PS4 Slim Teardown - Detailed Disassembly Guide

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PS4 Slim Teardown - Detailed Disassembly Guide

725 225 views | 19 Sep. 2016
725 225 views | 19 Sep. 2016

We teardown a brand new PS4 Slim. This is our first ever PS4 Slim teardown and we take it down to the bones.

We first remove the outer plastic covers which just snap into place, then remove the power supply and top metal plate. After those are gone we take out the APU clamp, then we can remove the motherboard. We have a look at both sides of the motherboard then set it aside and remove the disc drive. We have a look at the disc drive and compare it to the older PS4 models.

The power supply & motherboard are much smaller than the previous versions of the Playstation 4 but the disc drive is a very similar size.

Next up...assembling it!





Tools I use:

-Protech Toolkit: Amazon (paid link)

-Torx Security T8: Amazon (paid link)

-PH00 Phillips: Amazon (paid link)

-Tweezer Set: Amazon (paid link)

-Electric Screwdriver: Amazon (paid link)

-Thermal Paste: Amazon (paid link)

-Canned Air: Amazon (paid link)

Equipment Used:

-Hakko Hot Air Station: Amazon (paid link)

-Nozzle for hot air station: Amazon (paid link)

-Hakko Soldering Station: Amazon (paid link)

-Hakko Air Filter: Amazon (paid link)

-Microscope: Amazon (paid link)

-Kester Solder: Amazon (paid link)

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Chris Gronau

I lost two tabs fro the disk drive and no my drive doesnt work. Does anyone know where I can buy new tabs

Khaled Sidawi

the HDMI port is 1.4 or 2.0?

Jarret B

I wanna take mine apart to clean and re do thermal paste but man idk now


My fan was sooooooo dustyyyy

The Classic Gamer

my nefues ps4 has plastic rivet on the top plate and cant remove it without badly daming the plate so i cant clean other side of the heat sink where the dust builds up

Hamza Khan

Omg as compare to the pc ...there is nothing i mean its so small ....and support heavy games so interesting

Dat Guyz Official

Dude thank you so much you are just the best, well done on the video dude

Jack Small

What's the metal plate even for?


Why my ps4 slim is defrent?

Collet Jean Charles

I don’t think i will go this far

Pete boy ABC

Why is no one talking about that battery thing.....


Thanx thanx

jan janssens

Thank you

Adrian Buena

what is that sound I hear when I shake ps4 slim?

Robert Jonuel

my ps4 slim is slightly different to that one my wifi antenna is on the front and it was like 4 more screws for the power supply


I took it apart now I don’t know how to put it back. I’m f*cked

Kinnar Shah

This helped me replace the CMOS battery on the motherboard. Thanks a bunch!

Nathan Thompson

HI Tronic fix just want to give some advise the security seal on the back if u heat it up then carefully remove it it doesn't break the warranty sticker i have just done mine just some tips for everyone :)

r_ elentless01

Mine is stuck in the middle

St0rm Boi

Do you have to take out the screw that’s behind the warranty sticker to take the top part off

Freese Morley

So my ps4 slim is having problems with returning discs and sometimes receiving them is there a way to fix that without breaking my ps4 or loosing data?

Deadprez loud press

My ps4 slim is not installing update why?

Chris V.

beo please show how u take off the wifi cables on the ps4 pro.

Dan The Space Man

Can you replace the buzzer for when it powers on with something else? I hate that noise tbh

Filip Petrović

Such bad guide. He had his screws already unscrewed at 9:10.


Hey I tried this with my ps4 slim but you know the part where you took out the power supply and you used those drills, yeah I'm only 14 so I'm stuck with a screw driver, a little help?

FA Exintx

Thank you for this video man

Shubham Rana

Xbox one X is built much better than this crap.

