ASMR FOR MEN Hot Towel Shave

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ASMR FOR MEN Hot Towel Shave

124 067 views | 3 May. 2020
124 067 views | 3 May. 2020

Welcome you! In tonight's asmr video you'll enjoy a relaxing ear to ear barbershop hot towel shave.

Angel Davenport

oh my god youre so incredibly drop dead gorgeous.
wifey fo sho.
I need to marry you and give you a baby. I just have to.

Jason Dunbar

I’ve never drank tea through a straw


You're doing a great job!



Austin James

I need a beard trim darling & if you don’t mind, I’d love some additional cleansing

Nathan Campbell

My 4th shave today. Fantastic as always

Declan Searle

I love every single one of your YouTube videos keep it up

Business Casual ASMR

I always love these videos! They are my favorite type of Roleplay ASMR!


Bro I’m a girl

Fazel Ahmadi

Guys , does anyone noticed that asmr videos are getting +18

James Davis

Just realized you have a tik are you so gorgeous?! I may have to finally break down and get the app now

Allen Lawthfar

Whenever I see an ASMR Roleplay I get a mental image of a young girl playing make-believe with her teddy bear

Kevin Tramell

Anybody else hear the very tiny buzzing noise in the background or are my headphones broken?

Storm season

Petition to bring back helga one like equals one signature!


love all your hot shave videos

Leoluca Randisi

I had a super emotional day yesterday this Quarintine is getting to me. So today I had a relaxing chill day mostly just watching ASMR but I also read a book and swam in my pool. So at the end of a relaxing day that I needed after a very bad day it was nice to wind the day down with a nice calming Creative Calm ASMR video, thank you Lucy your videos mean a lot to me!


Damn xxtrah asmr shawty jus stole ya whole big time now lol

Israel Zayas

I almost missed my bi-daily dose of Lucy.



It looked like you were wearing a bow tie in the thumbnail. Though you weren’t, I’d have to say you’d look pretty cute in one.


You tik tok


That was lovely. Thank you so much for posting!

Brent Delong

Working out, No. I've gained 15 pounds of fat under this damned lockdown crap.

Peter Lervik

My only gripe is that you were having a conversation with us during the hot towl... i would be hard pressed to talk a bunch with it on my face, that's just me tho

Claudia Moran

Am I the only one who heard an owl in the back ?

Owl Bajs

I don't think the owl liked that you had double booked his appointment at 12:55.


I like your eye color, indigo blue reminiscent of deep blue oceans. watching from Korea!


Oh, Luce, what's occurin"?

Nicolas Martinez

Hey u...I never comment. I have watched ASMR artists from starting with Gentlewhisperer 5 yrs ago to present day males n females n without a doubt I subbed ur channel bc instantly u have become my favorite. Absolute favorite n go to gal for sleep lol. Ur voice is so soothing. As a Iraq Vet Marine with PTSD u r all that works for me wen it comes to sleep so thank u. I'll always b grateful for that to u!!!

Clint Mcclintock

Another awesome video as always. But am I really high, or are you really high?


So beautiful. Love your stile.


another classic


You have the sexiest smile and teeth are they real?

jason coop

I've never had a barbershop shave but we don't have half the attendants like you. To fancy for me.

Chris Bridston

Ya know... while I was laid off from Boeing after 9-11.. I actually was one of the only straight guys in cosmetics at Nordstrom’s.. men’s skin care , fragrance, women’s fragrance.. actually was certified to give straight razor shaves :) had to learn on a balloon with whip cream lol.. been back building plans since 06.. but let’s just say it was an interesting time in my life :) thanks for the content .. especially during the apocalypse

ojourin b

Ah yes I am man. I would legit glue a fake beard to myself if it meant I could be this well relaxed

Anthony R

I needed this thank you Lucy hope you are well

guns blaze

Literally the type of video I was looking for

Alejandro Rodriguez

Creative Calm: you look like you’ve been working out
Me: eating a party pack from tbell yeah... I guess you could say that...


Do you have an owl friend?

Mole Shaman

Great roleplay and I love the conversational tone and friendliness of it all ! Thanks Lucy ! I also like your attention to smells,it seems to be ignored by many ASMrtists but it can be powerfully relaxing and triggerin g. :)


Your role plays create an air of serenity, kindness and service like no other. ...speaks volumes about your soul Lucy. Please , feel free to pump up that volume anytime!

