NullDC w/ Netplay Setup Tutorial

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NullDC w/ Netplay Setup Tutorial

11 128 views | 14 Apr. 2020
11 128 views | 14 Apr. 2020

#CVS2 #NullDC #Gaming

Here is a tutorial on getting NullDC running with online play, and specifically with CVS2. This process is exactly the same for any of the other DC games provided, except for Project Justice.


Main File:

Written Guide:

CVS2 Discord:

FGC Arcadia Discord:

If you have any questions or problems feel free to leave a comment or send me a message. I will do the best I can to help.


Well, playing CVS 2 online is a PITA. Good for solo playing though.

Helgen X

This was the smoothest netplay I've felt in a long ass time, great work! I asked in the discord for some akatsuki support, and possibly other games. Hopefully Power Stone?


Having a little trouble once i click on the rom, when it loads it just tells me to push a button and quit and it exits me out from the application....I quit

Sho Hidari

Please make a guide for the fightcade version!


i can t conect mine keep closing before start and i follow the guide step by step

Oman Torrence

What type of laptop you’re using or product I’m searching for low budget laptop that can emulate games from older console generations

al tes

Time to wash people up in Power Stone

Donato Cruz

ur literally like the only person who explained how to run this well even to idiots like me. tanks :3

RS Zombie

muito bom esse emulador, a configuração é um pouco complexa mas excelente o netcode.

hocine bali

please link to download ???


NSFW Folder


I want to play power stone 2 with my friends so is this video working or just 30 waste ? (Nohate)

Pablo Santos

Can't start NullDC, first its ask me for 2 DLL (done, put both in windows), later it says "0xc000007" (most likely because my windows 10 is 64 bits), download several vcx direct, direct x, microsoft blablabla e none of then works! Help me, pls?


i am also getting starting netplay and hosting..... but nothing after that Amy ideas?

Danny Martinez

Just got a chance to see your video I’m getting a code msvcp100.dll what am I doing wrong?


im a mac and what is this?

Rick Brood

Where can i find a community to play against for Power Stone 2 and Capcom Vs SNk 2?

Danny Martinez

Ok so got that code working but now it tells me can not load any fixes ?

Alex Voss

you don't say the name of the bat file and when I click on either of them i get FPS error cannot find FPS limiter remake Revamp.exe - make sure you type the name in correctly blah blah.


Is this still the only way?


thank you i finally get to play this game online.

James Lance

I have to use Power iso and mount the Love this Emu....Please work please work...It work just the Keyboard 360 only the d-pad worked..lmao Small prob easy fix.


Rival Schools 2 doesn't work? Dawww...


training mode?

EBA101 Boxing

How do you set up second joystick for local play i tried and both handled player 1 or got it once for 2 player but lever on second joy wouldnt register


Has anybody done this with a ps4 controller? I'm having trouble configuring it.

Player X

i want to play with my friends via vpn, but why can't i open the games i downloaded (cdi-files) although it's the same emulator?
and why can't i use the PuruPuru plugin and the plugin for xinput-controllers although i copied the files in the Plugins-folder, so that i've no vmu and no rumble pack?