Dragon's Dogma All Warrior Skills

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Dragon's Dogma All Warrior Skills

377 666 views | 18 Jun. 2012
377 666 views | 18 Jun. 2012


Savage Lash- Channels the user's strength into a devastating hit that grows in power with the amount of time spent preparing.

Indomitable Lash- An advances form of Savage Lash able to withstand enemy attacks whole charging to even higher levels of power.

Pommel Strike- Lunges in while driving the hilt of the blade into the target. Though limited in range it easily stuns foes.

Pommel Bash- An advances form of Pommel Strike capable of causing even powerful enemies to reel.

Upward Strike- Stabs foes then fiercely slashes upward. Can send foes flying high into the air.

Whirlwind Slash- An advanced form of Upward Strike gifted with greater force, sending foes higher into the air.

Escape Slash- Steps backward in a swift evasive maneuver while delivering a slashing blow.

Exodus Slash- An advanced form of Escape Slash. Can be followed up with additional strikes after the initial slash.

Ladder Blade- Offers the flat of the blade to allies as a platform to propel them aloft.

Catapult Blade- An advanced form of Ladder Blade.

Savage Lunge- Charges forward with the blade extended, knocking down any caught in its path.

Indomitable Lunge- An advanced form of Savage Lunge.

Spark Slash- Spins the blade in a swift circle, slashing at foes all around the user.

Corona Slash- An advanced form of Spark Slash that broadens the range of the warriors strike.

Act of Atonement- Damage taken while not defending is stored, lending power to a devastating counterattack. The power of the counterstrike will increase based on the damage taken.

Act of Vengeance- An advanced form of Act of Atonement.

Battle Cry- Pierces the air with a roar that draws nearby enemies' attention.

War Cry- An advanced form of Battle Cry.

Arc of Might- Channels a vast amount of strength into the ultimate blow. Requires the protection of one's allies whilst preparing.

Arc of Deliverance- An advanced form of Arc of Might. (At high Strength, this ability can one-shot-kill Cyclops)

Piyey Ortiz

arc dilarance is the best skill


I think id just choose this class for the badass arc of deliverance

Чё Бля

Smh this video conveys the reason why warrior sucks balls. Half of the time skill got interrupted by a stray firebreath/ random goblin punch.
Also Capcom probably won the prize for the most original implementation of "whirlwind slash": you expect it to be a whirling swing, but no, it's a stab with a following uppercut.

Sir LynX

Corona slash lmao


Every sword impact on that chimera is a great visceral imagery of cold steel and blood. Love it.


I loved warrior until i faced a Gorecyclops that makes you rethink your fighting strategies.


Why aren't my secondary skills appearing for use? When I hold LB on Xbox nothing is there? I bought skills and set them and nothing shows up

Dylan R. Cerezo

Mained warrior and then experimented with other classes before settling right back into the class after the lvl 100 mark. While definitely the weakest class I played it's just so.... Fun . I can't play other classes without missing that satisfying crunch when you land Arc of Deliverence. It's a shame only a few changes could've been made for it to be less gimped. A timed parry skill that functioned like Act of Vengeance except the strike, if timed correctly, mitigated damage would've been cool.

Bob randomness

One thing that always pissed me off about the warrior was that they could only have 3 skills. it's even more annoying because the sorcerer class also only has one weapon but they get 6 skills

gamergirl 420

hell i made a char names guts just for full warrior. warrior are a easy and great class just wish they had a combat roll or something like that.

John Doe

corona slash...ah the foresight

Matheus Junqueira

Corona Slash hits 2020


Arc of deliverence destroys anything in original content. Haven't tried in BBI yet.

Ernest Gil

If only they give a similar skill like brain/skull splitter to the Warrior class and a full set of berserk armor(Hellhound form) I could totally roleplay as Guts the entire game.

The Ark-Ham Sandwich

I ALWAYS play the warrior class in these types of games and I gotta say... Dragons Dogmas version is kind of underwhelming. Might just stick with the Mystic Warrior

john brown

The fighter just seems to generic for my taste, that is why I'm switching to the warrior cause those attacks are godly. Plus i feel like being the tank instead of being the pussy ranged character (No offense) I do love the assassin, strider, and ranger class. I actually prefer those classes, but i feel like trying something new.

Jammin G

I can't believe you only got 20 RC for that gorechimera fight!


Do like the look of your warrior :P


God damn arc of deliverence is epic!!!


0:00 - 3:29 Pretty Meh class. Too much charge time.
3:30 When all the experience from 999 HR pays off.


Imagine facing a charging beast while using one of those Arc skills. 00f! That would be a moment.

