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48 243 views | 15 Oct. 2018
48 243 views | 15 Oct. 2018

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Awesome thanks for all the information! Great video!

Christina Hood

Thank you for sharing!! I'm going to try these beads and the power pigments!!

Savanna Sims

How much mica powder do you use? I bought the 2 ounce containers. Do I use one whole container for 1 cup of beads??

Jessica Dennis

I didn't know you could use powder pigment. I thought I've read somewhere that its not ok in candles. Does it work differently since we are using aroma beads? This is so great thank you for sharing!!!! Game changer!!!!


Do you know how long made up beads will last in a closed jar?

Chantelly Bolen

Omg I just want to say that you are my saving grace. I quit my $100k job to be a stay at home mom and always would buy these things from horseshoe candle and I thought that I would give it a shot.
After like $400 wasted from buying from different resources I gave up.. this was little over 2 years ago and back then on YouTube there’s really not too many videos about this type of stuff. But now I have you to watch!! Thank you so so so much. You rock. Keep on keeping on. And make as many as these aroma bead scents that you can. Maybe make one too with how others are decorating their shapes

Zep Queen

Awesome video! Huge fan of yours! I bought some of those little clear beads at the dollar store that you use to fill flower vases, I tried them out today and they seem to work! Aroma beads are pricey these were $1.25 a bag! Cheers from


Thank you Maria


Do you know if paraffin wax beads are the same as aroma beads?

Katy Dolan

Do you like pigment color or candle color better ?

Diana Paola Gonzalez

hello with this supplies how long would you cook them for and at what temperature?

Clorox Bleach

Can you use orbeez?

annslee jimeson

I was wondering do you have to add a fragrances? Can you just do the beads and mica color?

Chels !

Hey girl with the 1 cup of beads how many air fresheners does that usually make?

Keri Jo

You should try the funnels made for canning although I bet the paper would still work better because of the higher sides

Lori Ortiz

I need to try this company, the other one you had before took to long to ship and didn’t communicate at all.

Sarah R

Missed ya lady. Love the new video!

Brooke Hernandez

Do you have any kind of promo code associated with your channel for the aroma beads site? Thanks!


now i have to check them out. i bought 5lbs from your former carrier

Ashley Shands

I let mine sit in the jars for a week. And when you open the jar its really strong but after i bake them i can barely smell it. What am i doing wrong?

Laurie Lindahl

What size bag is that one?

Jessica Dominguez

I have a question. Which beads would you prefer? The ones from or

Erin Bunch

What is the cooking time for the pigment powders?

Kara Pitt

How many oz would you recommend buying per fragrance oils?

707_ GATO

Can you use candle dye?


Yessss can’t wait for the next video!!!

Shannon Reeder

Just checked out the and they are very very reasonable in pricing.


Have you tried the oxides for coloring? I have a lot of bramble berry soap Color powders that I don’t use anymore for soap so I was curious if I could use them for this instead

susan rittenberry

Is this a soap powder pigment?

Katie Crowe

What size is the pipette you use for the fragrance oil when you do the 4 squirts?


Great video! Glad you found a new source that you are comfortable with sharing! ❤

Srija Barman Roy

Are these beads reusable?

Brenda Bodwin

Very nice.