Gary the Dairy Fairy | Aqua Teen Hunger | Adult Swim

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Gary the Dairy Fairy | Aqua Teen Hunger | Adult Swim

223 087 views | 14 Feb. 2012
223 087 views | 14 Feb. 2012

The trio are visited by a preventative, dietary fairy.


About Aqua Teen Hunger:

Aqua Teen Hunger Force is almost assuredly the first thing that you'd identify with Adult Swim. Watch Master Shake, Meatwad and Frylock deliberately ignore the original premise of "mystery-solving foodstuffs living in Jersey" as they combat aliens, get jobs, warp to alternate dimensions, throw up, blow up and continually surprise their viewing audience. You're probably a bigger fan of their neighbor Carl at this point, anyway. So, hey, watch the adventures of Carl (and the frequently-rebranded Aqua Teens) at Adult Do whatever you like. It's your Internet connection.

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Gary the Dairy Fairy | Aqua Teen Hunger | Adult Swim

Raven Strahd

Gary the Dairy Fairy is a gay hipster version of Carl.

big loser guy

From the picture I thought something happened to Carl or he was trying to replace him




Gary sounds a bit like Al Gore (south park version)

Joseph Womer

What's with the guy's lips?

Bootleg Bart Simpson


Stephen Smith

Every gay man I know sounds like Gary

Sometimeslatefordinner Stream Archives

Maybe I would floss if it was more like a video game, XD


Why is Gary wearing Carl's outfit with shoes?


I love Gary the Dairy Fairy

Preston Henson

Gary? Garrrrrrrry

Ross Orange

Gary looks ALOT like Sam Hyde

bob odenkirk


Jordan Breon

All kids care about are video games where you steal cars and have sex with Russian prostitutes.

Hey where’s that stuff happening?

Emil C

Laugh every time I hear him

Micah Bell

“We have one issue that we completely disagree on...”
“Dental Hygiene”

The Ban Man

It's Sam Hyde

Jay Zeal

"Immigration" ...shake? ✋... Where do You come from?

Finn Man

I got you son of a bitch

Michael Huynh

Is there a reason why Gary the Dairy Fairy has to act & look like an ACTUAL fairy??

Lino Binarao


GameB Awesome

Why does he sound so Fabulous when he says “flossing”?


I love how its carls body....
With Al Gores voice....

Gary Mckee

Hey where's that stuff happening.
Great line.

Mindless Ambient

Lol this character is so weird...imo one of the weirdest in the show.

Chadum H

Came here just to see Schnepp's character

Just As I Thought. Trash.


Zane The Zaniest

Why does he look so much like TomSka


They're made of cheeeese

the book was way better

something about cheese coins that really get's me excited about calcium

Stanton Dinger

We have one issue where we completely disagree. Immigration? No, Dental Hygiene!

maya summers

1:06 Funny how frylock says son of a bitch

ken karwoski

Where's Carl, it would be funny if Carl was in it!

Jacob Garvey

It’s the voice of Bakura from yugioh


Oh. Oh okay. Yeah.

Jeremiah Atkins

At 0:43 was he describing grand theft auto?


"Hey, where's that stuff happening?!"

Cody Stone

You know.... as a dairy stocker i cant say i dont identify with his love of dairy products

Sparky max

I had no idea who Jon schnepp was until now, and come to find out I was out of the loop on someone who was quite a guy.

The Reaper Of Crows

Gary is my favorite character.

Postal England

Sam Hyde

Chris J

RIP Jon Schnepp, aka Gary the Dairy Fairy!




0:39 that's not true I also care about video games where I murder giant monsters.


You can't convince me that isn't Doctor Rockso the Rock n' Roll clown, K-K-K-YAAAEEAAAHH


Almost wet myself laughing when Shake said “immigration”!

Noah Lamouruex



Gary definitely sounds like a fairy

T SexyRexy

My gf called me the dairy fairy... if you know what I mean.

Badbad Fishy

Still upset Gary the dairy fairy wasn't in infinity war

Chase Daniels

Is the point of his outfit to make him look like a pedophile or gay?

J. Goebbels

Superhero sweat socks.

nO MoRe PaStA

Gary sounds more of a soy fairy


RIP Jon Schnepp

Nicklaus Kindelberger

I've heard this guy in Dethklok but I can't tell who he is.

Ryan West

Apparently this is Jon Schnepp.


This is ironic because diary leeches calcium out of your bones, thus weakening them.

Jim joe Kelly

You sure this ain’t Sam Hyde

Ivy Girl

From the thumbnail I thought it was some guy trying to be Carl


Give me your money!!!

TMK 22


Joey VanOstrand

Gary the AIDS fairy.

Leo C.

it took me a week to undestand that they were saying PLAQUE, not BLACK
I'm so dumb

Cult of the Sun

He only leaves soymilk.


Gary the dietary fairy is fruity tooty!

Mister Bones

you have been visited by trumpet skeleton of the abyss
good bones and calcium will come to you
but only if you reply "thank mr skeltal" to this message

Alchemic Soul

I appreciate Gary the Dairy Fairy. He looks out for people.

Bass Galaxy

Gary looks like a more well kept version of Carl.

Anonymous User

“Do you know him?”

“I wish but I could say no, he is a very and personal friend of mine”

The Black Mask

RIP Jon Shnepp


Rest in piece Jon Schnepp...