Emmanuel Rodriguez Pimentel

hammer or swords? wich its better?

The Voidwalker Br

Corona slash wtf

Fangs of Yima

the charge time on arc of deliverance jesus christ you could go make a sandwhich


corona slash?? xDD

martin stingers

'Corona slash' That does not aged well, LOL

Tsunar Kelone

Ugg im sorry but please learn to play Warrior... he isnt the class that just spams skills he adapts he waits and then strikes!!! also there are better basic attacks than the inital one....


I love dark souls and all that, it is one of my favorite series... but since I also love the berserk manga, I hear alot of comparisons between berserk and the souls series... and while I definately see all of the references, they never felt alike to me. I recently heard some talk about how this game resembles berserk... how did I miss this... it isnt copy paste berserk at all, but looking at the enviroments, the general feel of the world and everything, this is way more berserk than the souls games. Definately getting this game... a bit late, but whatever.

Shane Lunsford Ω

Corona Slash


Just compare this long ass fight to that of the Sorcerer. The Sorcerer has cast 3 Spells from a safe distance without getting damaged, killed the chimera under a minute and the Warrior needs to bash 100+ times with his massive longsword for 4 minutes while getting damaged.

Where is this fair? Man, i hope Dragons Dogma 2 will balance all the vocations, because this is just ridiculous.

Worshipper of the pan goddess

I picked stryder as a started and then at around level 13 switched to warrior cuz i love big swords and my god qhat a trash class i wasted discipline points on skills and abilities i coulda used in other vocations, it seem like this is a hit once type of weapon instead of having combos


Great video, trying out the warrior myself. I Have the golden belt and the champion's bangles for to increase my strength. Are there any other armors that give a good strength buff?

Maximus Victorius Invictus

3:31 when i cum

Gucci threeonethird

no offense but you play like a 6 year old


Props for no heals

Briel 000

I am sticking with this 3 skilled warrior because of Guts. I wish there was a Guts class. Classic warrior skills plus a secondary cannon hand, crossbow, and throwing blades.


DUDE, that fight was amazing, i gotta learn combo like that.


Struggle class


Dude corona slash was a sign


Can you please tell me the name of the armor set your wearing

Jethro Cuizon

This is like Monster Hunter with Greatsword. Playing as warrior is playing in hardcore mode.

Dennis Vu

warrior so gimped vs other classes

Manly Powers

4:15 Most epic arc of deliverance timing ever. Awesome vid by the way. I really adore the warrior vocation in this game.

Jorge Wehbe

Switch version remained these moves I believe

Sheila Fal

Ohms those zombies really look as if they're from an terror games. They're nice and give more fear than others rpg games. Ty for share, )

Anders Lezhneva

This class is probably the shittiest for solo play from what I can see


better than dark souls

Makoto Mikami

I wish there was a two-handed version of warrior that moved fast as hell, at the expense of very low defense, basically, a glass cannon, but meanwhile, I'll stick to magic archer/assassin :9

Jack9991 4

2020: I'm going to corona slash the human population in half. 1:35


worst class by far


As a previously exclusive spellcaster player in games, Dragon's Dogma is the first game I played that made me love a melee class. It just kinda sucks they are limited to 3 skills instead of 6 =/

Little Red

I think Warrior is very good up until you reach Ur Dragon.Bad for fighting him, a nightmare to use in bitterblack, cuz tons of flying enemies. For anyone worried about using it, don't be. It's fun, simple, and it'll give you good augments, high HP with levels. If you're really really want to make your character perfect, I might avoid this class for growth, as I'm a level 130 who used mainly warrior, and my stamina is pitiful. 4000 HP tho.


I wish there was a QTE mash where you could wrestle the monster when the Warrior charges at 5:14

Ruben Verheesen

What is the armor called he is wearing?

Daniel Efimchouk

Я русский блять


Uhm corona slash... coronavirus


I just wish the Warrior class had Roll. Then it would be perfect.

Nathaniel Jernigan

Yeah... totally played a Guts character, basically stuck with the Swordman's armor and Thousandlimbs through the whole game. Not the most effective, but damn do I love Berserk, lol. =P

Daniel McGarrie

im definetely gonna play warrior for dark arisen. Was considering mystic knight, assassin and magick archer, but this video showed me how cool warrior is.

Ray Itsuka

1:40 Corona Slash.. Wow that's.. Something

Herói De Jogos

How can i learn?

Danny De Ditto

Old video but to anyone playing on pc, get yourself the mod Greatsword MAX, it'll make your warrior gameplay absolutely brütal, you could say it's a bit op especialy when you're starting (you can pretty much play football with a chimera) but by later i'd say it's just as op as your totaly-not-dumb holy focus bolt sorcerer, except you'll actualy be feeling the impact of your TiTaNiC hits and have fun.


