Hell's Kitchen Season 8 Ep 1: Boris Mimics Chef Ramsay (Uncensored)

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Hell's Kitchen Season 8 Ep 1: Boris Mimics Chef Ramsay (Uncensored)

132 195 views | 28 Dec. 2012
132 195 views | 28 Dec. 2012

Boris is caught mimicking Chef Ramsay. As you'd expect he isn't happy.

Mafoo Matty


Jason Bradshaw

Lol first dinner service and Boris puts a bulls eye on his head was funny as hell when Louie was like Boris buddy what was you thinking one of the best seasons

Dye Kage

0:20 & 0:24 lmao they're like "wtf are you doing"

Thot annihilator

Tbh this video made my day.



Kaede tried

0:55 WAKE UP!

Kavithaashri Samarajoo

Serve him rights, chef ramsay.


Boris is sexy.

Swaggy Lee

what a dumb skinhead

Isaac Ramsay

0:20 I love his expression

Mafoo Matty

It's rawww



Olly Alcoholly

0:26 it was in this moment that he realized, he fucked up

Black fyre

Pissed myself laughing but damn Boris you must be a dumb fuck to give Ramsay crap in his own kitchen

Not A Lolicon

“Take the piss outta me now fuckface” I got to use that one


BAHAHAHA i loved boris funny af on that show

Scott’s Crib

Am I the only one who’s wondering how Ramsay could hear Boris mimicking him all the way from the red kitchen?

Tony Read

What does milling mean at 0.33?

Lozz 18


0:23 I've got you in my sights - Gordon 76

Abdul Aziz

What was that man thinking? I mean that's like suicide

Stephen Cullen

There's a rule in Hell's Kitchen 'Never mock at chef ramsay

Orbus XV

0:36 is when Boris realised he fucked up.

Richie Duck

Boris-Ramsey sounds like Wallace.

this channel is now dead.

0:17 0:18 0:21

Paige Sanderson

Boris: Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawr. Gordon: ( target acquired)

Anakin Skywalker

That was funny as fuck

may be

It's fokin ROOOOO

Naseef Zarif

Boris Incognito
Gordon Ramsay: Target Acquired
Gordon Ramsay equips pencil of doom from weapon cycle

no no

Prepare to fire.


0:23 Gordon turned around like The Undertaker


"I don't have any crack, fuck face, sir!"

tnadeV iriG

0:18 Something tells me Boris was in his own world and did not ACTUALLY know he was mocking Ramsay.

Lewis Thomas

First time I saw this I thought Gordon Ramsay was still saying it’s raw but it was actually Boris

Ch Pe


Chrris Hanson

Ramsay does kind of sound really silly when he repeats the same "raw" over and over again. He sounds like he is speaking of the Egyptian god.


It's actually pretty funny.

Alex Blakaway

Take the piss out of me now, fuckface.

Dan Lincoln

That was absolutely hilarious it seems like something I would have done

Wooden Astronaut

It’s a good show but we don’t need all the intense and dramatic music to understand what’s happening.. then again it is a show for Americans

Swaggy Lee

haha skinhead

I like Turtles

Why is Ninoooo at Hell's Kitchen?

PS this is a joke referencing Kitchen Nightmares

Davyd Teather

Gordon Ramsay just got mocked by Mr. Clean.

Pedro Interdonato

The Boss of Godfather's


It is still funny how intensive Ramsay pronounces raw.

Daniel Cannon

Imagine if he mocked Chef Scott. The walls would have been painted with chunks of Boris.

Cosmic Man

Wrong time


I don't blame Gordon at all. It's debatable cause there are people who find it funny and people who find it offensive. Boris didn't mean it in an offensive way but it's just that type of humor that crossed the line a bit - you don't know whether he's making fun of you in a friendly way or if he's really insulting you. I know that feeling very well. Many Slovaks have this bad habit - they exaggerate, they think they make fun of you in a friendly way but they just exaggerate and many times turn it into an insult.

Mr. Romaro

Boris watches Ramsay complications, now he's in one

Andrew Mullens

It's tough to decide who deserved Gordon's Rage more.. Boris or Raj

Jimbo Dimbo

I love boris

Dan Lincoln

When Boris got eliminated I would have asked for a small favor and ask chef Ramsay if he could say raaaaww one More Time lol

the step bros

The amount of balls he needed to do that like bruh.




0:23 Your position has been compromised.


0:20 He's like "Dude what the fuck?"

Jyessi Terriaynt

It’s like watching someone trying to have a boxing match with a tiger

Robert Hunter

I love watching Mr. Ramsay tear into people.

Thomas Murphy

This reminds me of when my Dad caught me looking up Porn

Nick Mulae

Yes Chef!!!

Thomas Murphy

Top 10 Anime Betrayals

Kaj Olsen

Its roooow

blaze jade

Best impression

may be



Seriously.. what was he thinking ?!

Alberto B

Don't mess with Chef Ramsay, or he'll come after you...


0:23 Be prepared to die.

Joseph Anthonny Deez

What if Raj was the one who did that? Just imagine what would happen.

bujug buneng

Its RO

Kaisers Playlist

If it was me i would be like
Me: Please forgive me i was just trying lighten the mood and make things less tense.
Gordon: Whats your fucking crack !?
Me: I make of light of things i do not know insults others.
Gordon: Get the back to your kitchen
Me: Sorry chef.

Evouzer Memet

I had to admit, Boris's voice is sounded exactly like Chef Ramsay when he mimicked him using a calmer tone. Chef Ramsay should be at least impressed by that.

Foolish Banana

"I don't have any crack, chef."

Are we supposed to believe that? Because you'd have to be on crack to mimic Gordon Ramsay in his own kitchen.


That's.......just plain stupid

Mr. Romaro

Raj would be proud

Ho-Chien Tsai

Boris looks like the younger version of Nino!


I need to be like Gordon, a dumbass downstairs in the morning is mimicking me sometimes and if he mimic me one more time, i'll tell him to wake up and call him 'fuckface'.

Glory Is Tired

Look at his face of regret 0:36

Sabrina Iqbal

Its rawwwwww

Mr. Romaro

I think we all pulled a Boris at least once in our lifetime

Edwardine Hawkins

0:06 it's Russia, Russia

M. Ünal Ercan

So you have chosen death


We’re all like Boris impersonating Ramsey. We’re just luckier than him cuz at least Ramsey didn’t catch us.


This guy is the human manifestation of every youtube ''It's raaaaaaawwwww!!!!'' comment.

Third Party Contributions

I fuckin loved this scene more than pewdiepies YLYLs hahahaha


Damn I can only imagine the rage if this had happened on that Boiling Point documentary :O he's brutal to those employees

Reichsten Heinekein

Damn Gordon actually know who is speaking even if its a whisper

Malcolm Washer

Lol idiot


0:36 oH nOoOOoO


Boris: mimmicks chef Ramsay

Ramsay: "so you have chosen death"

Diana Figueroa

My God have mercy on your soul.


0:23 Caption this. I'll start

'When you hear a crows yelling "FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT".'

Thomas Murphy

0:17 top 10 Anime Betrayals



Nick Crowle

did anyone else notice at 0:26 gordon called him Varys instead of Boris cuz he looks like the guy from game of thrones XD

Kobe Schmidt

0:17 lmao


I could hear everyone's record just stop.

Aaron G

0:17 you can see the others look at him like
"Boy your screwed"

Alex Blakaway

Nona is me ABORT


it's rAaAAAaaWWWwwWrRrrrrRRR

Jisan Eom

The easiest way of suicidal without any mistake...... haha