[OSRS] Obby Pure pking | Swift Blade #16

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[OSRS] Obby Pure pking | Swift Blade #16

11 794 views | 24 Apr. 2020
11 794 views | 24 Apr. 2020

LMS update brought us something new and exciting! a 1 attack weapon!

But it's just another reskin... go figure.

All Bounty Hunter v3 clips were recorded on release day.

music used:

1.Gran Turismo 5 OST - Baby

2.Sonic 3 OST - Hydrocity Zone Remix

3.Waterflame - Body Jammer

4.Waterflame - Glorious Morning 2

5.Daytona USA Deluxe OST - The King of Speed

6.A Hat in Time OST - Scootin' Through Clocktowers

C.O Phazon

What weapon is that at 0:12 before you use cannon

Trai Born

i dont understnd all this switching switching, whats it do? and why those items?

M Huss

how do you feel about the new bh ? doesnt it suck you always risk a lot?

Joe B Son OSRS

Lol this is dope great vid man


This video is one of the most impressive 8 minutes I have seen since OS came out. subbed

Ronny Hammer

Nice video!

ahmost 22

Do u have smooth animations on

luis Eduardo

What world are you pking on


amazing vid. Enjoyed the lms content


King of Fashionscape


Always nice seeing you upload. Great video!! and damn that account is fuckin NICE

Futon King

First thing I see baked 1:00 in the morning nice.


i just love the fact that pure pking is basically just a battle of fashionscape

Vin Jay

You should give the upcoming DMM a shot and play it

Austin Dones

What is the song that starts at 3:20? That game was dope

Zombie Hand

Best vids ever, such a sick acc, sick moves 10/10


lmao fucking great vid bby ily <3


I was about to sleep until your vid dropped!! Beautifully done!!

Dylan Stewart

I love u dad


god of war lol

Johny Huizar

What the fuck did I just watch... What a fucking masterpiece lol from the fhasionscape, to the ko's, down to the music. Dope ass vid bro, keep em coming. Subbed and liked man.


I like the outfit but obby pure pking is kind of stale :/

✝ shaDenied ✝

Damn this boy really the goat


Bounty Hunter v3 opinions? I Think it's the worst one so far.


Nice fakies m8.


He's back

E X O D l A

nice vid, nice to see some obby pking again :) I quit tho good memories still

cian mcclees

Love the vids bro. Grats on the swift blade. What's the weapon you used in the first clip that's like a skull? Never seen that before

Tbe Mauler

Effortless. MJ OF OBBYS

Toomas Treufeldt

Hey, what client are you using?

jaap stam

nice gran turismo 5 music

Thomas Butler

Good to see you're out tryna get some content, love to see it as per usual.


Nice video!


What client do you use?


by far the worst, love the content though, saw you at mlm the other day :D


I really like the music you used in your video!

Just OsRs

make more vids bro! your switches are nuts

Bit Stream

-gets target

Rasson H3ro

Finally a new vid.. So nice to see you Upload again!!

zxftabbn iigzfsljsdlkds

the best, welcome back

Hoo Jr

Ur the best

Cody White

how long would you say youve spent coming up with fashionscape outfits LOL

srv creep

Obscure vgm mix my guy?

PurpSeek Osrs

Thats old bh wjajajaj


Next vid better have hydra pet or unsub


Damn good to see you playing is there still the two obby clans?

Bo Selecta

yo, i don't have anywhere else to ask u this, but do u know if reducing your mage level under 50 so you can't cast magic dart stops you from getting turoth tasks? love you big L

RB Cooper

Nice vid bud. -Reverse

Albert Weis

loved this


Tee nyt jo lisää videoit vaik en ymmärräkkää paljoo tätä pelii :D

Robin Connex

that pneck k0 at 5:10 very nice


That smoke devil kc tho! Glad u finally got it. What is that green sword in your inv at 3:37?

Vin Jay

5:24 that's some funky knife throwing animation right there

Patrick Van Der Ploeg

Golden rule with fighting pures: the more fashionscape they bring, the harder they reck you.


animation smoother is disgusting ngl


Lol. Damn to die to some noob wearing a strength ammy has got to feel like shit


#1 obby is back

jay 716

Honestly still nice to see someone doing all the wep switches and the fashionscape on point