The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth Plus Final Boss - Delirium + Ending

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The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth Plus Final Boss - Delirium + Ending

562 150 views | 4 Jan. 2017
562 150 views | 4 Jan. 2017


*This boss has recently been updated to have it's own animation*

*The original description below is outdated and is no longer accurate*

This is the final boss of The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth Plus DLC expansion pack, alongside showcasing the final ending. To access the final boss of the afterbirth expansion, one must defeat the Hush. After that, they will unlock the new final area of the game, the void. To access the void, you must go to Sheol after defeating the Heart.

I found Delirium to be very difficult, much more than the Hush anyways. He has an insane amount of HP. I was very lucky with the amount of hearts that were spawning during the fight. The fight seems to be an amalgamation of several previous bosses combined with your traditional bullet hell. Overall, very interesting boss and ending!

Edit: Apparently there are other ways to access the void. I'm not familiar with those methods, I only know the one I did above. Seems like you can directly enter the void after defeating hush and it doesn't have to be with Apollyon.

My attempt to fight Delirium as the lost

Cheesy YT

Delirium is a bit broken when not another boss he has no animations


In theory, Isaac's still alive, soo...
(edit, 6 months later) The Binding Of Isaac: Repentance hype

Delirium X2 X

Isaac:Yes mother?
Mother:Fetch my knife


Not sure why I stopped playing this game. I beat delirium 16 times and just stopped playing this for 2 years

Derpy Derperson

some keep saying the delirium is a mental breakdown for Isaac and while I do agree with that I would much rather believe that it’s more of a depiction of what God means to humanity. God is essentially everything and nothing at the same time according to what the bible says.

Big Moist

I came here curious of Delirium.

Really thought he would be like he is in his picture, but...



I like how everything gets worse over time, amazing boss.

Space Wormy

Hush is just suffocation it’s not a blue womb it’s not a abomination it’s just suffocating like blue baby (???) they are dead and can’t breath. just all of this was a dream that Isaac is dead and it was just his imagination...

But what if this was Isaac’s imagination but in other why that his dad is alcoholic and religious like mom but in bumbo the game if you finish the basement it will show you an ending... #bumboending


I legitamately 1 attempted him :)

Cohen Meegan

I had the weirdest delirium fight, his healthbar dropped to almost nothing and I didn’t even do anything so it was incredibly easy

Andrew Martin

4:21 when this happens on the switch you’ve never known a true seizure


This boss is insane, you better have a damn good build once you get to him that's for sure, lol.


When isaac dies in the chest, he starts having a panic attack, he is trying to remember everything. That’s why delirium starts going crazy once he is on low health. It’s isaac. He’s making himself go through pain. Delirium takes the form of bosses. Which are considered bad things in video games. And those bosses are a replica of isaac’s memories. Bad things in isaac’s life, he thought that HE was the reason of his parents divorce. At the end of the legend of bumbo. We find out that the narrator is Isaac’s dad. Isaac creates a replica of his dad. Bumbo. And his mom understands that. But doesn’t let him. “HE LEFT US ISAAC” and once his mothers death occurs, he comes back. And finds isaac’s drawings. And narrates them, his dad pictures it in his mind. He understands isaac’s mental breakdown. And at the end of tlob, he speaks to his dead son. And at the end of the ending, we see an isaac like figure walking off into the horizons, in ending sixteen we see isaac turn into a demon figure, and that is most likely azazel. The bad version of isaac. When you pick up brimstone. You see the figure of the demon from ending 16, and when you play as azazel, what do you get as your tears? A small brimstone beam. But the reason why you don’t see horns on isaac’s head is because it’s metaphorical, azazel does not exist. It’s shown in the real bible as well, and Isaac creates a story where god tells his mom to kill his son. That’s the reason why azazel’s horn is broken off, Isaac has been abused.

Angered tem tem

Bosses are always cute


looks easy

Nightmare Nightox

Sad ending


Sorry but whoever is playing this sucks ass. it's a miracle this loser won

Dexter Bodford

deleriums "true form" is emulating the hush

Steel Lunpara

What's with the final ending? All it does is openly spell out everything we already knew.

Sulev Jaaniste

All this stuff of Isaac is actually pretty sad story....

Ten Kameleon

So this is delirium?
Someone turn it into a waifu


A few years late, but my god. Fighting this thing as The Lost with no extra lives and no Stopwatch has to have been the most life-shortening experience of my life.

I mean, I won the fight, but it made me feel dead afterwards.


the only thing that scared me is that he went to deli with only 7 attack..

artist cat

"hey dude what should we make the final boss for ab+ be?"
"how bout all of them"

Rana G.c

siempre estaras en nuestros cocoros


Deliriums a lot easier if your damage is buffed to 57

TheGamerTamer TM

did you know: the void is isaac remembering his entire life before he dies. All of the room look like ones from other areas, delirium can become all of the bosses you've fought on that run, and his death animation shows some previous moments from your run.




Binding of Isaac fans be like “ what’s a final boss?”


This boss i think is supposes to represent isaac's insanity, and after having a mental breakdown, isaac leaves his home.


el peor boss de la historia, preferia que hubieran hecho mas fuerte a mega satan .
ademas de que la arruino la historia ,ahora todo fue imaginacion de isaac.

PewDiePie's Stand

Ok for you people who don’t understand this well and are like “we haven’t fought god” the lamb represents god but it’s issacs imagination so what he sees is a twisted demon with a inverted cross issac always dresses as sinners for example eve the original sin and delirium boss fight is what he’s slipping into as he’s stuck in the chest and the ending where he starts turning into a demon back to original and then after all the switches turns into a demon smiling because he’s accepted his sinful side I hope I got my facts right correct me if I’m wrong



Isaac had fingers...?


