Chroma vs Mirage (Damage Comparison) - Vex Armor vs Eclipse (Warframe Gameplay)

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Chroma vs Mirage (Damage Comparison) - Vex Armor vs Eclipse (Warframe Gameplay)

109 486 views | 12 Apr. 2019
109 486 views | 12 Apr. 2019

Chroma vs Mirage (Damage Comparison) - Vex Armor vs Eclipse (Warframe Gameplay)

It's always fun to compare damage numbers so today we will be comparing Chroma Prime's Vex Armor Buff with Mirage Prime's Eclipse Buff. Both frames are pretty much maxed, Umbral Build with the same power strength amount of three hundred and eighty four percent.

Further increasing or decreasing the amount of ability strength will not change the result and Mirage would still do more damage because of how Eclipse works:

This is how Vex Armor works

For Eidolon hunts I recommend Chroma 100% as he is a lot more reliable, has more survivability and Mirage cannot use her Eclipse buff in the dark plus she is a lot more fragile.

Warframe is a free-to-play cooperative third-person shooter video game developed and published by Digital Extremes. Originally released for PC Microsoft Windows in March 2013, it was later ported to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

LeyzarGamingViews :

Julio Dumenigo

Chroma's benefit is survivability and team buffing.


So many Chroma fanboys crying in the comments section lol. BUT MUH CHROMA SURVIVABILITY. Can't read the title clearly saying "(Damage Comparison)"

Charles Cunningham

Just use a javlok or napalm penta to set yourself on fire, then use an appropriate radiation kitgun. Umbral Mirage is disgusting.


Harrow > all


If you think about it from a lore perspective, Mirage WAS the one who went down killing a whole army of sentients. No wonder eidolons only come out at night.

Lord Headass

If only eidolons came out at night


But what about Ivara? Her navigator increases the damage of a weapon up to 20.6x (That number is with all power strength mods on, and maxed, and with growing power/energy conversion) She seems like a candidate for the highest damage output in one hit. (Besides, a standard Lanka build with 20x multiplier? That'll oneshot just about anything in the game, including the Synovia's and main body of the Eidolon's.) Could anyone explain why Ivara isn't even a candidate for the highest output from a weapon?

Slikk Vic

This competition was finished from the start


Can we get a kronen prime review from you? I recently picked it up and started using it with a riven. It holds a special place for me since it was the first weapon I got my hands on that I enjoyed when it was released. So I'd like to see what you do with it.

Kindred 05

We have the same Mirage appearance

Victor Da Sousa

Guys, if you are affected by heat proc, you are able to use the buff of Mirage's 3. Javlok or another weapon which can do auto-damage with status duration and VOILÀ

Easy 2B Cheesy

And if you want even more dmg use hall of mirrors

and r f

have you used hall on malevolence on that Configuration B?

Martin Feč

I was always wondering what is the Chromas Power Strength threshold when Serration becomes better than Wildfire. I might test it out for my build since it is not that complicated but maybe some of you guys know already :) I was always kinda lazy to go into Simulacrum and I'm probably at like 260-280% PStr but I use Wildfire.


And this wasn't including hall of mirrors or multishot


wHaT AbOuT LiMbO?

Rurik the hunter

Cool those quality life changes on chroma


Then empowered quiver smite infusion ivara walks in

Roxioboyo uno mas

still prefer mirage with lenz multishot

Experience Master

this isn't consistant but if you get lucky with eidolon spawns, there are spotlights at grineer camps so just pop eclipse and stand in the lights

(also can we note that he had to lower his power strength to make it fair for chroma and Mirage still out did it


Octavia Vs Mirage?

Haylan Marks

Clones tho

Jean Marc Tacorda

Waiting for an augment that gives her a light source.

Ox Lord

Did mirage get nerfed yet?




Lady Mirage is the reason eidolons only come out at night.


I was wondering..i use hall of malevolence or should i use transient fortitude ?

Juliyan Saputra

New location mirage prime relic plis


Maybe it's me and I cant cook Chroma properly (and I don't have riven for Rubico) but when compared those two in Tusk Thumper hunting - Mirage wins it for me.

Something 88

Why did you use hall of malevolence?


use antimatter drop nova on the synovia, im curious

Swagnik Roychoudhury

How much would you sell your Rubico Riven for?

UmBrAl DaRkNeSs

Great job


Oof I almost have chroma prime

james bledsoe

thank u I have wanted this for a good while now

Cameron Grondzki

Anyone else hate that damage multipliers are different across frames

Arthur Wiebusch

good work!

Marco Terni

Also let's not forget vex armor gives armor as well and I hate to say it but there is a better eidolon build for chroma and eidolons are not the only part of warframe

Terrence Timmons

Thanks Leyzar I learned something new.

Disco Jellyfish

Well the simple truth is that Primed Cryo Rounds is better than Wildfire.
As of my testing. You wanted me to, so we can get a fair comparison.
With Wildfire equipped I do 8.2% less damage than with Primed Cryo Rounds. Both are maxed, of course.


Mirage Prime because she reminds me of a mother and she's been a personal favorite ever since my starting days.


And you didnt even use he clones


Gotta try the thumper mirage now.


What if you brought the chroma to also buff mirages damage

Super Duper

Hey, so possibly a stupid question, but what was that special mod below his rubico prime build? Anything helps!


"Standard eidolon-hunting build" <shows riven>
>Implying everyone has a rubico riven.
Here's an idea: Show builds which are reachable by players who didn't get lucky on riven roulette or spend lots of plat to buy a riven.

