BEST OF Game Grumps - Feb. 2016

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BEST OF Game Grumps - Feb. 2016

2 455 138 views | 6 Mar. 2016
2 455 138 views | 6 Mar. 2016

Happy Leap Year! That's like a whole extra day of Grumpin'!

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Thanks to Drej9 for compiling these clips!

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Lord McCheezy was by far the funniest moment of Danny I have experienced on Super Mario Maker.

Kate Peña

I'm mexican and the first clip when Dan is doing the vocal exercises, it reminded me of a song called Chocolate by PeeWee. Not PeeWee Herman, PeeWee the mexican Justin Bieber




AKA the game grumps movie, since it's SO GOD DAMN LONG


very rad how im eatin Wendy's and watching this

Rory Robinson

Conventional servant promise reach document parent effectively darkness.


What happened to them in undertale I wanna know

Brandon Arellano

looks at thumbnail
spots jackie chan


Kaylie Johnson

This is a silli gameplay video. haha.


I can literally quote every part of Laura's sitcoms and I still can't stop laughing


11:13 anyone else think Arin sounds like Toki from Dethklok


im totally making IM A TORNADO my text tone


I live in Connecticut

Black Blood

Brian's face during the undertale finale is the source of life

Geno Vessi12


Jojo Carli

It's so weird to hear Arin complaining about Rob Schneider, only to soon later become friends with him.


I'll listen to these videos when I'm talking asleep, I'll be half way asleep and I'll still laugh when I hear them luaghing, puts me in a great mood the next day


18:21 Miles' Jaune voice really came out there!

Deana D


Melanie Bennington

11:50 kills me every fucking time

Robert Reinhold

Nightmare jet fuel can't melt steel dreams!!!!!

Amelie Hill

Mm-hmm clinic click open long properly tree planning bedroom explain prospect.


around 11:00 made me laugh so h a r d


My husband and I based Laura after my previous supervisor. Because she sounded just like Laura lol


Ross is a fucking idiot.


12:10 and so it began

Jared Byrd

When YouTube unsubscribes you from game grumps

Dr. Pew

ARINH25UE! Do I get my Free Ride now Arin?!

Venus Griffin

Does anyone else want Dan and Arin to play the entirety of Bratz Forever Diamonds or it it just me? I liked the podcast, but I would have liked to watch them play the whole thing cuz it would be funny.


Oh yea the baskin robins logo has a 31
Me: oh cool let me search the logo* looks at the logo* oh neat
Gamegrumps: puts up logo
Me: fuck me


What’s the song at 22:45?

Amir Husain

33:30 oh only if arin could ask him in real life but sadly that would never happen oh shit wait

The Poptart Snowman

I'm not early but I Wil make a joke

MY life

Tomsen Taylor

At the end I laughed so hard I almost choked on my King's Hawaiian roll.

Energyhawk 1

It fills me with glee to know that around every corner, either Dan or Arin is masturbating to me in secret.

Solomon M.

Someone should've started this by now.


is it bad that i'm like just as retarded as the Grumps?

Tomsen Taylor

33:52 I NEED TO SEE AN ANIMATION OF THE NEXT TWO SECTIONS. "In the new quirky sitcom..."

Guile G.

Arin why are you bad at Dead Rising lol
You coulda lived if you had fought back and camped by the OJ to stay alive while you killed of the evil swat teams!

Pheonix fighter

poor people named stacy

Nickolus Joynson

That little laugh at the end of "it's for humping" or whatever really got me XD


one month is longer than one year

Alexander Inoa

See, it's dark he can't see m-

Fetta Cheeze

The my name is Laura thing was way too funny

Jacob Stinnett

Possibly unpopular opinion: The Bologna Man movie bit is funny, but "My bologna has a first name... it's F-E-A-R" from Dan is 1000x funnier.

Bela's Undead


Angel Harris

Toad sings rap god by eminem

Cole Lambert

I love how Arin just yells "I JUST WANT TO TALK TO HIM AND ASK HIM IF HE KNOWS HE'S HE'S THE BIGGEST DOUCHEBAG." Two episodes with Rob schnider later "I love Rob Schnider he's a great guy."


Honestly, "I'm haunted by incompetent assholes" is probably one of the most underrated lines of all time.


Does that uber thing still work?


17:00 This is the moment when we found out how Jaune Arc leads a dungeon crawl. And it is glorious.

