FFXIV 5.0 1386 Aether Currents: Kholusia

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FFXIV 5.0 1386 Aether Currents: Kholusia

3 395 views | 3 Nov. 2019
3 395 views | 3 Nov. 2019

In this Final Fantasy XIV video, I show every location of the Aether Currents in Kholusia. You need to have finished the main story quest "Extinguishing the Last Light" to fully unlock this zone.

Flying Mount Unlock Guide: https://youtu.be/Oyr0S7GboGE

Please refer to the very detailed description below as well as timestamps which when clicked will take you directly to the relevant part of the video.

The list will either say ORB which shows an Aether Current Orb that needs to be clicked at the location or QUESTS which means the Aether Current is a reward from the quest at the location.

☆ Kholusia ☆

00:26 - X:34.0, Y:17.2 ORB

01:03 - X:20.3, Y:21.1 ORB

01:30 - X:34.7, Y:9.8 ORB

01:55 - X:18.9, Y:13.4 ORB

02:21 - X:11.1, Y:21.2 ORB

02:50 - X:7.4, Y:34.2 ORB

03:16 - X:17.6, Y:37.0 ORB

03:41 - X:23.7, Y:36.6 ORB

04:11 - X:35.1, Y:24.2 ORB

04:34 - X:34.4, Y:32.6 ORB

☆ Quest Locations ☆

04:55 - X:12.3, Y:9.1 A Disagreeable Dwarf - Beott (Level 70)

05:15 - X:18.8, Y:17.8 Fugitive of Fear - Zumie-Shai (Level 70)

05:43 - X:15.3, Y:28.7 Village of Woe - Eueliss (Level 70)

06:04 - X:15.3, Y:29.6 A Plankless Task - Thenoise (Level 70)

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Kyle Mescall

I got the first two quests, but on my account the other 3 aren’t unlocked and your are, any reason why?

Myles Jackson

3:58 Thank the Twelve for this guide cause I feel like an idiot right now thinking I had to jump across roof tops

Tyler's Tech Tips

Just wanted to say thank you so much, the shadowbringer guides and stormblood guides were awesome and easy to follow. Keep it up!

Panos Berberidis

hi i love your videos they are helpfull, i have 1 question:
i am main scenario lvl 72 (Sul Uins request) and i try to go to this map but i cant cross to the other side do i have to unlock it from main scenario ?

Lil Bit

Your Aether Current Videos are so helpful and short! Keep doing what your doing!!!

Jomar Gensaya

3rd day in FFXIV. Im currently level 33 on my first character (BLM). I bought a mount online and I just unlocked "My Little Chocobo" so I can now ride it, though I cannot fly. Do i need the "lvl 53 - i believe I Can Fly" quest to fly any mount? Also saw the Aether Crystal gathering to allow you to fly anywhere. Does that unlock it for all future characters? Can't seem to find a newbie guide and it's a little frustrating.

John Rambo

Thank you for helping me find the locations!

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Just started playing FF14 a month ago and I finished the Shadowbringers story up to 5.2 today, decided to go around and collect all of these Aether Currents which I ignored during the story and your vids have been a huge help. Thank you mate


These videos have made it less of a hassle for my alts, thanks Mithrie!