Wild Girls- Overnight with Survival Lilly in the Bugout camp - Part 2 - Vanessa Blank - 4K

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Wild Girls- Overnight with Survival Lilly in the Bugout camp - Part 2 - Vanessa Blank - 4K

68 072 views | 2 Nov. 2019
68 072 views | 2 Nov. 2019

After many years I meet again a friend:

Survival Lilly!

We spend two days in her big bug-out-camp and will have a great time there!

If you want, you can join us!

With love,


Lilly´s YouTube Channels

Survival Lilly


Survival Lilly Restricted


Gardening with Lilly



Mert Sauna

Wow lilliyyyyy yess

Gu langak

I think both of you are ready to travel the world..hiking, cycling or maybe a caravan.

Reverend Saltine

Lots of lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
ggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg shots of trees and people's feet.

Ray L

That is an awesome shelter she built.Watched her building it.Alot of work.

Lawrence lu

Great video.

ann debaldo

Seems that the most "dangerous" part of this video was getting there! Go girls! Wonderful videos! Love to watch your videos...

Jack Stone

Nice vedio well teach them some real Bush life we will go back to thoes day i no for shour so who cant lern from now thank u girl i been in that state long time keep up the good works lo u al have


A Brunhilda and Walberga special.

Lorna Hunter

If you use your dominant leg to hold the log in place while it's pressing against the front of the other leg while sawing it, it'll be easier.

Arturo JAGUAR #

I love your back pack!

JDs CreAtions

Take me camping with you damit !

Andy Masters

I need a good austrian survival woman..


Very nice video. Enjoyed seeing the wild edibles.

Patricia Aubin

Just out of curiosity how and what do you do when you need the restroom?

Yudha Gendhon

11:00 why not using your axe that you used to copped the logs before.

Edwin Agustin

I love yourself bucos capm

Elaine Life

Hi Vanessa,nice to see you here Lilly


I try not to objectify women but the two hottest youtubers doing bushcraft... I'll see myself out now.

Ljwon Dddffflwon

japan ? 굿. good. !

Mikhail Aryaye

You have sexy mouth .

Muhammad Nadeem


Serial Crusher 1

This video is lacking some very important content! First let me say great camp build, lots of very hard work! Perfect bush craft skills ladies! I have two issues with your video! First issue, if it is that cold you need a fire and all that gear to stay warm there should be some naked spooning action in order to conserve warmth! Second issue, there was no bath time, you needed a water source and should have gone over personal hygiene! It is very important to take care of the bush... in the bush, you know some hands on type stuff, helping each other out! XXXOO!

Алексей Владимиров

Ванесса красавица

ManCave Man

Those spare ribs made me hungry. Well done, pun intended

gus gus

Очень интересно! Продолжайте снимать.
Россия, Сибирь, Омск.

Douglas Montgomery

What kind of hat are you wearing. Id like to have one of that style

Rarumy kamimurA

Difícil essa idioma Nintendo sou d brasil

keith shwalbe

Thank YOU ladies xx

chris alexander

hello Vanessa and survival lilly, greetings from chris in the bronx

Jeffery Didomenico

How do you two women manage to look so radiant in the morning? In love with the outdoors,that's how.


That would be awesome to live in the same country and be able to join you guys for camping! We can make it an all girls camp out!

Karma Changchup

Appreciation !!!

Rodrigo Carmelo

About the perimeters there's no animals out there too cock

Jay Solis

7:46 Hi Vanessa. A minor correction there, a common mistake for sure. Mushrooms is NOT a plant. rather it's a fungi (fungus).. It's more related to animals than plants.

Ed Miller

Very Impressed with that shelter you Ladies made. Fantastic.

Pierre Delecto

You would get a lot more views if you were scantily dressed. Bikinis and short shorts etc.

Stacy Harwood

You ready to visit Wyoming sometime soon. Cody Wyoming the North fork river. Camping fishing hiking and treasure hunting. Your friend in Wyoming.

Connie C

16:32 that is such an awesome shelter !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alex N

Huch...jetzt isse auch noch international....bzw ich bin halt jetzt erst über den englischen Kanal gestolpert :D
nice to see ....

احمد. شاكر

احبك جدا

Space Kissingher

Watched a few of your videos today. Being first generation American on my dad's side it interesting to see how a now somewhat alien culture deals with topics that interest me. Thanks for the interesting content.

Arturo JAGUAR #

what have you tattooed? I'm sorry, I'm curious

Spear Brave

Your English is getting better, it's OK to speak Bayerisch I could use the practice.

Craig Hebert

I like your hat Vanessa. By the way, congratulations on 100k subscribers!

RJ Benoit

Watching from the NWT Canada - I enjoy both you and Lilly’s knowledge for the environment your energy and enthusiasm. Great to watch.