Brett Wilson

Love your stuff. I go to sleep with you in my ears just about every night. Just stunning. Thanks


What an angel


i thought the video was titled: “For Hot Men” and i was like yeah i don’t belong here

Ryan Wisdom

You look like, what Bridget Jones dreamed she'd look like. LY

GITJ 2020 Jungle Rumble

Nᴏᴛʜɪɴɢ ᴍᴏʀᴇ ʀᴇʟᴀxɪɴɢ; ʜᴏᴛ ᴛᴏᴡᴇʟꜱ ᴀɴᴅ ᴀ ɴɪᴄᴇ ᴄʟᴏꜱᴇ ꜱʜᴀᴠᴇ. Aɴᴅ ʏᴏᴜʀ ᴇxᴘᴇʀᴛɪꜱᴇ ᴏғ ᴄᴏᴜʀꜱᴇ.

Andrew Fallon

Nobody gonna mention that choker?

Alex Dickson

Great video

jeremias vila

Quiero q seas la madre de mis hijos

NightBlossom Audios

Omg guuuuurl!!! That choker is absolutely stunning (just like the wearer hehehe). Where on earth did you get it from? (im a choker wearer)

Dr Bobby ASMR

I could do with this right now! :)

Sarah Miller

My Dysphoria: bad. Terrible.Agonizing.

My last two brain cells: watch asmr about a beard shave. Feel masculine.

My Dysphoria now: there, but like, better.


So many good things to say about this video. Your voice is extremely calming, there’s tingles aplenty, but the best thing (IMO) about this RP video is the “chat” which seems so realistic. I’m not knocking other ASMRtists, but your conversation seems so natural when other ASMRtists “chat” seems either generic or they ask ‘questions’ that require obvious yes or no “answers”. So the interaction you’re having with the customer is what I’d expect from a barber. One other thing that makes this RP so believable is that you rinse the razor during the shave! It’s a minor detail, sure, but other ASMRtists think a man can shave his entire face without rinsing the razor! Anyway, thanks for this wonderful video. Stay safe.

Johnny Mags BBQ

Nothing better than a hot towel shave.

Gojin Grey ASMR

Me, a girl, seeing Lucy just uploaded a barbershop video: I guess it is time to glue on a fake beard again

Lefty Hara

I need this more than sleep right now.



tywinislit and Eddard

Dafaq am i watching lol

Dane Sellards

I absolutely LOVE her hair in this so cute!!!

Kenny Mullaney

How do I marry u


That hooting in the background is kinda annoying...


God your voice is so hot


Was that a pigeon at 12:25?

Nick Hamlin

Can you do another outside meditation and positive affirmation video? That is one of my favorite ASMR videos of all time.

Arturo Montoya

Anyone else hear the owl or pigeon???

jason coop

You have some of the best role playing videos. Super tingles

DangerCat 2000

I have been working out. I’ve also been drinking a gallon of beer every night. You know, doing my best me during these trying times

Dillon Roser

Holy Pristine Blue Eyes Batman.

Genifer Romero

I like your older videos. These are, I don't know, different.

Rachael L

I keep sneaking into these barber shops pretending to identify as a man.... SO WORTH IT ☺️


So pretty


You lost me at Proraso. I prefer Speick. Much better IMO.


Lucy : "would you like anything to drink? Me: "Oh yes please, could I.... Lucy: "oh you're ok for the moment, ok"......:(

Nights Player's ASMR

Barbershop is one of my favorite videos, thank you for the video!

Bulk The Disturbed Fat Man Chris

The Queen of ASMR always makes life relaxing and better.

No No

Wait... you're open? I haevt had a trim since this pandemic, sign me up!

Chase Banks

Ironically I was thinking about shaving my beard today and this video comes up. More perfect timing from Lucy. Thank you and have good day.


That voice.....❤️

Thiago Lanni

0:27 oh dude... I do miss my gym a lot, working out at home is not the same.

Matthew Neely

This is the closest thing to a barber that I can get while on quarantine. :/


"shaving roleplay for men"
trans girls: nervous sweating

YourDad 902

Fell asleep to this and woke up without a beard


Lads, the secret's out...She knows nobody's shaved for like 3 months!


We are going to shave your face Me: wait, I don’t have facial hair...


Very nice treatment, i needed that today!!!

Matt Rader

Thanks for being my lovely barber today, LUCY. I'm so LUCkY!

Mr Boss

I feel asleep to this thanks

Aunt Esther

You've been getting really good at using little 'clicky' inaudible  mouth sounds between whispers. Fills in the spaces nicely.

Jordan95 HD

A relaxing ear-to-ear hot towel shave from this beauty? Yes please!


Why is this barbershop so empty? And why am I here when I SHOULD be social distancing?

Knut Karlsen

Jin Gu Song

Dragon Flame

Another wonderful video that was so calming and relaxing

Ben Haberl

It's 3 am, hopefully this does the trick


Pretty necklace


Chris Turner

Could i hear a wood pigeon at 12:53 ish?

Anonymous Persona

Dukes ASMR

Your mom's a hot towel shave.