【TAB】91 Days OP Full 【TK from Ling Tosite Sigure】Signal - Guitar Cover

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【TAB】91 Days OP Full 【TK from Ling Tosite Sigure】Signal - Guitar Cover

71 694 views | 9 Aug. 2016
71 694 views | 9 Aug. 2016

91 Days Opening 弾いてみた【ギター】

Thanks for Watching :)




What exactly are you doing on that slide about 12 seconds in? When I try to do it I get something similar but it's not quite right.


What model telecaster is that? and would you recommend it.? Sounds really good.

Killer Xreaper

Yo man the solo was perfect, this video was awesome

Nico 2009


Shadow Mateus


Leticia Diaz


Johan Cruz

upload the tabs again , plis

Ariela Mp




Jacob Wood

I did love it a lot although some bits where off (well sounded) I loved it alot and the guitar gave it great kick to it and you made a great addition to the song, keep it up ^.^ Put it like this....You have another Sub \('o'\)

Void l

Why did you fade out the ending? I was getting so built up and then the song stopped. :/

Jojo Joses

I don't like playing guitars, but I'd like to hear guitars.

Strange Encounter

Somebody really should start downloading all these tab incase it expire. The feeling whenever I find a good tab but the link is expired ;-;


Very good cover! Can you please send tabs on my gmail? I can't download it from mediafire, 'cause it says that file is deleted. My gmail: [email protected] Thanks for amazing covers :D

Mind your business

Can you send me the tabs please?
[email protected]gmail.com

Kevin Han

Nice cover man! keep it up~~


great job


Men, can you send me tabs, please. Thx [email protected]gmail.com

lydia snyder

This is amazing!!! You did such a great job!



Kenny Jhan

[email protected]gmail.com tab please

Laora Gein

omg great!plz send me one!email is [email protected]


Great cover sounds like the original and thanks for tabs



Hans-Loïc Karrer

The tabs are down once again! I know you get asked alot but may i get the tabs? This song is so perfect - Send them to : [email protected]gmail.com

Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I need it!

Abelardo Romero Molina

Can you please send me tabs to my email [email protected]gmail.com. nice cover man. I loved it

Manuel Alejandro López Pérez

very good men, congrats


Hey everyone that is asking for tabs. I reuploaded them finally as a pdf so everyone can view them. Please let me know if there are any more problems.

Geometry Dash Toxin

If any y’all need tabs, I got you.

Benjamin Gonzalez

can you re-upload the tabs please?

Johnny Casanova

The link are down!! T_T

Aimi LP

Could you send me the TABS please? :c [email protected]gmail.com pretty pleaseeee


Which version of the tele is that?

Jason Lau

Great cover !!! thx for your tab! Btw If possible, Could you please upload the gp5/tg/others version of your tab other than PDF ,THX.

Manna Cra

What can i use to open the tabs under the description?

Forst Shinigami


Taj Quinn

i love this

shyambir singh

Please sub me and comment any video



Biel nas Artes - Como Desenhar

how do I open the tabs?

Therockgamerkid xX


Timmy Davis

could you send the tabs to my email please


It is normally played with the capo at fret 2

Sir Edgy

what tuning?

Ekaterina Sergeeva

Wonderful cover. It is a pity that the pdf file does not open. Could you send it to my email [email protected]mail.ru


amplifier settings? im kinda new, couldnt achieve that sound/tune

Javier Ramirez Araiza

Send the tabs please [email protected]hotmail.com

Avni İzmirli

please guys send me tabs i really need it. [email protected]gmail.com

Qin BackPackers

Senpai sugaiii!!!!(o)

Gamer Sério

the files as been removed ;-; im need to learn this music

Laora Gein

i cant open that tab plz send my email one.thx


Literally sounds worse than shit, hope you`ll practise they way more, laughed laughing half an hour from this solo xDDDD

Leah Mina

MrLopez still play it better than everyone so far.


plz someone send me the tabs plz i really need them!!!

Sarah A


Luminous Blackbird

Really well done aaaaah

iGOT7 problems, But you got no jams

That's such a beautiful tele


hope this song gets on rocksmith someday sounds really fun to play :D

Jack Bursal

Truly amazing!! I hope you don't mind but can you please send it to my email, [email protected]