Buying a Fortnite account - Is Legit??

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Buying a Fortnite account - Is Legit??

128 666 views | 8 Sep. 2018
128 666 views | 8 Sep. 2018

Today we go onto Player Auctions and try to buy an account for $14.99 and see if the site is LEGIT OR NOT!

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Guys I’m looking to sell my fortnite account. I was a founder for save the world (zombie mode) payed 200 dollars for the ultimate edition. Also I got the black knight and the black astronaut and some other skins. 800+ V-Bucks. Let me know if you want to buy it. I want a smooth and easy process no shady stuff so scammers don’t try to waste my time. Just send me a messenge in discord if you are interested my name is skimanz#5867

Geralds Dog

I buy accounts from FNWorld

NugSniffer 420

blames the site when hes the one that chose the cracked account

Inf3rNo 32

I got scammed of buying on this website but it was my folt it wasnt full email access


Can you do an order of gta online money? All the reviews online just talk about buying accounts, but apparently, if you buy gta online money they actually get your info and get on your profile to get you the money. Sounds sketchy as hell to me, but you seem brave enough to try it.

Equa Clipz

i got a legit account added everything up and its worth at least 2.3k i wanna sell it but i dont trust putting my bank info on that website to sell it id rather just be in a call or dm's to sell it.

Tony Gainey

If you get one of those, and you wanna keep it it has to be from high repped guy, and it has to say full access.


the naruto ost distracted me



The Scythe

there is a guy who has 1200 positive review and 0 negative do you think he is not a scammer ?


! I'm selling my fortnite account !
I started playing before season 1, iIhave mako glider all pass s1 2 3 4 5 6 COMPLETED and 7.
I buyed raptor, nog ops, brite bomber, sushi master, circuit breaker, summy striker, the ace, alpine ace (GER), ps plus skins and twitch prime skins.
250 wins
I'm the real owner.
Write if you are interested.

Bata Neca

I bought account from , and all was fine.


Gotta love that naruto music


Selling a fortnite account with all starter packs frozen legends pack
all season exept season 2 skins and bought skins season 2 win glider if any interest
more info contact disc
Discord: ChipSparkle#1164

bap e

Can you plz expose @forniteslurps on ig she scammed me for 134$

Clipzz this is a legit shop

OverLord ZK

I can buy an account but I don’t got a pin code

Martin Solorzano

It’s legit, the only problem are the scammers. Be very careful who you’re buying from and have common sense. I purchased a cod mobile account and everything went smoothly.


Is it a scam though?


playerauctions is actually really good ive bought 5 accounts on different games incuding fortnite

Pedro Miller

U funny XD


i just got scammed for 125$

lor kev

If anyone thinks this a scam it’s not


I got scammed LOL

The Lone Wolf

I donate it and am I supposed to wait to get the account or what?

Jameson Bain

So it’s not full acess

Lil Zerkov

If ur rich try buying from messymodding website it’s verified by motmus so they’re probably legit but they’re expensive af n cheapest ones are 200 buck

youssef naim

guys i want to sell my account, not a scam or anyhting, i dont want to play fortnite anymore, (29 skins, 14 legendary the rest epic skins, marshemello skin , so many pickaxes and gliders, i got all the event gliders and axes, and season 2 victory glider,u CAN change ur name, the season 8 battlepass is bought) if ur intrested reply ( i can change my epic games email , i will make a new email and put it for the account, so when u buy the account, i will give u the email, with the passwords and everything, i rly dont care about the account anymore and not trying to scam any1) (the price in my head is about 300$, maybe less a bit)(btw its my original and only account i have, if u want to see what i have, i can send u an email with screenshots of my skins, gliders,axes..)


Selling my black knight account! If ur interested add me on discord : JiMBo#6325

Kim Dahyun28

please check out and as well as sportstnb

Taha KA

hey illumory can you try GM2P please


There’s a renegade raider account for quite a lot and the seller has over 900 reviews 5 star. Should I do it?


I sold a Fortnite account on there 2 weeks ago and the 300$ are gone and haven't been transferred to Skrill so I'm pretty sure they are scammers.

Ivan Zaba

sly soundtrack, that shit it's lit! Like for that


people saying "i got scammed" and theres a good seller that and that
why u no fucking name that account so people can know which is legit or not.
fuck me

Blue Mist

Can you check out league shack?


Who needs an acc with black knight? I have got one acc for selling with black knight and 20 max weapons in save the world.
I put about 400€ in it (yeah, euros cauz I am from Austria)
I'd sell it for about 270


what is a pin code I need it to register


im selling my black knight fortnite account i got a video of all of the skins i have


I sell Fortnite account season 4,5,6,7,8 full+skins(tomato,etc)+save the world for 15$!!!!discord Dumi-Dumi.

Alexander Serrano

Selling account with hella stuff on it. Lmk

Mathew Russell

you didn’t even buy an account

Baseball Is Fun

Do you need security

Mohit Primani

is it safe to even get a buyer there? coz I've heard sometimes they ask for the account by paying half the amount then after confirming they change the account gmail and vanish... it happened with my friend so im little curious


Wait does ppl sell accounts for playstation or xbox cards too?

