SCP-1167 - Disembodied Robot Head

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SCP-1167 - Disembodied Robot Head

281 016 views | 27 Jan. 2018
281 016 views | 27 Jan. 2018

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SCP-1167 - Disembodied Robot Head : Object Class: Euclid : Automaton SCP

#scp #scpfoundation #thevolgun Everything in this video was created by me, used with permission (proof can be provided without question) or it exists in the public domain.



Scp Rogue

Wait why is this Euclid? It seems like a safe object and it can’t travel that far to escape

Captain Spire

Robo Dude Vs Robot Head LET them FIGHT!

dat boi

It looks so cute thoooo.... ;w;

Ammonite Animation

Oh my god! i found out this SCP's model is an AIDA dashboard robot! IT EXISTS! (Not as an SCP, its basically a GPS)

youtubegod 5667



I feel like this SCP has a relation to the Destroyer on Jupiter

Samuel Schurman

I wonder if SCP-1167 has anything to do with SCP-2399. Maybe some sort of scout group?

Cupmask Vlogs



Nani!? I always thought you had an american accent by default! Wow! Thats really convincing! 0_o


... Any odds that this thing is related to SCP 2399?


The damn thing is harmless. What danger does this cute thing pose?

Alfonse Dente

Mmmmm robot handy

Eddie Lee

I wonder what will become of this little guy when he finds all his pieces.


Very cute picture for there video preview.


why is it so cute


Andre Bechert

Palo Cthuloo

I love your videos, your format is very easy to follow. The best are the longer ones, I'd be fine with fewer videos if they were all like the 'Red Sea Object' and 'Unlondon'. Your audio quality is great, thanks for using a real microphone. 
By the way, I have a question: Have you ever thought of doing a Dr Bright collection? Because I would love to tune in to 'Friday nights with Dr Bright', much like the Lombardi tales. Thanks for creating content for SCP fans.

Bird Brain

DSDoll has made this a reality

Jacob Wilson

i love that it just hops around


If you get lost in the forest would you say you're in a tree by tree by tree container?

Peter Parker

I admit I kind of feel bad for that little's clearly suffered some sort of damage to its communications systems or logic systems. Otherwise, it would be properly communicating with others. Seems to be more reacting on secondary programming and not higher, cognizance. Apparently logic would dictate. There's more pieces where it was found and others of its kind. Apparently searching the area is difficult. Sounds like it was on a ship of some kind and something happened to the ship itself, which resulted in the ship rationing in one location and occupants in another sounds kind of like a drone that would be used by something similar to spc in a more technologically advanced form. Object could be of extraterrestrial nature or extra dimensional or you could be dealing with a instance of Time travel. Due to its pre-recorded message. People are clearly assuming hostile intent. Which is unfortunate.


Oh hey look, it's the Terminators! :D
Hi, hello Terminators! Please don't kill us, we can be nice to you if you don't kill us dead! :)
*whispering to containment team*: "Exterminate every sample of these things you find with energy blasts equalling high yield thermonuclear weapons. We might be dealing with time travel here. o-o"


Have they ever shown SCP-682 to this one? Maybe that's, what the robots where hunting, maybe SCP-1167 has relevant information, that may help to one day destroy SCP-682.

Blue Eye Orb

Hello TheVolgun, i just wanted to throw out some quick praise. I really enjoy your videos, for the past 3 days ive been binge watching them. And when im not, i feel compelled to come back to them. I just wanted to say your doing a great job and i hope its everything you wanted in this channel, or close atleast. Keep up the good work!

Ender Dynamo

Can you do SCP 2902?


Time travelers Robots sent to intercept a target ?


GREAT! So someone watched The Iron Giant, and decided to turn it into an SCP


I sure hope this cute robot


I feel like 2399 is somehow related to 1167

Derek Drake

Wait.. it sounds like a squad of robots went after something in those caves and got messed up

Should we be concerned that whatever it is they're after is still out there? And apparently survived an assault by AI robots with apparently infinite power sources?


It's been 2 days! I need more reading!! Also anyone else notice that a decent chunk of these SCiPs have made an appearance on Confinement? Coincidence? I think not!!!


A chaos insurgency bot?

Mattia Magnano

Could you work on scp 113 after this one?

Andrew Valenta

Site 13??????

Eddie Lee

What a weird little robot.


So only head?

will smotherman

Man...I would REALLY wish someone could drive deeper into this one. I'ma have to dog into the wiki on this see if anymore info


What song are you using in the background?

