Hangin' w/ The Hamiltons: Welcome!

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Hangin' w/ The Hamiltons: Welcome!

1 661 312 views | 7 Mar. 2020
1 661 312 views | 7 Mar. 2020

Did you feel a connection to Lauren and Cameron's love story? Wish you could see more of them? Do you find yourself rewatching their story, while wondering, "I wonder what they're up to now?" Well, wonder no longer, because you have been granted an all-access pass to Hangin' with the Hamiltons!

Hangin' with the Hamiltons follows Lauren and Cameron's day-to-day adventures - their highs, lows, and everything in between. They talk about their relationship, date ideas, recipes for dinner at home, travel, blending families, and raising a rascal of a dog. Everything is fair game. Subscribe and tune into Hanging with the Hamilton to see the adventure continue .

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Video snippets from "BTS" @IamTeko


I ❤️ you both so much!!!
You are so beautiful!!
Your love story is the most inspiring love story of all!
Thank you so much!

Lola Pitt

I love you guys

JMLady GodsGrace

Y’all make such a cute couple. I was fast forwarding through the episodes such to see your story parts!


Holy fuck Disney needs to make a movie about your story. I haven’t stopped crying. You’re both SO PERFECT. Watching y’all changed my life because I know true healing hopeful happy love is possible

Wellisclecia priscilla

Amoooo muito este casal

drop.inversiones venezuela

im from venezuela and really i wish all the bless of the lord for your family

Anjounet Leavell

Being a biracial couple is really difficult. Much love

Sandrine Dloch

I loved your union from the very first moment, you guys are a beautiful couple, Cameron is super handsome and sexy and Lauren is too!! Thanks for delighting us with your channel.

Mairenee Rodriguez

Lauren and Cameron you guys inspire so much love in your marriage. Its amazing to see how your love is blooming. By watching you guys I'm learning so much and inspires me as well to have such a beautiful love within my relationship. Rooting for you guys.


He is a real life Mr. Darcy

Mary Allen

Love you guys,continue been happy..



Anjounet Leavell

I’m starting from the beginning with you two as far as your channel goes, because I find inspiration in how you live and what you too do : )!


Such a beautiful couple ☺️


I WISH I HAD THIS OMG. So kind, so loving. I subscribed right away.

Nina Bwanga

Such a loooooovely couple! You both lucky to have each other!

T-Rex Mama Reviews

Lauren, I need your t-shirt! Lol, what brand is it?

Tim Y.

Somewhere in eternity, a certain turtle by the name of John Laurens is smiling.


I need to cook up a spell to silence these folks for life(s)

Esin Mert

the whole world should know you

Sanna Aase

I just finished watching Love is Blind on Netflix and was rooting on you the whole time

Carmen George Weddings

Thanks for sharing your love and happiness.

vitória maria rodrigues de souza

Mundo Feel

Im from Colombia and i love you guys so much May all the blessings and all the best be with you always !

Tyreeka Pinkney

Definitely about to go like and watch every video

Angie Arteaga

From love is blind

Lekeshia Cody

I pray you guy’s marriage last for a lifetime!

Amie Bindi

Wish them all the best

Lucia Cristina


Linda Williams

Cameron and Lauren you guys are so cute together I watched love is blind and I do believe it is when your looking into the heart

Leon Kennedy

I love the Hamiltons!!!
I am a woman of TRUTH ... i love you guys.
Franny P. ❤

Sunshine Smiles

You guys should have a match making business!



Larissa & Brady

Angie anesu

So I been been ignoring all the recommendations YT gave me on this channel I just thought you were just another YT channel no big deal. But then I started watching Love Is Blind yesterday, and I'm hooked so had to dig who Lauren the content creator is. Then boom this y'alls channel so you still together

Poeta Por Siempre

Cameron is sooooooooooo cute and HANDSOME!!!!!


I loved the show, wheeeew, I couldn't wait to watch it. I think the "Hamiltons" equate to "TRUE LOVE". The looks that the give each other when they're talking is heartwarming. In this day and time when our world is in such turmoil, black and white issues, it's just GRATEFUL to see a couple (notice I didn't say interracial), a loving couple who seem to evoke love and happiness. I'm happy for you Lauren and Cameron.

Sonya Stinson

Just came across your channel by watching the video of Lauren being surprised with her dream Jeep.


I love this couple. Like they are th realest one. ❤

Mary Malloy

You both are a nice couple.

Felipe Oliveira



Why does this have 733 thumbs down ! I absolutely love you guys as a couple. I’m routing for you forever xoxo

Alejandra Pereyra

Okay i found the 1st vide

Ella Enchanted

Omg I love you both!

Yogidha Rayen

U guys are the best... loved watching the show...

Isabella Calderone

One day God will give my own version of Cam, I preach

Evah Machamba

Crazy abt you guys, love you

Fred Boateng

You guys are such a lovely couple

Thatiana Militão

Como só fui descobrir hoje?
Adoro esse casal

Kutlo Hæsel Sharon O Sebeso

Someone sent me here.