Pushy ツ

I’ve bought from player auctions before and it worked out pretty well, you can buy it get the information, and play on it for 2 days before you click confirm, so pretty much you go first! And if your account gets pulled back all you got to do is make a dispute and show screenshots and you can get your money back, honestly I think it’s the safest way to buy an account...

I pretty much just sounded like a walking billboard, not sponsored lol

Ghoul Tropical

Hey the accounts legit on this site?

Sour Wabbit

Sly cooper music!?!

joe doe

I want a 99 overall

Wyeeto Bandito

I bought something, got charged and never received the first email

Bata Neca

I bought account from , and all was fine.


I hope it's not a scam i will give you an update if they're LEGIT.

Lallos Villalba

Just bought an account on player auctions too. you just gotta go to a trusted seller with good ratings from buyers. I got the epic and original mail info. The epic email was changeable so I have full access now. Seller was honest and told me it wasn’t linked to the system I needed it for so I was able to link it to my own. Very happy with the site


They charged me $172.40 when I only payed $111 and they do not have a live chat so I could not contact anyone to refund me

Loozey On macros

I’m coming to your house

Bata Neca

I bought account from , and all was fine.

King Sorra

This websight is fucking bullshit do not buy from these people the company scammed me took my money contacted 5 different people from the websight looked like all of then copied and posted the same shit to me. Pathetic

Omoseye Ademola

Im selling an account for $170 check my youtube to see it and comment if intreseted.

Ryan Chapman

First time i baught with them the account got taken back after 2 months. Seconds time they charged my card and never gave me nothing just said payment failed so i waited. When i realized my money was gone i tryed to contact them. There is 0 human support, no phone, no chat , no email. Deal goes wrong it's your loss.

Anniken h

playerauctions is the best to buy acc

Izuku Midoriya

I bought an full access account with 136 skins for 80 bucks off of playerauctions. Bought this account a week ago but it still working fine for me. No logouts or anything suspicious

Andrea Santoro

Love that Sly cooper background music


Hello everyone i need help. When i buy an account from and when it says full email access can i change the password etc..?


good website i buy and sell all my league account there


I’m selling my account hit me up if you want or looking for a fortnite account it is expensive

Names Tick

Site used to be good but nowadays they let all the Chinese gold farmers flood the marketplace they also implemented new policies without telling their sellers so many people violated new policies people were then told they had to pay $150 to unban their accounts.. its a really shit site nowadays


Wait so is this legit or not?

Icy Brycie

Use I got a black knight and like 3 ledgendarys and some other skins for 138.00$

Frank M. Powell

I bought a minecraft account from them like 3 yrs ago

Xd Lol

i tried paying with paypal but it didn’t work it says payment verification i linked my paypal to prepaid card is that why? Plas help!

Doran Warner

bro how can I get a good acc



koala ._.

lol thtas naruto music wtff r u guys talking abt

Richard Moore

Looking for floss account


I bought an account from RuDii-Hash991 on player Auctions and he’s legit I highly recommend this guy


Check my store:


I like how this man is playing the hunter X Hunter and nature soundtrack


I sell real Fortnite Accounts

404 exo

Lol he don’t even buy an account

Giacomo Zaina

Wtf you straight up stole this video


After I pressed pay joe to verify it after I do nothing happend does it take a while for it to show up


that sly cooper soundtrack tho


I payed and got scammed


R.I.P my $28 I lost 12 buying a recon expert and 16 buying black knight


This was so badly executed, title subsequently becomes complete clickbait. You aren't doing or trying anything, just looking at shit and speculating - you looked at like 4 listings, none of them anyone with common sense would go for (there are hundreds of listings for full access below $50)


rise FN

I've bought about 10 accounts from there and they are all legit lol I have proof if any one needs! you honestly cant be scammed on it, thats what a mm is for


Anybody know the name of a legit fortnite account seller


The sly cooper music lol

Fortnite Accounts

If I made a buying/ selling accounts website with a 100% chance to not get scammed would you guys use it?


I just bought a 60 dollar "season 2 account." Wish me luck ig.

Haiden Ramos

the website goodshop a scan or not for fortnite recon expert account pls reply

اينزو / EnZo

Guys the website is save but you need to buy from the good sellers.

Chase Mckinlay

+illumory the website is legit if you pay for the $6.99 security you will get guarenteed money back if they scam. and i just bought a $100 account off there


I created a similar website for buying or selling accounts but the difference is that we follow the whole transaction from start to finish to prevent fraud and scams.

Luka Stojanovic

if anyone wants to buy my fortnite account that costs 300$ im selling
for 150$ i will show proof,skins and all u need {full acces} OG ACCOUNT


Hey guys I'm selling some awesome accounts on my channel! Trying to sell out quickly, my Instagram is @fortnitewraps