1:35 Top Ten Reasons Why the Warrior is OP!

Rachel Forrest

warrior class is a gift from God.


Not bad, but he should have led off with AoD from the beginning and as soon as you land a solid hit and knock them down, immediately begin charging another to hit them again while prone, not flail around with his combos.


dragonknight helm and steel plate armor set if i remember correctly

Mega Dragon King

It hurt my soul that you didn't finish it off with a fully charged Arc of Deliverance

TYBALT.videos {[5]}

Is it really called "corona clash"?

Dom C

Can u have 6skills equipped since you have one weapon
or u can only have just 3skills for one weapon. Sorry if u cant understand, I cant really explain it well.

Marcus Knight


El Ser De Luz

assasin or archer magic and strider the best (archer is easy win) i pref assasin/strider :P

afiq radzi

oh lawd.. at least give dem warrior some kinda escape skillz. not only you get 3! measley skills compared to others.. youre also slow as fuck. this class has little to no redeeming quality. i must say its 1 of the worst 2h greatsword class in all rpgs i played so far.. and it pisses me off for a fantasy greatsword enthusiast.

Son of Sanguinius

Thanks man!! And that final fight was epic as fuck!!!! Love your char too lol

Knight Slayer

Everyone rn is getting hit with that corona slash.

Felix Cruz

That weapon is for experts not beginners


I know people say the warrior sucks because no ranged attack slow blah blah blah but warriors more of aclass for people who know what their doing really, its like spellcasters you cant just spam spells and excpect it to work you need to know what you need in the situations you know youre going to be in.

Top Enda

That was fuckin badass !


War cry, indomitable lunge, etc.
I can't see these skills to learn it.
Why? idk

Mark Jones

That sweet moment you topple everything in sight, but then the gargoyles and harpies appear and dread befalls you


Capcom еще одна моя любимая компания, у которой почти каждая игра выходит удачной и идейной...


i seem to be having a problem with the warrior, build. when i set my primary skills, (indomitable lash, whirlwind slash) etc etc it dosint seem to let me use them. i press down the left bumper to see the abilitys but they dont appear so it dosint let me use them.  i have rank 8 out of 9 for warrior and im level 30. is there something im missing or is this a bug in the game, if so then i basically have to go through only using light and heavy attack which is no fun. can someone help me out please

a man of culture

too bad using this class means giving yourself a severe handicap.


Catapult blade is super dope, but I can only imagine it being used as a pawn skill.

João Gomes

Now you just wait until my arc of deliverance is charged, you'll see what's coming to ya!

Any second now...

Marco Strocchi

the First slash of "exodus slash" actually Can parry most of the attacks in this game, the single hit ones physical and magic type :) so aside of the area spells you can just tank the boss with 0 dmg taken

Must Rästas

weaklings only choose to go as a warrior, but real heros go as a mage


Should do more damage. Also if your is tall and buff you gain access to duel wielding like off of dark souls and if your shorter and thinner you gain access to a shorter, faster version kind of like a cleaver (Guan Ping off of dynasty warriors 5) that have multiple hit per attack with a bleed effect. Just to make up for the lack of skills and dodge.

basir ed

wait corona slash


fucking ultra hard hitting


The Warrior can only equip 3 skills as opposed to 6, but you only need one for Arc of Deliverance.

res kon

I always wanted to at least try to get a warrior to rank 10, but the class is soooo slow - all you have is this giant weapon which takes years to swing and isn't that effective in the end. as comparison, strider is so easy to play, the way you solo your way through the game in such a quick way feels like a cheat code. still warrior looks epic cause of the weapon and i still want to try to get one to rank 10 just to have seen and tried all the skills and also for having the augments + level growth stats are good for melee


IDK why warriors can only have 3 skills because sorceress have 6

Jonathan Isenhour

Love that Arc Of Deliverance on that boss, badass hit.


Badassery saves this class. Style is all you need folks! ;)

Ricky El Diablo

That was awesome

Random Games



This was the most exciting end fight out of all of the other vocations represented in your channel. It made me wanna try out Warrior despite much unloved views.

Esteban Orozco Hernandez

Could someone explain to me the difference between these two capacities.

Physical form (fighter)
Arm strength (strider).

And which of the two is better.


How do I become a Warrior class in Dragon's Dogma? At the start of the game it only shows 3 Classes. [Fighter, Strider, and Mage]

shinobi master

I loved the warrior class. I made it my main style! Didn't use the charge skills though.