FALLOUT 4 - COD Ghillies Wasteland Sniper Build Redux - Ghillie Mod Redux

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FALLOUT 4 - COD Ghillies Wasteland Sniper Build Redux - Ghillie Mod Redux

4 706 views | 15 Feb. 2019
4 706 views | 15 Feb. 2019

All Ghillied up, CALL OF DUTY STYLE. A ghillie suit is a type of camouflage for Sniper blend into their surroundings with foliage and to minimize wearer's outline against the environment

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Ghillie Mod Redux by GameDev1995


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deathrow karma

Can you maybe make it easier for us to find? Random bridge is hard

Anonymous Hunter


Taylor Sr.

So many opportunities Bethesda had to make Fallout 4 legendary! But they left that job to modders

Ken Al

Can someone do this? This guy was recreating Captain Price, Soap, Captain Macmillan, Ghost, and others while NOT SHARING IT! Talk about deadly sins, this guy is not benevolent at all.

Assassin Kapkan

May I ask what is that vault tec outfit you are using in the video ?


How, I think only they have made a handgun mod of the few xbox one? (Makarov and p220

OldSchool Legend

ghiilie weapon mod?

de Vándor

Could you maybe somehow make a way the wrap could go around the Mosin Nagant and other mods?