ARMA 3 Edict - BREAKDOWN - Finale

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ARMA 3 Edict - BREAKDOWN - Finale

1 402 views | 2 Dec. 2016
1 402 views | 2 Dec. 2016

I meet up with Set once again and we try to rendezvous with Wolf and Bart, communication is key with such a big group....but are we up to the task?

Arma 3: Edict Official Cinematic Trailer

Arma 3 Edict is vanilla desolation at its core, however with the introduction of Task Force Radio and the locked first person it gives players that original harcore feeling of old Arma 2 Day Zero.

Arma 3 Edict Installation Guide:

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Marcus Neely - I heard it in a dream

Music by Jarsk1e

No Way Out

Playing with Bart:

Playing with Wolf:

Playing with Setavai:

Bush Monkey Crafts & Restorations

Man you guys are spot on with your team work "silky smooth"


this was awesome mate, totally suits your play style - hope u make more vids on this :)

Trustmeordie Gaming

You're the man Vazuki! Love your vids man. Keep up the good work

Council Flat



and again an fantastic video! keep up this good stuff


Great video as always dude


so unlucky there :) gg


Soooo sick. TFR makes the gameplay sound so much cooler eh? Loved the vid as always


I really need to try this mod


Brilliant mate, cracking video.


wow, you werent kidding when you said you had a perfect shot on one of em in the end there.. I got shot by that guy through the window :/

Magic Spud

Finale as in no more Edict? That's a shame, it's a pretty good mod. :(