Arturo JAGUAR #

I already wanted to see you together! I just imagined it! And look what a surprise! How strange the world is, I thought I saw a twin of you in my country. It was funny! Greetings and sorry as a fan I have been busy with my work ... But here we are! Take care!

Rick Noel


Jay Solis

7:46 Hi Vanessa. A minor correction there, a common mistake for sure. Mushrooms is NOT a plant. rather it's a fungi (fungus).. It's more related to animals than plants.

* // Solis.Outdoors


Look great!

Roland Isnor

I subscribe to the channels of both of you and I derive a great sense of satisfaction watching you both display excellent bushcraft skills. Well done. Thanks for sharing.

Amin Amin

Иван Якутск

Как интересно то, оказывается очень на нашу природу похоже. И какие приятные девушки. Seems similar like our nature in Yakutia, but another size

Deatra Parks

hope you and your family are well--miss your adventures. deatra parks

Tressa Zimmerman

Cool video. Lilly's shelter looks amazing.

West Coast Chicano

This is a beautiful video. A very nice bug out camp. I just watched Lilly's rifle video. Vanessa, Wann machst du ein Gewehrvideo? Tchüss.

Wild Woman Bushcraft

Thank you so much for wachting this video!
Please visit & subscribe the channel of my friend Lilly:
Kind regards, Vanessa

cody cox

Holy fucking saw Batman

Frau W. Niemand

Great video again, loved especially the mushroom hunt and the macros of each special mushroom. Greetings from Saxony.

Brian Stevens

Two beautiful woman in the beautiful outdoors

C Mar

That Fire Salamander was cool!

Glenn Wood

Like your feet

José Neto

Moro em Brasil e voces


Lol. If civilization collapses girls like you won't survive the first day.

Chac Schao

Lilly has a beer belly! Love her

George Steiner

Hi! soweit, so gut wie Immer! Wieso, wieso beziehungsweise Was -...bringt Menschen dazu fast dauerhaft die Muttersprache für Videos abzulegen?

Sean Lynch

I love watching this, I follow both of you. Interesting watching the both of you filming from your own channels.

Javid Sorthiya

I love you friends

Oliver Aeternus

Beautiful video of sheer nature. I love women like you two. I watch with a beer and a joint! Thank you dear \m/

jack hook

2 very beautiful ladies

Shelly Edwards

What kind of boots do you two wear?

James Seebach

Hi, I’m happy I found this channel.

ann debaldo

I love to go barefppt too...

Major Rick Corbin

vanessa please protect your lovely eyes with safety glasses
while splitting firewood


Are you Russian?


Do you guys ever worry about SNAKES, LIONS< or BEARS< like here in America?


I was wondering of you two still wondered the woods from time to time.

Andrew B.

I prefer Lily....

José Neto

Bom dia áaa

Joseph D'Angelo

Hi Vanessa where have you been I know you said you were sick with a cold, we had our first snow here and the week before the weather was very chilly and I got a sore throat was sweating working and caught a cold chill in my neck I'm okay though I hope to see more of your videos soon take care sweetie


I love your accents. I can listen(and watch) you all day and night long!

Sir Vivor

Why didn't you film the camera man doing all the heavy lifting?

José Neto

Não entendi nada que vc fala

Jerome Thomas

So cool that you guys are friends, I really enjoy your videos. Hello from Alabama!

Jeff Nielsen

You know what you are doing with an axe.

Sheikh Haroon


Deatra Parks

i enjoyed you and lilly--i h ave missed seeing you.hope you and your family are well.see you soon. deatra

Mert Sauna

Hello, here I am watching what country I'm excited vielao your turkey

Joe Shirley

You two share a very special bond. Common interests and goals. You and Lilly rock!!! It is a privilege to be a part of your lives. Thank you for allowing this.


23:16 I actually prefer all of my camping adventures (not bushcrafting) to be a bit foggy or at least overcast. New subscriber.

Robert Taylor

looks like Lilly needs to build a sawbuck for the camp. Love this

Marty Sayles

Thank you for the very nice video. I would like to hear more of the conversations between you and Lily. I noticed that you are very efficient splitting wood. You should show Lily how to do it.


I'm sure Lilly didn't invite you out there to work, but you did anyway. :D You are such a good friend.

Erik Santos

these are the most enjoyable camping video with the two best girls in the bushcraft world. I love it! Thanks!


Зачем рубить ножом если есть топор ? Ну за готовить щепу я бы ещё понял. Ай яй яй девчонки...

Дальняя Тайга

Девчата вы умницы и красавицы ! ) Удачи вам на лесных тропах !

Mark Barney

its cute how you pronounce some word's Vanessa! words like comfortable.. and fruits. lol ☺


Girls only eat like that on 1st date. Then no more salads.

Stephen Muncaster

Best two you need to do moor together. By the way nice feet

George Moskal

Beautiful film in so many ways.

luis carlos de oliveira santos

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