Bandzup Tj

How do u take out the black screws out after taking apart the top of the ps4

Wendell Washington

my ps4 suffered some damage when a table got flipped - the metal cover that goes over the fan got bent and is preventing the fan from spinning freely. Would this cause the device to not power on if the system detects the fan is not moving? I get no indicator light or no beep that it has power this is the reason i'm watching this video


Hdmi port fixed, thanks so much!

Black Lung

Hi, what do you call that thing he's been using to unscrew all the screws?



K I D D 1 A B L 0 克隆

Do you guys fix the blue light of death

Ante aužina

Hello, i have slim 2015A model, problem with wi-fi antena ,and how about to replace with 2016B model slim wi-fi antena?


is replacing the ps4 slim fan easy?

Adrian Bratescu

I don't see 2 small parts labeled P1 in your video. Thanks

Laquisha Degree


Robert Woodard

Do u have a video on the other models of the slim mine has a lil different set up win it comes to the power supply no antenna on it thanks

Abdelhameed Meslhy

can I use the ps4 hard drive for the pc ?


I've just fixed my first ps4 that I bought as a repair job. Man I'm getting more in and selling them on as a side little money making hobby . Thanks for the videos, subscribed ❤️


I link to the Playstation store so They Can do it

Watch This

Do you know the numbers or what part it is the capacitor near 12v? (The blue one)

josh h

I know this video is super old but my model doesn't have the little antenna on the power supply is the disassembly any different?


I cut a white long wire off it was getting in the way

Maria Romo

Can you guys tell me whats going on with my ps4 it freezes then turns off and i wait like 10 minutes to turn on can you tell me whats wrong


Steve,please,can you tell me what is the function of that metal plate that covers the power supply?

Im asking this because I just take my top cover and I saw a tiny bit of rust on thist plate,is very small,Like a pen point... But is woring me.

Victor Villarreal

Just want to give u a big thanks cuz of u n it videos I am repairing stuff thank u !!!

Atomic Skull

Your video helped me clean my ps4 and it helped its performance so much I just wanted to say thank you for the free wisdom. I am now more confident in fixing my friend's ps4's lol

Oswaldo Flores

Hey Tronics, i wanna clean and replace my thermal paste on my ps4 slim, but it seems that mine is a newer model (plastic screws, more connections, etc...

PK ForBankLoot

Here because i read on reddit that somebody took their ps4 apart and cleaned it up, in return it booted faster, loaded faster, ect.,
Here recently I've been dropping connection, knowing it's not my wifi, started to think it was my ps4. Followed this video and my wifi antenna was caked in dust lol. Haven't put it all back together yet, but wow man. Appreciate the time brother !

batman 10385

Where do I get the t9 security thing

Green aholic

Now I broke my PlayStation trying to do this


New to fixing all this stuff. Third job and I got my first curve ball: once the lid was off I noticed that on this model (CUH-2105B) most of the screws have been replaced with molded plastic (as in molded to the chassis). Piece of cake to cut those off (I didn't, though), but replace them with what to hold them down?


What that plastic is just take help take it off I thought it was part of the hard drive

Eric Dirr

my bottom wont come off

Ali Taimoor

Hello! I lost my ps4 slim system screws, the ones that are installed above the fan. Are Philips M4 (6mm) screws with flathead a feasible replacement?

Sherlan Mamaril

That's 20*** antenna on the power supply

David Cryer

Can not start ps4? Help


Dude 911 I need your help with my console


Steve o lol

annabeth may sowter

My husband and I tried to clean in the insides of the playstation 4 slim 1tb and the plate over the van and disc area won't come off, there is little black clips or bobbles that can't undo or remove.
We did take out all screws and followed each step to your video but we can't get the plate loss or remove it and the game discs won't read either like morrowind and red dead redemption 2 help we need to understand on what we can do


Mime got a little bit burned how to fix it???

Marián Hyčko

Thank for video. I done cleaning today. When i flipped console there was two parts on my table. One black L shaped and one silver pointy. Also there was two screws I did not found place for them. Console working so I think there is no problem :D


Please can you list all the tools used

Pertev Aky00

My father did a quick teardown for me. Now I can't screw it together. PCB looks fine except for one banded corner. But I don't know if the BGA of the APU lost some contact with the PCB.