Andrew Lawrence

But why does 60% heat do better than 165% damage? Numbers don't make sense to me as to why one does better than the other unless that frame actually will benefit more from elemental use. Idk im a noob

Bored Falco

Like = mirage nuke queen

Comment = Saryn nuke queen

None = both nuke queen

Brett Bruner

Ok heres my question does chromas 2 in the case of ice and electricity stack with his 2?

Fabio De Gregorio

Is It possible that no one cares about mag magnetize?

Prince of Space

How does Mirage's damage output look when she has Eclipse and Hall of Mirrors on at the same time? Or does Hall of Mirrors' damage function more like multishot (adding 300% multishot to the weapon)?

Himi Jendrix

Mirage eclipse needs to be changed so that you can switch between damage reduction/damage buff rather than refreshing it.

Paul Maroush

Raw power is fun , but in my humble opinion my boy chroma is better all around as he can tank and shred which makes you less worry when you go on long runs. I have them both but I still bring chroma everywhere.

Doom Dragon

He said vex armor for mirage...hehe or is it that a mirage?

Campfire Douglas

just picked up the opticor vandal from the thermia fractures and was looking to max my damage with a warframe. this came out just in time for me to see which was best, thanks


And people question me using Mirage Prime all the time


I've been saying this for weeks, thank you for putting it to practice and proof

Dio Brando

I thought Mirage was good I played her with a whole month without using eclipse

Coolinit Gmail

I get how chroma's self buff works but I'm still confused on how serration does less dmg than wildfire mod..

LeandroCastelli Cuenta-Inactiva

4:24 AAAAAHH!!!!

kevyn green

Thanks for sharing this.

Giyuu Lonewolf

I still wanted to see a miter build review...

i honestly guess not, doesn't matter then..

Raphael Boykin

Does eclipse only increase the primary dog or does it include secondary and melee?

Makowiec Makowiecki

Don't mind me. Just stealing Mirage build

Lyndale Pettus

I know weapons are your thing but I need your vast knowledge of frame buffs

Andriani Perez

okay im new to waframe but when u are at this point in the game what do u do? like u have everything

grandmas pyramid

To simply put it, Chroma's Vex Armor is an additive damage bonus to your base damage like serration. Mirage's Eclipse is multiplicative on modded damage. Correct me if I'm wrong.


Mirage might have more damage but chroma has damage AND armor buff so he can basically shake off lots of damage while keep dealing it, or just deal damage under heavy fire, it's all about playstyle but I'd choose chroma because with vex armor you don't need to care much about evading the actual damage - more survivability.
P.s. didn't know about wildfire, gonna check it out

Alex Idiculla Mathews

Too bad eclipse dmg buff is only in well lit areas

Bob Rogers

Mirage with the Quanta is like a rave

alex r

Ever tried a Full-Strength-Octavia instead of Mirage?
Her 4 works well with Eidolons as the volume of the fight keeps the buff at max.


They removed self damage so u can't really use either frame for eidolons as effectively as before (mirage is best now, she only needed self damage for dark areas, her buff still work in light)

Rhowyn the Ronin

Just want to say thanks for making this (and all your other) video(s)! Your advice and information has helped me to improve and made the game even more enjoyable! All the best to you and yours! <3


Is this Chroma build that you use for only Eidolon hunt?


DE should give us a deployable disco ball to activate the light for Mirage. I love that clownframe.


Can't you just proc fire on yourself tho? there's not really anything "less consistent" with mirage's


If only they made it do you could gage both mirages buffs simultaneously or maybe give her an ability that allows her to change the lighting on the title set to a dusk lighting so she can have both.


i wouldnt abuse mirage too much. Or she will get nerf just like chroma did. Before chroma vex dmg buff work just like the one on Eclipse until they nerf it because eidolons.

King Jerbear

Amazing video! Thanks for taking the time to do this. Aside from the T H I C C-ness she possesses, I think Mirage's design/style is easily one of the best in the game; even in default colors.

Nemesis Voidfallen

Mirage would win if you count the clones


1:12 You use serration on rubico for chroma build ?? Tell me , mie serration work with vex armor ? So do i could use it ?


Sooo, where is the elemental ward?....


Leyzar gaming: you don't use her because you can't procc it at night

Leyzar gaming: hold my beer

Mislav Grošinić

Dragom boi is best


what does that riven rubico mod do? is it 100% need to have type of thing or the weapon is still useful without it?


We should note here that mirage also has hall of mirrors to add to that damage number which is why I use mirage for boss running all the normie bosses and some of the event bosses, chroma is only really good for eidolon because of his survivability, straight up run shoot run bosses are all about the fashion lady though

Lyndale Pettus

I know weapons are your thing but I need your vast knowledge of frame buffs

Rafael Ferreira da Silva

Mirage first ability should work like Baruk first, dmg on combat, dmg mitigation wile in not...

weeb for life

U rll do read the comments BRAVO

William H

I honestly had no idea that just throwing more fire damage would scale better with Chroma's Vex Armor than Serration would. I mean, since the elemental damage gets boosted from base-damage mods it sort of makes sense, if Vex Armor is acting like a base damage mod, but color me surprised.


Lol wtf like just 2 months ago I wanted to use mirage and everybody said she was trash


Isn't banshee even better for enemies who can be affected by her weak spot ability?

Dylan Moran

You my friend have a new sub. This was well informed and I like it.

Christopher Matei

What about non-Prime Mirage?


Mirage can do profittaker and other motherorbs


If you can proc fire on yourself then eclipse will give the damage boost and not the reduction.


Well know that the winner its chroma and mirage as teammates and with the mod full eclipse


i always wonder how the math work on both of this warframe buff
thanks for the clarification

Milan Petkov

good buff but in eidolon be night. no buff :))))))))))))))))))))))))

Yoel Ezequiel Demedici

And that without using Hall of Mirrors (talking about total damage)