Gnomes, Tomes & Catacombs - D&D EP #20 ft. LilyPichu, Devin Nash, Mr. Mouton and Koibu

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Gnomes, Tomes & Catacombs - D&D EP #20 ft. LilyPichu, Devin Nash, Mr. Mouton and Koibu

31 538 views | 10 May. 2019
31 538 views | 10 May. 2019


Date streamed: 05/09/2019

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Matthew Wu

41:14 anyone happen to know what book he's referring to?

Kevin Peterson

Hah haha RIP lil jimmy


Destiny lost the debate 13:30 and thats why everyone died :(


And Toast is still in the thumbnail

Evil King Sugiru

Mouton definitely has a thing for abusing little boys. Sounds like something he should see a psychologist about.

Андрей Бутурлин

What the fuck... i hope they'll do more dnd...

Dunkey's Long Lost Son

Destiny was just a piece of shit with Kumo, the entire campaign he appeared in. It was just to make Devin and Mouton's time playing worse, specially Mouton's. Dickhead.

Shawn B

Barbo had Bobby interact with kumo so he was asking for it lol

Mutsu Hanma

D and D always brings out peoples inner self, and friends become enemies, and enemies leave the game. No one can ever be happy for another...JS.


The Mouton vs Destiny rivalry makes this show worth the watch. Must have more!


"Captain Barbo and the Child Slayers"

James Godfhrey Saguid

"You wouldn't take an old gnome's staff, would you?"


I'm just happy they did 20 eps. And I got introduced to Koibu and his excellent content. I WOULD LOVE to see a campaign with just Lily and Devin. Call it "Gnomes Halflings and Magical Gatherings" or "Gnomes Halflings and Wonderful Happenings" ( that's not to say Destiny and Mouton can't be part of it, but they seem to butt heads a lot )


That was sweet


Gerald acts like barbo and him down go way back, and saw how much bobby meant to barbo. Saw bobby get killed in cold blood, but doesn't side with with barbo????


This is 100% Destiny's fault. He just RIPed the game FOR NO REASON!

Blood Wolf2609

Rip GT&C

Nya Ferpitou

what the fuck is this episode i can't breathe


I'm going to miss this campaign so God damn much. Good things never last.

Jesús Revette

"beat his ass into submision"... goes and kills him, come on, dude barbo went too farr


They had one of the best DMs ever and they fucked this up... How dumb this is is over my head.


honestly this campaign was kinda trash but the interactions of everyone was good

Sarijus ir taip toliau

I feel like Kumo was intentionally annoying Barbo for some time now and when he killed Bobby (that Barbo always cared for, taught him, gave him his sword etc.) it was the breaking point and Barbo (in character) had to kill Kumo. In my opinion that was the only logical roleplay decision. And Gerald leaving Barbo (his good and trustworthy friend that he adventured with for so long) just because he killed Kumo (a guy that he knew for a short time and would often disagree with) and some random people, seemed kinda weird.

Critical Ravi

I'd like to see one last farewell episode, where we can see the characters going their own ways. Barbo returning to being a pirate, or continuing to help out Wyatt, maybe Gerald and Pearl returning to the Queen together. It'd be a nice way to resolve things, to set the characters up as NPCs to meet in future campaigns. It was a nice show, I got heavily invested into the characters precisely because of all the conflict. You stayed as true to your characters as you could, and if it leads to the party breaking up, then that's how it is. I'm just a little confused by Kumo. Yes, he wants power, and he's not a nice guy, but I don't see a reason for him to just murder people. In fact, if you want power and influence, leaving people alive, gaining their favor or inspiring fear, seems more reasonable. I do hope to see another campaign with some of you guys in the future though, it's been a lot of fun. Also, thanks for introducing me to Devin, he's a cool guy and doesn't deserve the hate.


GNOME TOME AND CATACOMB: Is a chronicle of a gnome named Gerald whose so optimistic coming out from down the mountain just to experience the never ending brutality of world from his journey with the Barbo.. In the end Gerald just can't understand whats the meaning of life.. The End..


just wtf, all I have to say, great dnd, but WTF

Patrick Sikhrangkur

Not gonna lie, if I were Koibu, I would've started hurting Destiny's character out of spite.


They just got off one of the best Episodes in the campaign, and end it the next episode.

