[ Comic ] Kylo's Tantrum Hole

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[ Comic ] Kylo's Tantrum Hole

15 796 views | 2 Jan. 2016
15 796 views | 2 Jan. 2016

Sometimes you find those comics that you just can't stop laughing at.

And then you dub then.

Fantastic Original Comic by siderealscion: http://siderealscion.tumblr.com/post/135956653327

Kylo Ren: Omahdon

Hux: Motly Fool

Sound and Visual Editing: Dragonknighttara

Ana Lú Campos

kylo is a big baby

Autistic Gal is really autistic totally

Kylo has a bipolar meltdown.


A fun comic to start the year off. Thanks for sharing this.


I relate to this on many levels lmao


This new battlefront looks amazing!

WOW! This video was so very awesome without the Comic. Thank you, Ms. Natalie Van Sistine and thanks to you're uploading without the comic and i love it.


I would believe this was a real deleted scene

SW Blue

and this is why you better nerver leave Hux and Kylo alone

Hathor Liderc

You know...if they didn't, I would've.

Damian Hia

Has anybody noticed how messed up all the Skywalker boys are? I mean, Anakin turned to Darth Vader, Luke kissed his sister and Kylo/Ben throws freaking temper tantrums. I think the only actual calm on is Leia and she's a fragging princess?!

Korval Bes'uliik

please.. finde more of these Comics,
and Dub them. It's glorious \(^-^)/

basically Jebbuz

okay What the fett

Allistair Stuckless 78 (STUDENT)

This is everything XD

Wally West





It's in the Skywalker bloodline to wine.

Robin Grube

i always saw the first order bad guys to be like a VERY dysfunctional family, for example kylo ren and general hux are the two arguing little brothers, captain phasma is the angry older sister, and and snoke is the father that sits on his chair all day and docent give a shit.

general nikoli

Ren sounds like like tomato gaming

sulfuric hydra42

I wouldn't mind considering this canon because it is hilarious


This basically describes Kylo Ren’s whole character in the movies.


Daddy issues