Destiny 2: Gunnora’s Axe vs Blasphemer Weapons Review – Best PvP Legendary Slug Shotgun God Roll

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Destiny 2: Gunnora’s Axe vs Blasphemer Weapons Review – Best PvP Legendary Slug Shotgun God Roll

11 971 views | 8 Nov. 2019
11 971 views | 8 Nov. 2019

Destiny 2 gunnora’s axe vs blasphemer weapons review; best pvp legendary slug shotgun god roll? A destiny 2 blasphemer vs gunnora’s axe review to find the destiny 2 best pvp shotgun! Between this destiny 2 gunnora’s axe review and destiny 2 blasphemer review, which is the best destiny 2 shotgun? You are about to find out! If you enjoyed the content, Like the video and comeback for more daily Destiny videos!!!

Which is the best destiny 2 slug shotgun; the gunnora’s axe vs the blasphemer? Both of these destiny 2 pvp shotguns are incredible and no matter which one that you choose, you’re going to wreck house in crucible!! This destiny 2 best weapons shotgun or destiny 2 best pvp weapons slug shotgun comparison shows that they are of the exact same archtype, can have similar perks, yet can be very different depending upon their perks, pvp stats, and base stats. However, the gunnora’s axe destiny 2 legendary shotgun and the blasphemer destiny 2 legendary shotgun have unique perks that not only make them lethal, but have some of the best range on any shotgun in the entire game! The destiny 2 gunnora’s axe shotgun is designed for an aggressive / close range playstyle, while the destiny 2 blasphemer shotgun is for the exact same playstyle depending on the roll. Speaking of a potential destiny 2 gunnora’s axe god roll, or a destiny 2 gunnora’s axe rolls, then simply play iron banner matches or complete bounties to get it. If you prefer a destiny 2 blasphemer god roll or any destiny 2 blasphemer rolls, then simply play the altars of sorrow public event found on the moon. Knowing how to get gunnora’s axe destiny 2 shotgun or how to get blasphemer destiny 2 shotgun, let me know what you think is the destiny 2 best shotgun Diaslayers, and as always, great gaming, till next time!

► Video Timestamps:

• My Blas / GunA Compare Perks @ 2:23

• Icarus Mod Pros, Diff, & Sim @ 3:03

• Assault Mag w/ All TTK Stats @ 4:52

• Blas / GunA Base State Compare @ 6:40

• Blas / GunA Eff Range Tests @ 8:06

• Blas / GunA All Pool Perks @ 10:28

• Blas / GunA Bullet Mag Tests @ 12:00

• Which Is The Best Slug Shotgun @ 13:36

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Video created, uploaded, and owned by Diaside.


Ok but ones kinetic and one energy. Doesn’t really compare.


Guess I'm gonna have to grind a blasphemer out afterall. Looks fun . Great review as usual

James Jordan

I hate to break this to the masses but I have a shotgun that blows away both of these and I know cause I have them all . It a a precision slug with double the aim assist and better barrel option (rifles barrel ) . I’ve probably went through a hundred gunmoras axes( with open shot assault mag and threat detector is best to me so far ) and Retold gets the kill when Gunmoras fails .....


I grounded all day twice for a god roll blasphemer (quickraw/opening shot/range mw) then blew the cores for mw. I used it one day and decided it couldn’t compete with the Tex mechanica beauty so I sharded it. Now that I’m starting to main attunement of sky on my warlock I’m regretting it.


Got myself a blasphemer with hammer forged, acc rounds, QuickDraw, opening shot, range mw going to use it after this vid thanks


As of watching this i just collected a god roll tranquility could you test the swashbucklet on blasphemer and see its kill range body shot damage range to 1 shot kill?

kiva seiei

yo i like to ask how do the good bone structure hold up to gunnora and blaspemer

Anthony Leanza

See I haven't gotten the kinetic one but my gunnoras axe is amazing I actually sent it too you on Instagram when I got it! Idk if you remember but if you dont remember it's got swashbuckler full auto and full auto with assault mag range mw I've got a slayer with it before body shooting people its nutty!!