Every week I have looked forward to GTC. I hope Destiny starts a new campaign with Koibu :/


This game was only ever going to end like this

Buch Almighty

I see a lot of comments on the folly of the series and the party. Let me join in real quick just to say, I think it's really fucking perfect that right at the end MrMouton and Destiny are both begging the casters who just wanted to play kind of normally to help them, and neither of them give a shit about their piddly nonsense enough to intervene. That's so perfect, in and out of character. #KnottMyGerald

Cthu Lhu

The fact that this party is not going out of their way to avoid tensions between characters is what makes this campaign so special to me. You have explored the bonds and tensions between all of the party members far better than any other campaign I have seen, and it is one of the reasons for which I felt emotionally invested in most of the characters. I don't think anything is inherently wrong with the party dynamic as it stands if your aim is to produce engaging content.

That said, if playing this way is stressful, if you're not having fun or if it is creating tension outside of the game, I wouldn't wish for it to continue this way.


"A wizard should not know such trouble, these two make it double," Barbo! Kumo! Team Barbo blast of at the speed of light! Surrender now or prepare to fight!


Gtc endgame next week?

nah cur

1:28:49 that tone of voice


Is it confirmed this is ending? I literally just started watching this and binges over 4 days...


It was loads of fun while it lasted

Hgff gghu


Paper Persona

Somewhere in that title it should say "Finale"

Nick Wagner

At least destiny can stop being a whiny bitch boy now every time there’s silence in the intro

fred asd

im so confused. why is it fine when barbo kills a innocent kid but when Kumo does it... its retribution time???? makes no fucking sense. barbo should be the one being ganged up on by the pirate crew and the party .


Honestly, while Destiny was to blame for this situation, the character of barbo was honestly garbage and got in the way at every step.

Storm Saw


Mathieu Choquette

the main problem is they didnt give a fuck about the story

Justin DErrico

Destiny was laughing way before he shot poor bobby. He knew what he was doing

Baron Bad

It sounded to me like captain barbo was just wanted to give little jimmy an ass whoopin, then all the sudden koibu says barbo slices his head clean off and it turns into this huuuuge thing that maybe shouldnt have even happened. Still hilarious tho xD

Sneaky's Bunghole

You guys touched a lot of untapped potential with the various audiences that this reached. Very fun, wish it could've gone on longer! Koibu 400 IQ.


The episode Barbo stopped giving a fuck



Cool Videos

Thanks HONEY


Half the fun of this series is how triggered people get in the comments lmao


that was exhausting


So Mr. Mouton was basically the problem, but also what made this campaign more interesting than most. The other three wanted to play a pretty vanilla style: Heroes doing hero shit. MrM however, gave the world a lot more life. He didn't only engage with main NPCs, he took throw away NPCs and turned them into plot points. Everything from pet yetis to child labor Mouton did a lot of unexpected things that added new layers to the campaign outside of "get quest... go do quest...". He also by far was the lead RP influence. Unfortunately, his willingness to engage with world in an unconventional manner did not play well into Devin and Destiny's play style (honestly after Midori, Lily provided very little in terms plot progression, RP, and influence. She seemed to just go along with what was happening).

It was a great series. Would really love to see a final resolution, but I don't think we'll get it.


Please do another campaign i miss this group.. :(

pedro leal

This was one of my favorite koibu's campaigns ever, the giant part was bad shit crazy, best ep.

jabooto o


greyson smith

another episode with inconsistent barbo roleplay, whoda thought... good riddance

TJ Cofer

Destiny ended gnomes tomes and catacombs in this debate

il Motez


budget video

too long




Why did he kill little Bobby for ?

Cthu Lhu

You have to roll against the character's AC before you can grapple check them tho. That pirate who threw Gerald overboard cheated.


I wish that destiny and mrmouton would stop butting heads and ruining a big majority of the show

emil gebl

lol, what an ending. I had to skip forward abit and jösses.


Bring Toast back in with Destinys next character. Destiny should be a Druid in honor of the first mrmouton character.


mouton so cringe and annoying he ruined a good show




This show is so good because of the character banter and traits. Kumo was supposed to admire Barbo and stopped admiring when he said no lets not go kill the dragon and finish our quest first....... After which Kumo was just antagonizing the whole time even when they fought the Golems which is something he wanted aka adventure and thrilling fights and goes down lol

ED: i wish they keep it going cause they do work well together its just when the characters gets to savage that it gets hectic. Honestly thought Locke and Barbo had a much better chemistry than Kumo and Barbo.


