very nice thx good work @
ProGuides Challenger League of Legends Guides

Kari Suomalainen

QOTD: Inting Sion. I cri everi tym :'(


Qotd def feral flare udyr.(ps I want tank ekko back )


for the support sett, why would I take minion dematerializater ?


FINALLY, Lucian top is back!!

Thomas MacPhee

Omni ez real isn’t really a new Korean build lol, I’ve been using it since Omni was released

Anony mous

Qotd:tank bruiser fizz

Branescu Claudiu-Ionut

Hmmm jax

Alessandro La Mattina

Ashe with Approach Velocity isn't even remotely new

Austin Mackey



No matter how good the build is, it doesn’t replace skill.


Mentions sanguine blade for lucian build, but isnt included in the actual build???

Petr Ošut

I know everyone hates it, but i just have to say tank ekko/fizz

Miguel Angel

QOTD: Kayle before rework full supporting Master Yii full dmg

Adam Palander

Tank fizz in the toplane

Sherjeel 95

Felt like u were doing a 20min intro

Iordan Chis

6:40 BS. Don't go Triforce on Volibear. It's too expensive and u won't get to use it to its full potential. If u really-really want that Sheen-proc, get Iceborn gauntlet instead. Otherwise just build Health and Armor and / or MR, based on match-up. Reworked Volibear is very squishy!

Health is imo the most valuable stat on Voli - ur W damage and E shield scale with bonus health btw. If u go full AD u'll get cut down really fast because of the lack of armor/mr. Most Tank items have Health, resistances and cooldowns build in. Those are stats that Volibear needs to thrive!

I burn a flash almost every time i Q for the enemy ADC, making my next gank a guarantied success.

So go full health and armor or MR and u will become an unkillable beast - U literally go Thomas the tank engine on the enemy. Run at key targets on the enemy team, stun them with ur Q and if u can't kill em make sure u engage with your team following up. That way your team gets the kill.

Jr Torres


Raven Angeline

i cant even with ezreal...hes being played in literally every role rn pretty successfully and hasnt seen any nerfs, and yet the moment any other champ is successful in multiple roles they get nerfs

Blind Ferret

QOTD: I hated when stacking sunfires on Evelynn was a thing. Couldn't find her and she would just burn you to death.

Thomas Bjørk

QOTD: The way you said manamune... Manamuneeeeiiii


QOTD: Runeglaive ezreal. when ap ezreal was at it's strongest

Shivam Pandey

These builds are not BROKEN they are niche. They can only be used in very certain situations and get countered very easily if done wrong. Stop click baiting people man.



Beast Haven

What are the hot support picks in korea

Ferdi Nando

can senna be played as adc with that grasp mallet build?


Ezreal ap smite mid s5 was too broken


Wtf did i just watch in the aatrox vs fiddle clip.