In my special slot most of the time I use gunnoras axe or the mindbenders ambition


I got QD, OS God roll gunnoras. I'm good

Charles D.

I really appreciate how you inspire people to go for the rolls on weapons that caters to their personal playstyles as opposed to obsessing over the hive-minded mentality that only promotes one specific roll for each weapon. Also, the side-by-side and real-time weapon tests you do are phenomenal; nothing drives the point home better than cold hard facts!
I think the Blasphemer is fantastic; I never bothered using slug shotguns until I got my hands on that weapon. Somehow I'm the world's worst when it comes to buckshot rounds. I can quite literally stick the barrel of a Dust Rock Blues up against the chest of an enemy guardian and pull the trigger, barely busting their shield, only to have them laugh and proceed to melee me into oblivion. However, with this new weapon archetype I've taken a liking to, I'm way more of a close-range threat. I'm so glad I finally found what works for me as far as close combat is concerned.


are you Ali-a

Yuzuki Sato

Hey Dia, just wanted to hear your opinion on hip fire grip on slug shotguns.
I wasn't able to find any info online so any input would be appreciated!

Ken Lynnard

I thought I lucked out on my Gunnora’s roll, Full Bore, Assault Mag, Full Auto, Snapshot, Range MW as for slugs I thought Quickdraw is the desired perk but after watching this I realize my roll is the max fire rate roll. My question is if Full Auto increases the fire rate any as I thought Full Auto was nerfed? Assault Mag clearly increases the rpm but not sure if full auto has any effect


Nothing compares to my baby chap


My gunoras axe has full bore accurized rounds quickdraw ans openingshot

Ricardo Guadron

You are the friking boss


how about you compare best rolls on each one, rather than comparing a good Gannora to a garbage Blasphemer.
have you ever even heard the phrase "fair test"?


Yo I am back with the first comment yayy

Cahlan Moore

The rolls I get are outlaw rampage which I like but I'm not a fan of shotguns in general apart from chaperone that's the only shotgun I like

Mr. PewPew

Great vid bro! Was waiting for this one! I played with these two for a bit now. They are quite similar - to me its just the choice whether i want the sluggy in my primary slot or not.

Jeremy Ingram

This is easy. The guns are basically the same. So if you want to run with a kinetic primary, use the G axe, if you want an elemental primary use the blasphemer


I just got killed by this gun and picked up my phone and this video was my only notification.

The algorithm is growing stronger

Chris Stewart

I think they both fill the same roll when playing. It all depends on if you want to use a primary weapon in your first or secondary slot.

Aditya Singh

My fav slug shotgun is the erintel

brett keegan

GG quick draw opening shot for sure or swashbuckler

x Nvius

Ok I am not gonna lie. That intro was insanity

Christopher Jacobs

I got some amazing god rolls on all these slug shotty’s gotta play with them more.

Kaleb Lindgren

Love the testing keep it up! I’d love to see this type of testing on the trace rifles we have.


50k, soooooo close, You ready for it?


Hey I’m pretty sure swashbuckler increases the effective range of the blasphemer. You should do range tests on each level of swashbuckler and see if it can exceed its base 11 meter range cap.

Chris Aguilar

I have the curated Blasphemer. I feel like it is much clunkier than the energy slug shotties but it is nice to have a kinetic for once

NinjaBob 51

Why don't they give chaperone outlaw for a catalyst instead of increasing roadborn?

Pannekaga 1000

Good video


Another great job Buddy


How do you have so bot lobbys, mine are all stacks of sweats that cannot miss a shot

Jake White

Would accurized rounds and the range buff from slideshot available on the blasphemer (for which you said there were no range buffing perks) not be comparable to the full bore + opening shot combo you have? Seems a lil sus

Cayde- 8

Sounds Great Xander! I finally am able to cross save so I was wondering if I could do a 1v1 with you some time. Can't wait to hear back from you, and i'm going to be 22 on Saturday.

