Vladdys Diamonds Teaches the Price Difference in VVS/VS Diamonds & Shows us the Sparkle Difference.

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Vladdys Diamonds Teaches the Price Difference in VVS/VS Diamonds & Shows us the Sparkle Difference.

113 347 views | 26 Nov. 2019
113 347 views | 26 Nov. 2019

We went to checkout Vladdys Diamonds in NY, NY he's a jeweler that specializes in Diamonds. He teaches us the difference in VVS1/VS Diamonds & Also gives us a side by side comparison to see ourselves. Instagram @VladdysDiamonds. Phone Number (917) 697-7466

Andrej Tajhman

You don't know how to film...what is this a joke....I didn't see nothing

Sandy Mariñez

Hola cuanto bale cada diamante kiero madar aser una cadena

Read my Lips

Do you use crazy glue to stick on those Swarovski crystal


That watch he is wearing is fire

Wolvez Lionz

Just show gold no diamonds show cuben links

Johnny Nguyen


Oscar Plata

Plain jane watches is the way to go I personally wouldn’t rock ice on a Rolex, AP, or a Patek unless it’s straight from the factory or an AD.

Adam Khan

the lighting is shit in the shop

Junious Brown

Yes you can if the stones are big enough you can see the inclusions

Vicky Soni

i am laber gold dimand naklas 9725666096

James Wong

all I see in this video is an idiot pretending to be a jeweler, Ruined high end watches (or replicas) and cheap commodity diamonds that he's marking up hundreds of percent to idiot buyers who want to look like they have money but clearly don't know anything about managing finances

Krasen Maximov

Iced out No stylist!

Maria Messina

Awesome video !! ❤️

Nick Da Vinci

alot of people really have no clue what their talking about in these comments. one after another its a comment with zero jewelry knowledge by a commenter that thinks they know lmaoo..i was gonna correct some comments but it would be pointless going back and forth with people that dont know...someone actually said a stone that small cant be flawless lmfaooo thats why jewelers ignore comments all the time. we would go crazy trying to get every single person to understand


This is a prime example of a rip off jeweler because he doesn't know what the hell he's talking about


places the watches on the crown smh


Never knew the situation was a jeweler now

El Negrito Panameño

Guess I’d be going si

Mapperoff Live


Ludwig Luhoway

I have a chain and pedent my daughter got me were and how woul i get it iced out

Zero Nation Empire

Zeronation 4 ever


Never trust a jeweler on canal st


If yall sub to me i might be able to feed poor kids

Derrick Head

bro this nigga got tits lmao

rod anderson

Seem like the vvs is whiter than others right ?

HK45C •

Love vladdy. His shit is so hot and fresh as fuck. Absolutely dripping with cold ice


Instagram @VladdysDiamonds. Phone Number (917) 697-7466
Tell Him #CharlieBoyTV sent you for an Extra 10-25% off


So icy

Сергей Сергей

Дубляж сделай на Русском!!!! Тоесть переведи епт

Sack Daddy

He has mastered the art of mimicry...his whole jewler talk is off..Canal talk and gimmicks.

mostafa saadinasab


Shambolic PerformanceTV

Lool this guy is a scammer.

jack hummilton

This nigga ain’t jeweler

Juice Man83

Never trust a man with titties


is being a douche a requirement for running a jewelry store or pawn shop?

Tina Zhex

All this diamond business is overrated bullshit

Chill Win

Looks like zirconia


They should use the flawless diamonds with black diamonds as the shaded portion of the piece, it would add depth and make the pieces look more 3 dimensional! I've never seen anyone with jewelry the way I'm describing and in my humble opinion it would change the game.

Mista Brown

Is it more yellowish(right)?

Alex's reeftank

If you learned how to manual focus...

miamimagicians magician miami

Amazing video

Faisal Fz


genahsyde jay

Everything fake on canal street

Franco prez gone sledding Prez GoNe SleDdInG

the color and cut have more to do with it when using diamonds under a carat hearts on fire diamond cut crzy

Frank Moran

Hey, do a video on the wholesale cost of the diamonds to you. That would be awesome!!

Chuck's poke

How can stone that size be flawless.Most time that size because they were larger lower quality diamonds. That was my understanding. If that your taste ( large bulky ) okay. But why not send money on more classy stone high CC quality that will be timeless and not item unwanted and dissembled and melted for reuse. Something that draw buyers if you collection went to auction or you going have means to buy such them. Fine jewels solid investment.

Mitchell Barrios

Why does this guy have breasts? Looks like he wearing a sport bra!

Eddie Crow

Diamonds are ass i just went ahead and went with mossinate, shines better, doesn’t get cloudy, tests as the same level as a diamond on most readers and fraction of the cost

WaNNa MaKe LiBs cRy

That scale was off wtf


Gold is worth money. Diamonds are a fucking joke.

gemstones hunter stones

Very nice. I am a gemstones researcher and i have a lot of sharing videos on my cha_n_nel that deal with moments of my research and find gemsstones. I am very happy to find what I did not expect at the place I am looking for, the diamonds, spinels, sapphires and other ...


Vladdy is legit and he is respectful.

M Jz

Nigga no he lying you can't tell vvs from vs just off your fucking eyes...Never trust a jeweler who says that.

muhammad ali

Number 1 like number 1 bling


Yes you can tell the difference in clarity with that being said clarity isn’t everything if you want your


Your focusing succs big ol dicc fool. Step your game up camera man.

RS3 Dutchie

It is such bullshit that there is a sparkle difference between VVS and VS.. it is just the way how the stones are cut that determines the way it sparkles.. sorry, total bs, you can have gorgeous SI and very very ugly VVS stones.


I’m enjoying your videos... every one of them

Gio Garcia

These the jewelers trax be trynna warn ya about

Slick Migillicutty

Jewelry trade,... supplied from the backs of poverty around the world.
Sold by a bunch of glorified car salesman greasy as can be.
Bought by little dick [email protected] who think more bling makes them a bigger man. Pathetic all the way around!

Sel Sel

Please go and check out this new YouTube artist

prithivi raj

TraxNyc is much better and transparent in his videos

Sandor Varga.


Matthew Thomas-erwin

A Jew selling overpriced VS1 diamonds

Nemanja Draca

He got a girl body look at the thumbnail


“now the way we do it”


Can u take my hulk am emerald it out?

Nodd inn

Aj s

You can't get VVS flawless clarity. That's a contradiction. It's either VVS or Flawless.

Runo Dersim

Boy oh boy you have absolutly no idea what you are talking about - D AND V COLOR SI 2 IF Diamonds!! ONLY AT VLADDYS DIAMONDS!!!

Janard Diaz

Glad to see the Situation came out of jail and is earning a honest living!

Burhanuddin Sakarwala

One thing is sure, there isn't a single Grand Seiko in that store

John Hernandez

Let me buy that 5980 dude. No joke