Packet Tracer - Configuring VLANs

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132 976 views | 9 Jun. 2017
132 976 views | 9 Jun. 2017

This video shows the Packet Tracer Activity Configuring VLANs from CCNA Routing and Switching Module-2 Packet Tracer - Configuring IPv4 and IPv6 Interfaces Click on https://youtu.be/rGyHQ3Vn240 Packet Tracer - Configuring IPv4 Static and Default Routes Click on https://youtu.be/p1YlwHgvmsw Packet Tracer - Configuring IPv6 Static and Default Routes Click on https://youtu.be/hDCSdUcurPY Packet Tracer - Configuring RIPv2 Click on https://youtu.be/3bmmJ_2dMVs

Rajwinder Kaur

Hi, thanku sir for a this. Could you tell me that in S1 when you write the S1(config-clan) #^Z then what would we do because if we put the button for enter then they write something different as compared to S1# or the next line. Sir please tell me fast.

troll 007

Once again Very good -Video - Dziękuję

Nathan Paske

I love the videos. You speak clearly, zoom in on what you are doing, and explain everything thoroughly.


where to download the packet tracer file?

Les Dabney

For those of you looking for the updated version:
vlan 10
name Faculty/Staff

vlan 20
name Students
vlan 30
name Guest(Default)
vlan 99
name Management&Native
vlan 150
name VOICE

Step 3 on S3

interface f0/11
mls qos trust cos

switchport voice vlan 150

Ana Camelia

Hi. I have a pretty big network and many many vlans. Is there a way to avoid re-writing a lot of vlans for each switch?
For example, if I have vlan 10, vlan 20 and vlan 30 and switch 1, switch 2, switch 3, is there a simpler way to add the vlans in every switch's database than manual add them? Can I export the vlan database from one switch and import it to another switch?


My hero, dude

Jered Trzebiatowski

thank you for taking time to make these videos, the help immensely in my studies

Silesh Zewude



Fantastic exercise (Lab) ! Keep going !

no name

Dude, srsly, youe videos are SAVING my life. Thank you so much for your time and effort you put in your videos. I highly appreciate them!


I really love you man!

Markus Scott

Author separately creates VLANs on sw1, sw2, sw3, what if he had 50 switches? Would he still do that? Silly

Шолбан Тюлюш


Harish A

continue next bro
i need continuation

Carlos Da Silva

In my test I must connect thre switches to another switch, each in a specified vlan.

I already created the vlans and assigned the ports on each, the issue though is that only the port on the lower switches will turn green, meaning there is NO connection between the main switch and the other two. What am I doing wrong?

Also, the main switch is connected to a router but that is not an issue for the test, it is actually the least difficult part.

michael Owen

Thank you for working through the activities one step at a time and answering the questions. Great job!


tech acad could you update your videos please there is a vlan 150 for voice.

ናይና Tube

the rest is a fine nice video

Silesh Zewude

it is very nice

Brent Watson

Hi, please can you help me, I can not find the continuations of Packet Tracer - Configuring VLANs , it stops, says there is another video, but I can not find Packet Tracer - Configuring trunks? thx (very helpful video)

Gallina Brindamour

Thank you so much!!! I was struggling and now that you explained it it makes sooo much more sense!


Great work as always. Thanks for the explanation.

fairouz Raf

Thank you so much, this was so helpfull

David Clanford

Thanks bro! You are a God!

ናይና Tube

why do you make the pc1,pc2,pc3, and pc4,pc5,pc6 are in different
network each other

Lord Crydon

You have been such a wonderful help. Thank you for your time and effort it is much appreciated.


First on S1 go to Config Terminal, while adding the initial vlans, also add:
interface vlan 150
name VOICE

For the second part:
Go to S3
Config t
interface fastethernet 0/11
switchport voice vlan 150

Should be good to go.


Fantastic video's you are the first person I look for. Takes a lot of time and effort to make these, thanks very much sir.

isay obed alfaro

Gracias desde México fierro pariente

Jonathan Vargas

Sr, I saw the whole video and it does not work at the end.Really?

Marvin Velasquez

Wonderful work, no words to describe how much you help with these videos, keep up your great work!!! Thanks!!

Ray Pashoukos

Another great video. Just an FYI, they added a IP phone between S3 and PC4 in their newest version of this PT activity. Thank you as always :)

Ethan McNally

Hey man your videos are amazing thank you so much :)

Muneer Shoukath

Hi...can u pls tell me how u did the pan and zoom while recording the screen ..

Yeshan Jayasundara

please recheck , new pak activity is with voice vlan


Good Work

Dmitry Sweetly

Opened this video to looking an answer for last question, but it doesn't decided :(