Half Life: USS Darkstar on Android with Xash3D (Note 2)

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Half Life: USS Darkstar on Android with Xash3D (Note 2)

6 781 views | 31 Jul. 2015
6 781 views | 31 Jul. 2015

Today We'll learn how to play Half Life: USS Darkstar on Android. This classic HL mod features a unique single player story line. USS Darkstar takes place in 2066 on board a Zoological Research Vessel in which they study and investigate various aliens from unexplored sectors of the galaxy.

You are Dr. Gordon Freeman, a brilliant researcher who has always had problems waking up on time...

Half-Life: USS Darkstar ModDB:


Get the full instructional how to Play Half Life on Android video here:


How to Fix Multiplayer support for Half Life and mods on Android with Xash3D here:


Xash3D Half Life engine Port for Android(Playlist)


Note: Checkout the latest working Mods and Fixes for the app here.


Intro and instructions

Performance Fix @ 1:50

Darkstar Fly through @ 2:25

Gameplay starts @ 4:14

Device used in this video:

Note 2 with CM11 Kitkat

Note: Performance Fix on most devices

-From the console type in "gl_allow_mirrors 0"

How to Play:

1) Install the xash3d-android-project.apk


2) Copy/download the Darkstar folder + the Valve folder and place them on your android device @ /sdcard/xash/

Note: You can change the default data location by modifying the "Path to game resources" line in the main menu. (Xash3D version 0.15+)

Download the Darkstar folder:


Download Half Life 1 valve folder + HD pack:


3) Xash3D v0.17+:

Launch the mod by clicking "Create mod shortcut" Then type a "Shortcut name" (Example Darkstar) and put the game folder name here(darkstar) in the "Mod directory" line and save the shortcut. You can now launch the game from the shortcut on your homescreen.


Xash3D v0.14.1:

Launch the app and in the command line type:

'-console -game darkstar' then launch Xash3D

Note:The game data must be placed in your internal memory.

(Extras)Download and extract 'extras.7z' into the 'valve' folder

Note: These files add images and sounds to the main menu and a config for joysticks. Also fixes weapon animations if missing.

Note: Open the joystick cfg file to edit the controls.


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- finggTH

Can make a tutorial for cat life demo mod


Hey Roland, I have a problem. I downloaded the USS Darkstar folder and my own Valve folder and I put it to sdcard/xash and launched xash app and typed -console -game darkstar and when I clicked new game in any difficulty, it starts the original Half Life but why it did not start USS Darkstar?.....Why is that?? I need your help!


@Roland Deschain how do you use a gamepad

Никита Матерков

Давайте теперь brutal half-life


@Roland Deschain do a tutorial with tincore pleasssse

blockest fir79

How about paranoia?

Dat Old Man

Is it possible that you could show us a tutorial to get the "they hunger' mod for half life1? Mabye some other pc classics ?

Purple Guy



Whats your clan

Joaquin Mindanao

How do you get all the weapons from the opposing force in half life xash?

Alanpanchi Gil

Pls,make a tutorial of install black mesa on xash3d


Uss Darkstar? Is this somehow connected to the story of half life series??


do you think you could get tools to work on it?