Beat Hush, jumped right into the chest before unlocking the Void....whoops.

Your mother's love

Looks like the first enter the gungeon boss

Koke Ghoul

I'm too poor for DLC's so I only have Rebirth. My friend has AB+, and he told me that Delirium was his favorite boss, and I can now see why.

Pepper The Bird

I died on Delirium,he had small health left


The boss only get rly rly nasty and faster when his health is low... coming experience from the lost... never again....fuck his teleport ambush you cheap. The boss is doable not impossible


6:39 the forgotten

Diego Acevedo

Is it okay if I liked it for its originality? No? If the ending got me close to tearing up?

ToedChunk [Is it Over?]

Where ya going, little guy? <:(

noa tim

I think the person walking in the final scene was the father carrying issac’s bones

Alexander Osiri Andrade

Poor isaac :(

King Cookie

Ah yes the time when his animations were frozen

Angered tem tem

I like da worm


Ok, now that is just true bullet hell!

Luis :3

I littlerally killed delirium at my 1st try before getting negative or polaroid lol (and i killed hush in the same run to unlock the void lol)

Julian Silva

delirium is a shapeshifting boss thats why it non stop glitches to try to shape shift in to other bosses while slowly dying

casey day

Beat him on the first try.

Tyler C

it looks... familiar... hmm...

Matías López

Everyone dislikes this boss cuz for he only have low resistence but this boss is harder than Hush if you don't have so much power and damage. Anyways i like this boss so much :J

Real Shmooie

Delirium is my favorite Issac boss. Idk what about him. He’s just cool looking.


Myan fighting delirium with 8 damage...

Moron Ribbons

Ed just keeps making this game darker...

baby bear

when do you encounter this guy and is he really the final boss?


How to dodge deliriums bullets really ez

Thank you for reading

Shid fard entertainment

6:42 was this implied to be Isaac’s corpse or was it a dummy and that was him walking away outside?


"Bullshit! That's enough, Magaladene! I'm in the car! I'm outta here!"


Who would win
A giant monster made out of a glue and it can transform into anything
Some crying boi


wow, it's been 2 years, almost 3! has my opinion on this boss changed? no i still think it's garbage fguck you nicalis

Grayson Hinrichs

what is delirium

Nyx Badlands

Whos the person walking away in the ending?

Lisak FoxArmy

Delirium well he got 10k hp but i saw that someone 1 shotted him ;-;

Director Spritty

Delirium, also known as acute confusional state, is an organically caused decline from a previously baseline level of mental function. It often varies in severity over a short period of time, and includes attentional deficits, and disorganization of behavior. It typically involves other cognitive deficits, changes in arousal (hyperactive, hypoactive, or mixed), perceptual deficits, altered sleep-wake cycle, and psychotic features such as hallucinations and delusions. Delirium itself is not a disease, but rather a set of symptoms.

ToedChunk [Is it Over?]

Incredibly Weird Shit Here.
Do not see or else have mental Problems Yourself!


I Just beat him this morning. A lot less people have than I thought there would be...


The way the boss just pops in without warning is just...spooky

Bob Bob

Real time abortion in a Alabama clinic


Delirium is basically moon lord but in tboi. They both are hard to defeat and have lots of health

The Waterleaf

wow, so this is the final boss of the DLC...
I payed 11€ for this and mod support...


This boss is actually fucking terrible

Delirium IUMP1

Nice reminder of the kid. Jeez.

I ain't hatin' on the video. It's just that poor kid walked into the wrong part of the basement and sure got out.

Blue Diamond

2:46 now we know why his room his huge

EtherealCereal [EthZ64]

Delirium > Sans

Anna Noel

What’s the new final boss?


RJ Mooose

I think the moral of the story is that Isaac thought that HE was the reason of his mom and dad’s divorce, and delirium is the physical embodiment of isaacs insanity, self blame, and madness.


Apparently, with items like dry baby, mom's knife, and gnawed leaf, you can very well pull a Luigi and win this fight by doing absolutely nothing.

Angel So

Well mom too xd


I will have nightmares cuz if delariums face

Even other bosses face are creepy

Eric stahppls


Obama don’t care

Bruh if delerium can turn into pretty much anything why doesn't he just turn into thanos and snap the player


boss sucks omegaLAME

the supermonkey


Not Here

How could you keep track of what was going on


ending so sad ;-;


1:24 wtf, is blue womb leg?

Angel So

GAMR THICKERY (sorry) that he is bot sans he is STAN

Angered tem tem

So cute

T Lebron

Delirium is like Mimi from Super Paper Mario. However, unlike Mimi, you can’t grasp its true form until the end.


Casual: BruH whY P3pole is Hat1ng thIs boSs is Creativ3
All of us: This thing telefrags to you, do attacks without telling you in a game where all attacks should be dodgeable by the player (bullet hell) turning into impossible to beat with special characters like the lost or keeper unless you got breaking runs with complete immunity seconds combo, has a really lazy design and it's not entertaining to fight like Hush or ultra greed.

Prince Reaper

So all this time? Its all in Isaac's head. None of them were real?

Yousif Albofradi

Wait if he turns into mom wouldn’t he technically be turning into dad?


So... When Isaac was smothering himself in the chest, he was thinking about all? OHHH.... That explains Delirium, all the ways that he thinks on others and himself


Well I guess we know where the forgotten came from


So if all of this is in Isaacs head, who or what does Delirium represent?

Louie From Hocotate

People shouldn't hate the void or the boss, it represents how isaac is losing his mind.

Dr. apricot


El Zavala

This is freaking insane...
I love it

Angel So

Being mom xd

TheGoombaWorld 2512