OGT Huntzy

How about Good Bone Structure?

sidney faden


Ethan Schmura

what do you mean nice to meat you im the same guy


If only I could hit my shots……

Anthony Leanza

Listen man it's crazy to see how many subs you got now! I remember when you had like 7-10k! I'm super glad you're finally getting the recognition you deserve my man! Love the content keep awesome boss!

Andy Donaldson

Let us Join this channel. It's so worthy.

The Truth

Haha! Console is so easy. My god. There is no way you would have these highlights on pc. Literally standing in front of someone for that long without taking damage! Ridiculous. It’s so casual

Justice Kreider

Im good with my Gunnoras axe with quickdraw, and opening shot

j smooth

Gunnora's Axe does not feel good in my hands , but God/Good Bone structure has.


buem video èro te dire que da igual en consola las escopetas matan cuando le da la puta gana a Bungie ya he dejado de usarlas por que van de pena



Why were you using arrowhead break on the initial blasphemer? The recoil direction doesn't particularly matter as far as I'm aware, and since quickdraw just maxes your handling stat that bonus from the barrel also means nothing, so you could have switched to corkscrew rifling so that you actually hit the legendary slug range cap which is around 65.

Jeff Jamison

Soooo I have a Gunnoras with full bore, assault mag, quick draw, snap shot and a handling masterwork. I have 4000 kills on it and it's a snappy mini sniper. I have a solid clip on my Twitter but I'm going to upload another one today and tag you in it

Ethan Schmura

this may be weird but you have amazing voice and just wanted to say hi

Салам Малас

I haven't got a blasphemer yet, but my gunnora has quickdraw + opening shot + full bore + range mw and the only thing missing is a magazine perk (I want an assault mag, but have an appended). I also had a similar roll with a range stat much lower and it was lacking an opening shot. Lastly I had a good bone structure wiith quickdraw + opening shot and max range (fairly similar to gunnora1). After some testing on my friends' brains I came to a conclusion that gunnora outdoes good bone structure in eveything, so I just deleted my old gbs. Also, to my knowledge, after an opening shot proc there is a window in which the range actually matters due to its combination with aim assist.
1)opening shot = op
2) max range = preferable with high aim assist stat on a slug shotty
3) I will grind out a a blasphemer with max range opening shot and quickdraw.

Christopher Jacobs

Good info. What’s your preference? Putting Kinetic and energy slots aside.

trey randall

My Blasphemer has
Opening shot
Accurized rounds
Corkscrew rifling
Crapy master work ,
Stability. .. Sad.
Like that altar event , reminds me of a escalation protocol.


The clips in the beginnings of your videos are always so good! How do you do it??


I can’t replace my good bone with the blasphemer it just feels so clunky even with right rolls


Got myself my first blasphemer tonight with range masterwork, full bore accurized rounds opening shot and snapshot which gives it 94 range (if based on the app)

Ken Lynnard

Is Gunnora’s Axe a better slug shotgun than Good Bone Structure? Why were they not compared with each other

Mark Gross

I’ve always loved (and continue to love) my gunnora’s axe over my blasphemer simply because of weapon pairings. Even as a console player, I think that thorn and ace clearly outdo nf at its own game.


Just use both with Spectral


Xander, for some reason you remind me of Casey Kasem

J Everclear

I have too much catching up to do and too little time to even go for the blasphemer. Great video! I'd still miss with all of that magnetism lol


With swashbuckler active can you 1 shot at the 12+ meter mark?
You do increased damage I'd imagine you should be able to push that boundary a bit...




Dissemand makes good videos.

GF The1theonlymatt

I have the curated roll of blasphemer and axe with outlaw swashbuckler. They are both monsters in their own rights

Dylan Lasky

Haven’t gotten a good roll of either yet but I do have a QuickDraw opening shot good bone structure

Matthew Johnson

Haven't herd that catchphrase in a while this is the latest video I have seen been busy on the grind and I'm know MIA on instagram Xander since reddit and discord take up all my space since I have a crap phone "hay that's an idea you should make a discord server"