Liz A

Andre Becher T


The section about scarred bedrock and ineffective weapons leads me to believe the drones this thing was a part of were trying to cut through to deeper underground. Whether they were trying to damage the Earth's core, or they were pursuing an entity is unclear.



The Mindset

I kinda don't like this one. I feel like there's not enough information. I get that scps are suppose to be mysterious but to have a mystery you have to also have some info along with it, and i think this one missed the mark. Still cool tho

Luis Santiago

Honestly wish there was more to go on.

Kirbpaign 666

I love your readings Volgan, and your SCP 049 voice is honestly both scary and calming.

Tho Imagining that voice reading something like 50 Shades of Grey makes me laugh hysterically.

Still, you are my favourite SCP channel out there (For readings) as you tell them with style unseen in others.


Wait why am I assigned to this

Esteban Rico

Looks cute.

A-10 Warthog

CashApp imyoume1

Star Wars Imperial Drone Head

gaming straub

So how do SCP's work is just a forum can anyone make an SCP or is it special


I’m wondering what it was that got away from them


I like to imagine this robot was actually working for whatever the far future’s version of the SCP foundation is

Callum Conway

I...kinda wanna help it.


So it was part of a team that was chasing something, presumably quite powerful, given indications seem to indicate the team had contact with it before their vessel crashed (the note about a weapons modifications, in particular, seems to suggest that whatever the team or vessel was after, that it had been in the atmosphere/on the surface for at least a short time). So, then the question is, what were they hunting? SCP-682 springs to mind, I suppose, and it would be quite hilarious if it that blasted lizard started out as someone else's problem. At the same time, it might also seem plausible that 1167 is a relic of a war between some extraterrestrial organization or nation and that of SCP-1000, which could be even more interesting.

Panda pruitt

I don't quite understand why this is classified as euclid...could anyone please explain?


plot hole: how would they have found out about unknown languages if there is nobody around to speak those languages.


I love him



Robert Williams

Is it just me, or does this SCP look like WALL-E and EVE's child?


Mr Miller is quite intelligent.

Finnish Wehraboo


aura enchanted

please note this may have been made reference to in the warhammer 40,000 novel adeptus mechanicus: tech-priest

ecogreen 123

alien adaptive tech? underground laboratory construction? who knows

The Blue Chow Chow

"The following message is as follows..."
Kinda redundant, don't you think?

Mat Broomfield

Hmm that one was intriguing.

Kai Crow

I like this one Cuz I actually haven't heard it before like all the others !

drunk astronaut

You're better than EastsideShowSCP, in my opinion.

Atlas WalkedAway

Ancient advanced civilization has a high tech war.


Johnny 5 is alive!


Andre BecherT


What if this is part of SCP-2399 that fell down to Earth?

Maxwell Vindman



Good job! Love your SCP readings. Don't know if this was a writing error or a reading error but I noticed a "The following message is as follows". lol

W D-Type

So glad to see that you’ve been getting back to the SCPs. You’re the voice actor of my high school years. Keep up the good work!

CTA 420

"Monturqui crater in chile" FINALLY THEY MENTION CHILE

Michael Perry

So is this the sequel to The iron giant we've all been waiting for?


So pre evolution of Baston from overwatch?

muffin crew

NCD check it out


That robot is so cute


Why is this a Euclid? It's not hard to contain OR dangerous.

Glorious Content

I think Gladus deserves keter.

Jeffrey Murray

I need more on this

Chance Adamson

Xev where is the love of my circuits, my beautiful sex goddess?


Scp-1167 is basically a robot head


Hey, Volgun I found out my cousin was friends with you when you were in tech together! Small world!

Dashing Steel



And also an SCP

Paul Fallon

Looks like whatever they were hunting stole their ship.

Chaos Sardathion

Im ur 1k like lolllll


Am I the only one that has the feeling that SCP foundation members can't even go groceries shopping without having members ending up either MIA or KIA?


Wait why is it euclid and not safe how i see it is that it is not lethal


I thought this was going to be a spoof of "Getting over it".

Dizzy formula

Andre BercherT

Mattias Cano Cruz

Greetings from Chile

Don't let me near your kitchen

Did anyone else notice the fact he said evacuation but the text said excavation at 3:38 ?

Steve 1122

Is this related to scp2399?

Rais Cooper

WARNING Class-D number 9134 is for termination for not flushing the toilet

Sharon Pereira

Robots have taken over now.

Xalek Salem


Matty Mayhem

Jeeze SCP narration videos should come with a cautionary warning because I am LEGITIMATELY hooked and addicted on these videos. I put these on before I go to sleep and I wake up to watch a few entries before I get out a bed. #NationalSCPCrisis #SCPAddiction