Dennis Gaming

thanks to your videos i clean out my whole ps4 thanks alot for your video


my ps4 slim fan is sounding wacky. it gets loud likenits supposed to tells me its working but it sounds like crooked or something. if I replace the fan myself should I be worried? like is there a fan controller or anything or will it just work how its supposed to ?

Super Keon

Mine looks different

Young Boy

Can u please help me I have this piece from pm ps4 and I don’t know where it came from

Sigma XIII

THANK YOU!!! I already partially damaged my rear cover trying to figure out which sides to pull. This saved me a lot of frustration. Thank you!

Wendell Washington

Thx for this upload! Do you need to replace the thermal compound on the APU when you pull the mobo out?

Alexandros Papadopoulos

Fantastic tutorial video as always, i just hope that i will not need to rewatch it in future meaning that i just hope that my ps4 slim will be ok.

Siddharth AllenAMV

Thanks for the help

El Thor

I dropped a screw in it. Can it get a problem for the motherboard ?

Random 4400

Thank you! I recently got a ps4 slim yesterday i was curious what's inside it i never knew the heat sink was this big awesome video!

Rodriguez Logan


Luis Rosas

We only got the t 11 bub

Ruben Kliatchko

Mine has some black studs on the large metal plate ?

Norbi Kis

13:07 No extra cooling ...ps4 slim,pro

Johnny G

Does the regular ps4 hard drive fit ?


Does he still reply?

LeNacho Grande

where is the detailed screw management?

Andrea Ruggieri

Ghost is your fan


1 little springg fell out and it wont let me use disc can yoh cover tgat i have my spring

Gandalf der Weiße

Thanks a lot! I used this, to replace the thermal paste and clean the heatsink.. you won't believe, how much of a difference this makes, my console sounded like a vacuum cleaner and turned completely silent... i had turn all of my media up to drown the console and now, i have to stop everything that makes noise to check, if the fan even works...


Can you give me a tip on soldering the HDMI filter coils? They seem to be breaking apart when a use the air gun.

Youtube Icey

Can I take the metal plate off

Alejandro Flórez

Sir, I need your help. I reassembled the PS4 but have 2 screws left and the wifi keeps disconnecting

Γεώργιος Thalia

Last night , after 2-3 hours of gaming, I turn off my ps4 slim normally. Today evening I try to turn it on but doesn't. No lights no beeps nothing. Just dead...
Is there any way to reset it? Hard or not.
If there was a problem with my electricity company, is it possible.. except the power supply, to have hard my motherboard too, even the ps4 was turned off?
Please need an answer! In 2 days will we have a lockdown in my city and I'm desperate....
Thank you in advance.

Dima Karslides

What is tha warany sticker?

Rudra Bansal

Did he join it or ......??? NO!!

baby nuts

I help my friend take it a part and now screws are falling out please help me

Wild Style

Can you replace the ps4 slim blu ray drive with a 4K blue ray drive?


I like ya cut G


I cleaned my hole ps4 en no dust to be seen anymore but it is louder than before, does anyone have an idea?

Mike Franco

hahaha thanks man now can u do a tutorial to how make the playstation work again haha no im just kidding


If i just want to do the thermal paste alone can i skip the last couple steps?

Sean yeahh

Hi Steve.

I accidentally dropped my PS4 and it stopped successfully reading discs. I watched this video, ordered a new laser and got stuck in. I noticed when I opened the disc drive a small white magnetic wheel was out of place, so I re-aligned that and put it back together. I did not replace the laser.

I excitedly anticipated the ‘moment of truth’ and now it won’t even get to the part where it’ll read discs. The disc will insert ok and then a heavy whirring noise will persist and it won’t register as if a disc has been inserted on screen.

Pretty lost for what to do now! Help or advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks, Sean.

Kai stout

You helped me a lot man, thanks