Figgers F3 Review and Phone Unboxing #FiggersWireless #F3UnBoxing

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Figgers F3 Review and Phone Unboxing #FiggersWireless #F3UnBoxing

10 496 views | 2 Jul. 2019
10 496 views | 2 Jul. 2019

6 Month Update Coming Soon!

Peace Everyone,

I am very pleased to be able to review the Figgers F3 cell phone since there are very few reviews for this company online! I hope this will help you to feel secure while buying from this new company.

I only have the Figgers F3 device and am using Verizon Wireless (Update: Verizon Wireless will not provide full service with the Figgers F3, do not buy if you do not plan to switch your phone service) as my phone service provider. Just so you know, Figgers does also provide phone service which I have seen reviewers give a good rating. REMEMBER TO HAVE YOUR OWN SIM CARD READY FOR USE IF YOU ARE NOT USING FIGGERS AS YOUR SERVICE PROVIDER (I am reminding you all because I forgot).

I think the phone is amazing and is exactly like my Google Pixel that I loved so much. Unbeatable price for so many items ($549), nice display, good battery life, unlimited photo storage with connection to Google, night light (mode), "Do Not Disturb" mode, etc. I will note that the camera is not as good as the Google Pixel, but it is still good. New versions can be better if the camera's focus is more stabilized. The phone sound could also be of better quality but it is not a problem.

Video Stamps:

00:00 - Introduction/ Figgers Customer Service

01:01 - Unboxing/ Box contents

03:57 - Unboxing/ Phone

06:08 - Why I decided to buy the Figgers F3 & Thank you Figgers!

08:51 - Additional Unboxing/ F-Buds

09:26 - Additional Unboxing/ 3 Port Charger

09:57 - Additional Unboxing/ F Speaker

List of items in the Unlimited Package ($549.00 + Shipping):

- Phone Case

- Phone Charger

- Car Charger

- 3 Port Wall Charger

- Aux Cord Adapter

- Regular Headphones and Bluetooth Headphones (with charger and case)

- Wireless Phone Charger/Bluetooth Speaker/ Alarm Clock

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"Benefit of Unity" - Louis Farrakhan

"Let Us Unite" - Louis Farrakhan

NOTE ON RUMORS: I don't buy the hype of being upset about this phone being rebranded for a higher price because we buy new iPhones or Androids every year. You buy a more expensive iPhone 10 and it is exactly like the iPhone 9 and don't think twice about it. The Figgers F3 is a qaulity phone and is EXACTLY like my Google pixel 1 & 3 (other than the camera, althought Figgers still has a good camera) which cost more than $1000. With Figgers I received the phone + several quality products for half the price.

I am willing to support a Black owned business that is giving me a quality product for half the price of other quality phones such as the Google Pixel and that does not make me foolish that makes me willing to support my own. And since I am not yet a long term user of this product, my opinion of its value may change if I run into problems in the future (as occured with my Pixel).

Being that this is a start up company, I am hopeful the owner plans to begin to completely make his own product and tower lines once he gains revenue, but that is only possible if he has supporters.

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