ESO Monster Trophies! What Are They?

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ESO Monster Trophies! What Are They?

904 views | 6 Nov. 2020
904 views | 6 Nov. 2020

In this video, I tell you about the Monster trophy achievement system.

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Ferdinand Osuba


Didn't know this existed, thanks for pointing out, have picked up a few of those blue treasure things a few times just thought they were things for selling not part of an achievement, pity they weren't furnishings as well some of them would be quite cool

Justin Hoffman

I like when you film on location.

Kill Me

One of the things I like to do with these is take my sketchbook and use the items as drawing prompts and trying to draw a decent little image of what they'd look like if they had an in-game model you could interact with. One of my favorites to do was the Polished Shell Shard and the Twitching Draugr Hand, both were really satisfying to draw

Chris Benn

Nice video :)
Are you playing with your console on wireless or do you use cable all the way out of your house?


I think part of the fun is finding out what all the things that drop are. I am really excited for markath next week. I love how this game is always evolving


How do you record videos and edit them? Could be a new video idea

Joe Black

Thanks for the vids

Precision Kills23

Definitely ready for Markarth!!

Michelle Partridge

Craglorn is great for antronochs as well.


Always ready for a chance to get new dyes!

Santa Clause

Yea man, the colors arent so great with the dyes. They could definatly use some more

Charles Jarrell

Spell scar in craglorn is great for each atronoch treasures. I’ve got the the sharp mandible from farming the assassin beetles in alikr at the rain catchers for beetle scuttle.