★ Guild Wars 2 ★ - Ascended Trinkets: How to Obtain, Attune & Infuse Rings

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★ Guild Wars 2 ★ - Ascended Trinkets: How to Obtain, Attune & Infuse Rings

19 190 views | 29 Dec. 2017
19 190 views | 29 Dec. 2017

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Since I came back, I started working on getting Viper's gear to do raids and for my condi builds. So these are just the ascended trinkets that I got from Living World Season 3 zones and how I attune & infuse them. Hope this helps some of u guys who are working on ascended gear

Enjoy watching!

► Timestamps

0:00 Intro

0:08 Farm for Unbound Magic & Blood Rubies in Bloodstone Fen.

- Blood Ruby Band (Ring) - 2000 UM + 100 BR

- Blood Ruby Pendant (Amulet) - 3000 UM + 125 BR

- Blood Ruby Backpack (Backpack) - 5000 UM + 200 BR

Blood Rubies location in the description below:


The Ring is UNIQUE so you can't wear two of the same type at the same time.

You can select the stats after you purchase them.

You can farm the Blood Rubies on multiple characters a day.

Purchase the ascended items from Scholar Rakka in Haunted Canyons.


1:10 Farm for Unbound Magic & Fresh Winterberry in Bitterfrost Frontier.

- Black Ice Band (Ring) - 2000 UM + 200 FW

- Black Ice Earring (Accessory) - 4000 UM + 300 FW

- Icebrood Horn Backpack (Backpack) - 5000 UM + 400 FW

Fresh Winterberries location in the description below:


The Ring and Accessory are UNIQUE so you can't wear two of the same type at the same time.

You can select the stats after you purchase them.

You can farm the Fresh Winterberries on multiple characters a day.

Purchase the ascended items from Slooshoo in Sorrow's Eclipse Sanctuary.


1:15 Materials for Attunement & Infusion

Attune/infuse the Rings at a Mystic Forge

1 Ring

1 Agonized Essence

1 +1 Agony Infusion

1 Philosopher's Stone


1 Ring

1 Shard of Crystallized Mists Essence

3 Glob of Coagulated Mists Essence

5 Vial of Condensed Mists Essence

To attune & infuse the ring, you will need to have Fractal Relics. This means you will need to do your Fractal dailies to be able to purchase the mats. Purchase from the Pink Kitty Golem: INFUZ-5959 in the Mistlock Observatory.

Doing one step gives you 2 infusion slots. Doing both steps give 3 infusion slots.

If you don't have enough Fractal Relics but have Pristine Fractal Relics, you can exchange them at the Yellow Kitty Golem: BUY-2046 PFR.

2:52 Mystic Forge

►LWS3 Vendors that sell Ascended Trinkets:

Draconis Mons - Ring, Amulet


Ember Bay - Backpack


Lake Doric - Back Item, Amulet


Siren's Landing - Amulet (backpack from heart vendors)


Bitterfrost Frontier - Ring, Accessory, Backpack


Bloodstone Fen - Ring, Accessory



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love your voice, nice vid for a new player

Autarch Yolo

I am late but i have a question? I have all the chapters but do i need to complete the stories before being able to go to the following maps?

Gameplay Center

Hey. Thanks for the guide. Nice job. But i m new in Fractal. i bought 2 Ascended rings yet (2x Bagh Nagh) in fractal. But i can use only 1 ring i can not use second ascended ring. why? When i equiped 1 ascened, other ascended is not equiped :SS

Darin Ball

Had the info I was looking for, turned me being afraid to even get started t being upset it was so easy, lol. GReat job

Özgür Baydar

can i use Blood Ruby ring + Blood Ruby Amulet at same time?

Shawn .L

wanna ask you is it better to just farm fractals to get ascended trinkets with zerker stats that i want or its cheaper to swap stats on any ascended drop... cause i got some ascended gear which are healer ones whic my thief cant use


Hey thanks for the guide. However I don’t have season 3 unlocked for these maps. Do you personally recommend to purchase the story or just find other ways to get ascended gears.

Ray Macz

The best guide so far, notes for list of items are displayed in this video. All your videos are excellent like the masteries guide as well. Subscribed!

Aurea Arleigh

Cool guide! I know noone wants to do pvp due to the toxicity BUT if you do you can get the rings with double infusion and all the pvp gear / jewelry has all stats including HoT and PoF. But your guide is the best PVE only oriented and most friendly grinds. I still have to farm more winterberries to get my ascended light armor aquabreather...I got burned out fast on winterberries LOL. Thanks again for your helpful videos! <3

Chimera Factory

You can sort of cheese the rings and have two black ice bands. Attuning and/or infusing makes the rings count as different ones. So a plain ring, an attuned ring, an infused ring and an attuned+infused ring all count as different as far as the game is concerned (you can also reset the stats by attuning or infusing if you need to). Because all the map currencies have an account wide daily limit except the winterberry, this way you can get one ring a little faster.