Fix toggle1 AnimationEvent has no function name specified in Unity5

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Fix toggle1 AnimationEvent has no function name specified in Unity5

9 786 views | 14 May. 2016
9 786 views | 14 May. 2016

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Patates Adam

thanks bro.


thanks its so hard to see cos of Unity UI is sometimes so small

muammer solmaz


Ilham Sahgianto

Thanks you!
Fixed it :D


thank you very much. It helped a lot

Przemysław Kowalczyk

Thank you very, very much. I spend to much time to figured out how to deal with this problem by myself. I sould etner your chanel long ago :D

karl daniel

bro. can you help me? i have an error implementing a event in animation. error: 'velociraptor' AnimationEvent 'hurt' has no reciever! Are you missing a component?

thats the error.

is event can use in animation that is read only?

Антон Лобанов


Ian T

I can't find the batton?

King of Roms


Eduard Cano Botarda

thank you! 2019 and still usefull :D

Nick Holmans

Thanking you sir, wattaG

Kleber Augusto Wilcke

Thanks a lot! A kiss in your sister!


no entenderás mi idioma, pero vengo del futuro y tu eres un tremendo maquina , gracias

Andre Luiz

thnks brow!



DJ Domo

Dude! you rock! never would've figured that one out >___>

Fernando Triviño Gomez de las Cortinas

ok, i made it. Deleting that you have said. Thanks


Thank you man, that was really helpful.

Mostafa 87

thanks we are in 2020 and yours way help me a lot

Sarah Meinema

thank you so muchhhh you helped me alot <3]


Thank you so much! I didn't know what was causing this thing

Nature Rules Project

Tks man verymuch..


Thank you Ahmad, Really i fixed in 5min with you :) good luck for all life

Crazy World

Great, Thank


thanks bro you are awesome

Nam Nguyen

Hm.. Why such a long video while the fix is in 5 seconds?

Saory Emanoelle

Thanks, man! Helped me a lot!

Jercy Justice

Solution at 5:35


It's Great!


Go to 5:18 to skip the bullshit.

Braydon Morgan

Solution at 5:45 Jesus Christ dude, no one cares about your game.


Ty sir accidentally added empty animation events and literally I just deleted and it is fixed ty again.

Jhonatan da Silva Batista

thank you so much, s2

James Lapham

Thanks you legend!

Кирилл Сокол

thanks man, this was the problem)