Honestly if Barbo didnt die this episode i would of quit watching anyways. Moutons character was super annoying and always making bad decisions and wasting the groups time doing stupid stuff which almost made me tune out entirely a couple times. Good thing dice and men doesn't have him!

emil gebl

I just got to the last ep, will finish this tomorrow. Aww man, how can it end? pls dont..

Hwello m8

Locke: dies

Barbo: lets kill some kids


Has anyone confirmed that the campaign is really done? I can't find anyone confirming it.


>Destiny and MrMouton's character starts fighting again

Evil King Sugiru

Mouton definitely has a thing for abusing little boys. Sounds like something he should see a psychologist about.

Zeras Fenris

is GTC over ? no more new eps ?


Kumo actually wasn't out of spells. Warlocks have 2 spell slots at level 6. He used fly during the pirate battle but after they had a long rest. Although destiny said he didn't want a long rest but warlocks gain all spells back on a short rest. So after using darkness he would have still had a spell slot to use fly. Since they were near the town still to get the documents ready i feel like 10 minutes fly would be have been enough. It just depends on if mouton would hit his guiding bolt.


Too bad the show had to end on such an sour note. 2:38:15 - Devin was only half right. Out of character HE would just leave. And if he thinks that's what Gerald would do, (which he has said multiple times) then he could have done that as well. Nothing was holding him back but himself. MrMouton was right in what he said right after. He could simply roll another character. The reason Devin probably didn't want to do something like that is because he was always so obsessed with leveling and being a powerful wizard. What I actually do like about MrMouton is that he roleplays his characters well. He is willing to make decisions based on his characters personality to add flavor, even if it is a potential sacrifice to his own party. Even Lily made the choice of rerolling a character when she believed that Midori was at a crossroads and at odds between the path of her deity and the path of her party. This choice heavily impacted the party in how it was done. Most DM's will work with their players if they are stuck on character decisions and Koibu is no different. He worked will Lily when she couldn't decide on if, how, and when she should leave the campaign due to her issues and it worked out fine. Yet in the end, Devin's mindset is understandable, but he did not have to take it personal as if believing everyone is trying to ruin his fun. Calling Lily useless in the past and critiquing other people's decisions simply because you have more experience is pathetic. In MrMouton's words "It's just D&D dude, chill."

EerieGhosDeeri Idk

Anotha one


Gerald should have off'd them both.


"We're going to go to Disney Land, you and me." Worst pick up line ever.

Palace Of Wisdom

The way they went about that pirate ship perfectly depicts how businesses get driven into the ground by underqualified yet overconfident management

Kevin Peterson

devin is a spineless lil bitch

Fucksfired Draven

Mr Moisture


Yall suck I wanted to find out what was happening in heatstroke





TJ Cofer

Rip Gnomes Tomes and Catacombes

Matthew Kwan



destiny is so dumb fuck


RIP GT&C, it was a fun run. Hopefully there will be another campaign sometime in the future.




34:17 Thermotology. I know these words aren't easy, but come on Mr. Moisture


Devin needs to chill out. So concerned with meta-gaming, just play Dnd and go with, not that hard.


1: I fucking LOVE Koibu music choices (Wish he had a playlist)
2: 2:10:08 Kumo/Barbo fighting but Pearl is the one who's dead
3: 2:20:22 Koibu like "GodDAMN them roles!
4: 2:32:25 That lawyering tho.


MrMouton didn't do anything wrong. Devin has no right as gerald to take the highground. Destiny just wanted to mess with Mouton out of character... I feel sorry for Lily she seemed like she was finally having fun.

TJ Cofer

I came into this thinking it was going to be muton's fault... but there is no way this one is his fault

Marik Bentusi

Damn, what a crazy episode. Really sad to see the show go, but I can see how it's not particularly fun to play when the murderhobo and party tensions are always hanging over everything. I guess in that sense Toast's exit was kind of prophetic? If we discount the out-of-game reasons, idk how they played in the decision made here.

ayslan almeida

whats happen with the water walking ring?


Pearl was like the happy cheery mascot for a group of murderers

Cory Curren

ripperino cappucino :(