Taylor Jones

Fucking Miles Luna. Man. I remember this. Now he's famous for RWBY. How far you have come dude. Props.

Sharon Hocutt

the first clip is my fav

Aidan Lawson

We need a Gamegrumps animated of "woah I can barf!" stabs Danny, gracefully stabs Arin

Doge Man

I won't ever laugh as hard as I did at the start of the begining of the video ever again

Nbgames Plays 75


Simon Gilson

Connecticut is a stock


Happy Friday the 13th 2017 guys ):3 (it was yesterday.. 48 minutes ago 0.0)

Zai’s Meme Chamber


Eric Blecha

I totally got the lead singer of the band I run live sound for to mic check with "BUTTFART" and "Stacy Dennings is an asshole"




"Mario, fuck--"




Gorb Gorbinson

My name's laura always makes me die every time.

Александр Эванс

21:00 looks kinda like he got a boner and is trying to hide it. Badly.


This is literally moments from all my favorite playthroughs



alexander bordeau

33:42 does that guy up top remind anyone else of space hamster?

Joshua Morton

Hmm, the ad at the beginning of the video is for Wendy's...

Geno Vessi12



Meanwhile on Mt Fuji

Nick Owens

47:26 would be funnier without the Subscribe banner blocking the view of the comments.

Abe Sphere


Risk Leonhart Gaming

@the troll doll episode: Nightmare Jet Fuel Can't Melt Nightmare Steel Beams


Laura at 34:00

Hunter Huang

These are my favorite videos to binge


22:45 I love all of those song moments!

ty geno24

42:01 Morty?


I think Colour Splash would be 1000x better if every Toad's line had Arin's Toad voice over it.

Kamra Mann

I'm so shmumbled


That whole Laura joke, i, that's just, easily, and honestly, truly, factually, the funniest thing i have ever fucking heard.



Why even fucking include the Undertale one when you can't even see what's going on and it's literally just screaming what the fuck

Jorge Ordorica

I feel like that "Can't See Me" moment is one of the funniest moments ever. The comedic timing was flawless in that one clip.

Sarah Kruse

Lmfao 7:17 fucking hell I can't breathe

Jack John

Pretty sure their vocal exercises are just them yelling profanity for a couple minutes

Rodrigo the Happy Dog

I'd give Dan my balognaween if you know what I mean

Swagbus Express

ThIS iS tHE OnLY WaY, tHaT I CaN ComUnICATE It tO hER!

Red - Asassin9

"If you wana come on... My Face." Best of February :D

Rawby Sunshine

The balogna joke was funny. I was balogn-away!


So good

Super APM

0:03 - Part of the Exercise
2:18 - Off to a great start
3:34 - Poor Jackie
4:44 - Technicolor yawn
5:19 - Pip pip Cheerio!
6:27 - Arinh25ue
8:24 - Can't see me
9:00 - We can work it out
9:20 - Undertale spoilers
10:06 - There will be guys
11:19 - Gone fishin'
12:09 - Pointy danger
13:19 - Infinidagger away!
14:31 - Truly Shmumbled
15:27 - Digbyyyy!
16:47 - Working as a team!
18:36 - Honest Evil
19:47 - Shoplifting
20:24 - Smooth skating
21:14 - What'd he say?
22:00 - The sass is real
22:26 - Too perfect
23:29 - Toad-Pac
24:51 - Good at Video Games
26:53 - Midriff Mystery
28:36 - Bologna man
31:17 - Who made Ross leader?
31:59 - The realest Rob
33:48 - My name's Laura
35:39 - My new sitcom
39:13 - Ye! Ohhhhhh :C
40:11 - Welcome to your Doom
41:42 - What is anything
42:30 - Bask in the Flavors
44:06 - I don't care who does it
45:10 - I love the goop!
45:45 - Time is weird
46:34 - Bales to pay
47:13 - Nice level bro
47:48 - Camel Sutra

Kit Kat

Danny...I love you so hard xD

Jelly Bean

I have a friend named stacy dennings

Boiled Crap

Oh the hilarity of ones decent into madness....God bless you guys.



JJ R. Bones

Arin "fat-ripped" Hansen

Bappo Wacko


Braeden Hill

I will make a horror movie about Jesus called the holy ghost if you're offended you will never be my friend

David Cordes

I hate when it's over. These make me so happy


I want someone to make the website Shmumble Bundle. Please, make it happen!

JJ R. Bones

Dan's reaction to Arin's ad = gold