Easiest AFK Blackrock Bulwark Farm | Potential Raw Gold Farm |

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Easiest AFK Blackrock Bulwark Farm | Potential Raw Gold Farm |

24 663 views | 24 Oct. 2020
24 663 views | 24 Oct. 2020

Hey Guys!

Came across this spot the other day was just surprised with how easy it was to afk farm it! I hope you guys enjoyed the video!

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Édipo Maier

are you sure they drop BB?

Hellscream Games

Good video!


Nice. Subscribeedddd


the shield isnt on these mobs loot table btw lol


well, this farm has taken off, like the 10th video on it this week alone LOL waiting for Blizz to nerf the spawn so they only spawn for a quest or something lol I've seen this done by a guildie some time ago and he leveled up with it and made a lot of gold. It's pretty good


Frost Mage doable?


The Spot got fixed, doesn't work anymore!

Darren Jordan

Nice one dude. I am trying it now !

Maria F.

Does this only work with horde?


Subbed, if only I had a monk lol

El Deivid

how much is taken out per hour?

Sniper Tomb

Good content, go rock.


first time here, subbed instantly

Atheras Rennanth

tanks bro by info , have a question , by multiboxing is better in cromie time or normal time?
and put the druid in the same spot of the monk in the video , thanks by any help


I'd like to see loot even if it's not a full hours worth of farming. I'm a data collector so knowing you picked up x amount of items in x amount of time helps me understand the farm better :). Good luck though, keep up the great work :).


Yo! there's a clown that's stealing your videos and telling people that he's the one creating or discovering/exploring this farm spots, i bet he has stolen most of your content and posted on his channel. this is the scumbag https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pV8LAUMGD3Q&ab_channel=FARMERSDEAZEROTH




11 hours farming .... no drop shield

Joshua Rosquist

guess i gotta lvl a monk now

uNo U

Once every seven seconds... ya okay, afk. Sure. lol


Ha nice, i noticed these spawns today while leveling and thought this could be interesting :D

Curtiss Harvey

been Monk farming this exact spot for a year now......i have got a lot of greens, some blues, and a lot of garrison AH parts. i probably have over 100 hours on this spot, and have never seen the BB drop. I average about 2-3 k gold from looting and selling grays. But it is a GREAT transmog spot to fill your AH with WOD items.......now time to go find a new spot to farm that noone knows about......hahahahaa


I did try this farm, no shield for me :(

Metal Bull

Doesnt work, they wills top respawning after for a while

Knut 26

i cant see that this mobs drop Blackrock Bulwark, not on wowhead anyway

David Wakefield

Nice vid - it works fine now and again they slow down if someone questing there but soon picks up again


This spot doesnt work. After 5min in this spot spawn of adds just stoped for 10min. After that time mobs started spawning again and stoped after 5min...