MICHAEL BRECKER Quartet - Live in Italy - Rai Doc 1988 - Second Set

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MICHAEL BRECKER Quartet - Live in Italy - Rai Doc 1988 - Second Set

28 945 views | 23 Jul. 2009
28 945 views | 23 Jul. 2009

NOTHING PERSONAL - from my personal collection www.jazzresearcher.it

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Francesco Lecce

io ero lì

Fabio Marziali

I want this on italian television!!


drums off..


As sane jazz as the world we live in nowdays lol

The Jazz Researcher

ti invidio :-)))))


manca un canale audio


@JessyUV The advancing guitarist makes him sound like a great musician, with a great sense of humor. What did he do to piss you off?!

Giovanni Aquino

I was sure that someone noticed this before me!!!


Too bad the left channel is out.

Danil Zverkhanovsky

Whats the name of the tune? Thanks

The Jazz Researcher

nothing personal (don grolnick)

The Jazz Researcher

is the original video


@LosJonasson Weird, for me it's the right. Can't hear the drums at all.


Shame about the sound, but what a fantastic video - many thanks for posting this masterpiece!

Marco Guidolotti

...che audio... bravi i fonici rai, è?

Eneias Sax Soprano



@Iomega973 Io ho la stessa registrazione e la batteria si sente benissimo,non e' un problema dei fonici RAI ma della cassetta VHS da cui hai fatto la conversione.