Welker Farms inc, GOLD HUNT! Farming Simulator 17 PS4, New Mod Map.

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Welker Farms inc, GOLD HUNT! Farming Simulator 17 PS4, New Mod Map.

16 406 views | 13 Jul. 2018
16 406 views | 13 Jul. 2018

Welker Farms Inc, GOLD HUNT! Farming Simulator 17 PS4, New Mod Map. Map by Mappers Paradise. Want to make money fast? Need money for that new Big Bud you’ve been after? Where are the gold nuggets? How do I find the gold nuggets on the Welker Farms inc map?

tim barton

That was awesome

Marcello Zingaro68

Una CAGATA PAZZESCA non si puo chiamare Mappa Questo SCHIFO !!!!!

4EVR Young

I sold everything except the truck and semi trailer got the gold and bought 2 bb 747 the biggest plow and cultivator and the biggest cimbine and big brute and the big great plains seeder i sprayed field 2 then plowed and sprayed and cultivated and sprayed before seeding took a little over 6hrs did all work myself no helpers

Rasping Rabbit

Nice vid, found your missed editing on the last video quite funny!

John Tasevoli

I got stuck trying to read the burger stand then I saw glow and stumbled into it like yourself

tim barton

Maybe try a big bug going through there see if you get stuck

Paul Hepden

What a great idea, I wish more maps would have a mineshaft that you had go in and find them.

james carter

There's gold in them er" hills. Nice hunt.

Crystal Coltran

Hell yeah dog get that again dog

Andrew Wright

I spent all night wandering around the log pile, never even noticed the glowing trees. I was waiting for something to happen with the logs.
Thanks Mr SealyP for clearing that one up. When looking for the clues I visited the hay barn 3 times before noticing the plaque on the wall, I’m now off to the opticians to get my eyes tested.


Me screams in my head: yesssss it's here!

Hey, Mrsealyp are you going to do a seise on Welker farm .inc

tim barton

Was wondering where the gold is, thanks

Barış Özgünay

That is a really a cool way of doing gold nuggets. I was expecting the log stack turn into a giant gold nugget that is worth 100 nuggets.

Ian Bailey

Thxs u so much That Was So Cool Video

Farmer Binn

Nice one mate, did get a little confused over the taco clue when its a burger van though. Good nugget hunt.


Brilliant way to get your nuggets, very enjoyable MrSealyp, Thank you.

Darragh Lynch

Great video of and very help full


Awesome and thank you. I found all the signs but was stumped as the location of the nuggets.

Kurtis Risatti

U don’t even have to wait for the night

William Tra

Just wondering why u decided to gold vid on this map ? Yea gewd vid and all dat but u don't norm show this stuff ?
U tell'em farm derg !
Still thanks fer vid anyway :)

Mappers Paradise

Hope you guys liked nugget hunt... just something different for a change.... Great Vid ..ty MrSealyp

4EVR Young

You can get them during the day i went through the way you did then tried it again by resetting and you can just walk into it during the day they are there

Joe Wolf

I missed the last clue walked past it. But found the mud wondered how deep it was as hay pesto it was in there lol. Your excitement in the last video dose not need an apology it show you are human and have fun playing the game.

offroad outdoorist 03

Is this map going to be avalible in fs 19

James Kennedy

I’ve done the same thing at the last clue, I had to look it up to find the nuggets!


Love having a Console player, getting back in farming sim so you'll be a great help


You dont have to wait tell night

tim barton

When I was seeding field two I seen a gold patch from a distance but I didn’t investigate it any further

Peter Gagnon Jr

You should really talk about something instead of leaving silences. Keep up the great work though:)

Richard Baker

Very creative I like it

Travesty Gaming

I got stuck on the taco one!

Tim Henry

Love your content and also play on console

Terry Rettinger

Neat way they did that

Jimmie M

Ha the shop that you did the big brute the crane in the center works. You can move it left or right just wanted to let u know.

Robert Bennett

I like it