You guys are so stinking cute! I cannot stop gushing over you guys. ❤️

Sunny Zeddy Cy

We're all one race : the human race

eva z

Omg love you guys!!!!!!!!

Alice Scott

In the uk never had a update on what happened thank god my mum told me about your interview on the real i got super happy I shouted "omg I loved these two i know them from Netflix show love is blind" and told my mum all about it, I then looked for you on Google what led me to instergram and instergram led me to YouTube....its s little much ik i wish I had love like what u both have

LadyT GlobalChic

Well new to your channel so I am lost I guess need to catch up Lauren I am looking you actually remind me or KenyaM actually found you from @RollwithCole&Chsrisma Lol I said 9 videos and that amount of subs wow and how but you visit Introduction cleared it up

Regina Byrd

I binged the entire show in one night

evelina angélique

this makes me believe in love! <3

Gail Morrow

Have babies we can't wait!!!!

Dora Gilbert

Cam so funny

Sulagna Nath

You are my favorite couple from the show!❤

Dominique Jackson

I love ❤️ them


You're are my favorite couple. I love you. Hope everything is working well.

Ker Sil

This is the love I wish ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Danielle Smith

I just finished watching love is blind and you guys were my favorite couple I was routing for you from the beginning you guys are so adorable I wish you the best in your marriage!!!

Ghalyah Jones

Hi all ! I love " THE HAMILTONS ". The first time seeing the couple. The look on his face even before seeing his wife . Drew me closer to watch the end of the show . I saw the kind face on Hamilton and when the door opened. Wow!!!! I knew their going to make a marriage . It was love at first conversation and now ...MR. & MRS. May God Bless this marriage. I love this couple !!!! Ghalyah

Eliza Griffin

I love y’all!!

Nishka P.M

Wow, I didn’t know y’all made a YouTube. I’m bout to cry

Anne Brousseau

Just read about you in the New York Times today

Angie Arteaga

I knew that they would get married


Peanut butter and fluff

Rachel Buntyn

I flew here after just watching love is blind... seriously hoping Lauren said I do..boy am I glad!
Cameron is a sweet soul always relaxed.
Love you both! (I hardly ever write comments)

Laura Hutzel

I just binge watched this show. This was my favorite couple. Cameron is sweet beyond words. It's obvious that he is head over heels in-love with Lauren. She's very lucky. I can't believe Lauren didn't know what she was going to say until she found herself at the alter! This man was ready, willing and able to give her the world. I didn't know men like him still existed. I'm so glad that y'all got married. I was really rooting for you all.

Learn with Jess

Oh My God! I told myself if Lauren said I do on their wedding day, I would subscribe! Here I am. I really love your love story the most. The most genuine couple. ❤️❤️ You guys are match made in heaven.

blessing Vincent-ohizu

Happy to be part of this family

Kendall Nicole

They need their own show fr fr

Jane Jones

Yea Lauren!!! You made a great decision to receive Cameron as your Mr. Perfect!!! I was rooting for you guys from that reality show from day one!!! #Goals

Secret Admirer

Can Cameron do videos about his job as well even just 1 Q&A?

myrene copeland

I'm thinking the King

Raquel Pacheco

Sharla Mennell

I love these two so much...they were my fave from day one


New here! Love you guys!!!

dorothy otogbolu

Hey guys.❤️❤️❤️❤️

Bev Ladd

You guys are so awesome!! Your love story is beautiful ♥️

Naomi Doe

this is unnecessary, but what is the background music at 0:53? I realllyyyy like it



Y'all are everything!!!!

Write To Me

The way he looks at her!

Angie Gardiner

I couldn't stop watching love is blind you guys we're definitely my favorite couple the whole show!! I bawled like a baby when Lauren said I do

Ashley Lyons

Really rooting for you two! Since the moment he said I love you to the first time he laid eyes on you....omg I love how genuine you two are!! Many years of happiness and blessing to you guys!!❤❤❤

Gia Lacrea

Aww Im happy this video was on my recommendations

bahudi mahatz

I love yall,


Hey! I watch that series and happy to see you both are still together! was rooting for you both on the show. Shout out from Jamaica!

Aleczandrea de Jesús

You guys are relationship goals!!! I love you guys

Claudette Moses

Love is beautiful ❤️❤️❤️

Ziyanda Vego

I just watched the show 2 days ago and you guys are all I wanned to see

Weisa G

I just watched the ceremony! SO AWESOME!!!!

Eric Lehman

Who's older between the two of you?

Destiny Palin

glad you guys make a youtube channel ❤️

LibraLife 47

New sub..Love u both..rewatched the show and I can't even take the rest of them..lol..
#GoAT..the Hamilton's

Carol Outler

We truly feel that you're a union ordained by God.True soul mates.Clearly ying/yang.We Love you guys.Wish only the best for you!God Bless You